Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Posted, That's Pretty Random

"White dog! I poison your soup!" Or what I thought my mother-in-law yelled at me this weekend when my father-in-law and I came home from grocery shopping. Then again, she may have just been telling us to close the door because it was cold.


In our little corner of Canada we don't get a lot of snow in the winter. So little, in fact, that we're the butt of jokes for the rest of the country when it does snow and we're forced to drive in it. So little that our children do not appreciate being interrupted from enjoying it so their parents can take pictures.

I was eating that snow after the picture was taken.

Random gifts!

A couple of days ago I came home to a beautiful white box from the US Postal Service marked Hawaii. And what was inside?

Yummy Hawaiian stuff! Coffee, coconut syrup, every possible variant of chocolate and macadamian nuts you could think of and a bag of chocolate covered... stuff. I don't know what it is but it tastes good. They were my winnings from Pseudo at Winds of Change. The contents didn't come out that well in the picture, but it was a snow day and I thought it would look good.

Kat from 3 Bedroom sent us this way back when Finn was born in June. This picture worked out great because it was the middle of the World Cup and England had just been knocked out.

Why did it take me five months to post the picture? Um, I was waiting for the right moment.

Shortly after I got the England jersey from Kat, Maggie from Mind of a Mad Woman sent me a rugby jersey from the New Zealand All Black's. Again, this is four or five months later, but on my behalf, he was a premie and has only just been able to fit into it now.

If you sent me something recently and are now pissed that I didn't include it, simmer down, there'll always be another post.

I'm horrific at math, but I do find certain numbers sexy. Ever wonder what the smallest possible measurement is? 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001 m or Planck Length. That's a one with 34 zeros in front of it. Apparently anything smaller than that makes "no physical sense." On the other side? 93,000,000,000 light years, or the estimated size of the universe. HTwins.net has this super cool site that you can scroll from one to the other in a super cool way that I can't really describe or could if I weren't so tired and didn't want to just finish this so I could go to bed, so just click right here and go look at it. In between the planets and the galaxies there is a section on stars. There's one called WOH G64 that is 2.8 billion kilometres in circumference. Don't worry, it's too big for your brain to comprehend. Our sun is 1.4 million kilometres around for perspective, the Earth 12,700. If you were to fly a plane around that sun, it would take 1200 years. How crazy is that?

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

C is for Cookie

So I'm sitting here at my desk, waiting for my shift to start and trying to think of something to blog about. And sitting. And thinking. And sitting. And thinking. And I think I'll take a sip of water. And ooh, look at the trees blowing around out the window, hope that wind dies down before my shift is over.Squirrel!

And so goes my blog for the last few months. No, this isn't another boo-hoo-I'm-so-busy-I-don't-have-time-to-blog post so don't start skimming. Well, don't start skimming yet. I don't know where this is going. Anyway, aside from being busy with the new job/baby lately and being lazy when I'm not, I just haven't been able to focus on anything to post about. It's not like writer's block or anything, it's more like… should I blog that? Meh. Maybe I'll eat a cookie instead. 
I think in the ebb and flow of a blog's life, I'm in wallowing in an ebb. I'm in the valley looking up at the peak. No, I'm in the valley taking a nap. Hell, I haven't even updated the list of books I'm reading and I finished two of them months ago. I'd even planned blogging about them, but now I'm all, uh, what were they about? The Creed of Violence wasn't bad, but the best thing about it was definitely the author's name. Boston Tehran. How cool is that? Fool by Christopher Moore was fantastic. Literally laugh out loud funny. It's King Lear from the fool's point of view. Kinda. Under Heaven I haven't quite finished yet, but it's good. Anything by Guy Gavriel Kay is.
*looks around*
Um… what else?
So, anyone else think the whole Christina/shooting trauma storyline on Grey's has gone on waaaay too long?
I don't know, that's all I got. What about you? Would you like to know something? Questions? Comments? Suggestions for something to write about? 

Maybe I should stick to pictures.
Maybe I should get to work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A World Called Catastrophe*

So I didn't do Random Tuesday yesterday, partly because it's all I seem to do anymore and I thought I should actually try writing a post for a change, and partly because, well, mostly because I was just tired and didn't.


The shifts I'm doing right now leave me about three minutes to myself a day, and sadly, those three minutes don't include the bathroom.

Wait. Ok, I've got quite a bit of me time during my commute, but I can't post then either. Well, I could, but not safely. Actually, since I don't have a smart phone I can't prove that one way or the other, so we'll stick with no writing in the car.

But I do have breaks at work. Breaks in which I find random things like this:

Or exceptionally random things like this:

And AC/DC's Thunderstruck on the bagpipes? That can't wait until next Tuesday, my friends, you needed to hear that right now.

Oh, and here's some baby.

See that lunge for Supreme Leader's shoulder? I wonder if The Walking Dead need any zombie babies? Being gummed to death by a toothless zombie baby, think about it. Oh, and the strange chanting in the background was my oldest performing some type of dark ritual for the ancient fire demons he worships. Kids these days. Then again, maybe it was just the Halloween candy.

PS. Every time I check this in Preview Blogger tells me an error occurred with the last video and to try again later so if it doesn't show up tomorrow, blame Google.

*Nothing to do with anything, just the last song I heard in the car before I got home. Matthew Good

Pac Man  Bag pipes

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Star Wars: Episode 1

A few weeks back Mom in High Heels left a comment in a Random Tuesday post asking why I hadn't included anything Star Wars related and it gave me an idea. How about an entire Random Tuesday post dedicated to Star Wars?

I love photoshop.


Civil War era Vader portrait by Greg Peltz.

Words to live by. Along with 'WWHD?' or what would Han do? (Shoot Greedo and tip the barman, that's what he'd do.)

This guy? Nothing to do with Star Wars, but I haven't posted a picture of him in awhile. And he has caused a great disturbance in the Force.

Not random enough for you today? Then I'll leave you with Chewbacca riding a chipmunk while fighting Nazis.

Random that.

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