Friday, April 30, 2010

Five Days

8:25am, Monday to Friday. And no, that look of gloom like he's being dragged off to a child labour camp isn't just a bad shot, that's what he looks like every day. He leaves class laughing and smiling, but mornings are for diva's.

Tuesday: Liam's two best friends. Liam, being the trooper he is, still managed to keep watching the Wonder Pets while throwing up into the bowl. Then he slept for about 23 hours and woke up like nothing had happened.

Breakfast: Multigrain, Honey Nut and Fruity Cheerios, Quaker Harvest Crunch, Kashi 7 Whole Grain Honey Puffed and a generous handful of dried cranberries. And when I'm feeling very naughty I throw in a chopped up banana.

Wednesday: The last freakin wallpaper in my house. Was it common in the 70's to use Crazy Glue when putting wallpaper up? This shit could survive a tactical nuclear strike.

Thursday and Friday and possibly all of next week as well.

But don't worry, mom and baby are fine, they just need some hospital monitored relaxation to make sure the bun is well and truly cooked before it leaves the oven.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"You Don't Much Look Like A Steer To Me"*

I've only posted five times this month. What the hell? Last April I posted sixteen times and the April before that, fifty-eight. Fifty-eight posts in a month? Freak. Excuse me while I sit back and ponder that whilst stuffing another piece of chocolate ganache cake in my mouth.


I just used 'whilst' in a sentence. Did I use it correctly? Who cares, I'm eating chocolate ganache and you're not!

Had to take my oldest in for a blood test this week. He sat in my lap while I held both his arms down with the assistance of another lab techie while a third managed to stick him. His arm is so bruised he looks like a junkie. Oh, and he's fine. We're just trying to find out why he is such an asshole to his little brother who worships the ground he walks on. The tests were inconclusive.

My odometer is speaking to me in binary.

Ever heard of the 365 project on flickr? The idea is you take a picture a day for an entire year. In a Collection A Day, artist Lisa Congdon takes a picture of a collection of random things everyday.

There's a huge dandelion outbreak in my neighbourhood this year. Can't figure out why.

A great big thank you to Middle Aged Woman who sent us this framed pic from Tera of Olive Hue Design (I'm still going to get the zombie pic, Tera!) as a baby present.

Middle Aged Woman may not be so sweet if Vancouver and Detroit meet in the next round of playoffs though.

Oh, and I'm employed yet again. I won't say by who, only that it's a large North American retailers whose name rhymes with cheers, steers, beers, tears, queers, fears, nears and arrears. I'm in housewares. HOUSEWARES! Ahahahahahahaaa... ha ha... ha... sniff sniff. What the hell am I doing in housewares?

Check out Keely's for more Random Tuesday fun.

*Title anyone?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cause Real Windows Aren't As Cool

I wasn't planning on posting today since we just got back from a weekend trip to see my family, but I just found this and had to share. Share with the hopes that someone will set up a fund where people can donate money so I can buy cool things like this. Never know until you try, right?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far From Kosher

What if I could combine two of my favourite things in the world, Star Wars and bacon?

"The Bacon AT-AT stands 3 ft tall and is made with over 40 lbs of bacon. The body was made from foam, then the bacon was attached. This beast took 21 non-stop hours to build. If you've ever once thought to cook 40 lbs of bacon in your kitchen in one sitting, I can now personally advise against it."


I know, where do I go from here, right? How about Ewoks and Care Bears?

A few days ago Connor is in the bathroom peeing when his little brother decides to join him. Once Liam started Connor yells out, "Don't cross the streams!" My kids are that awesome.

Did you miss the reference? If so, maybe this tshirt from Think Geek will help.

Update: I am officially changing Supreme Leader's name to Darth Enabler. Her and her incubating Sith apprentice are slowing pushing me to the fatty side of the Force with their cravings for all that is delicious and good. I'm just trying to be supportive.

Can I ground my kids for eating all my Girl Guide cookies?

Finally, I saw this on kottke last weekend and damn near peed myself with glee. Maybe it's a guy thing.

"The centrifuge is a genuinely terrifying device. The lights dim when it is switched on. A strong wind is produced as the centrifuge induces a cyclone in the room. The smell of boiling insulation emanates from the overloaded 25 amp cables. If not perfectly adjusted and lubricated, it will shred the teeth off solid brass gears in under a second. Runs were conducted from the relative safety of the next room while peeking through a crack in the door."

*PS. (because my finally's are never final) My nephew Dakoda's birthday is on July the 4th, and this year my sister decided to take him down to the States so he could enjoy some fireworks. She needs to know where the best place in Seattle would be to watch them and ideally, find a hotel close by. Any Seattle-ites out there with a suggestion?

Bacon AT-AT, Ewoks,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2022: A Popcorn Odyssey

Hey, happy belated Easter, here's a picture of my youngest son shooting cross country skiers. Wait. That might need some explanation.

Liam will be five in two weeks, so I figure the first Olympics he'll be able to compete in will be in 2022. With his head start he'll be sure gold by then. Unless they're serving caramel popcorn.

That may change things.