Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Easy-Peasy, Bright and Breezy, Lemon Squeezy.

Kids offer a constant stream of blogability, and in the past week and a half, Liam has been gold. GOLD. Tantrums, regular conversation, buttering Mommy and Daddy up or just opening his mouth to let the magic fall out. If I made any money off this site I'd have to put him on the payroll.
Liam: Mommy, what's all that white in your hair?
Mommy: When people get older their hair starts to get white.
Liam: Why is there so much of it? Hey Connor! Come look at Mommy's head!

See? Gold.
(Supreme Leader got a cut and colour soon after this conversation took place.)

Somebody, and I'm not naming names, had a little accident the other night. When I went in to find out why he… er, the person in question, was crying, the person was busy pulling all their stuffed animals out of the bed. When I stripped this person down and wrapped him/her in a clean blanket so I could go get some new sheets, this person said, "I'll have to apologize to my bed." Then he/she curled up in a ball on the floor and fell asleep again.

"Explosions of love!"
While I was washing dishes and he was drawing on the patio doors with window crayons:

Liam: Daddy, I found a spider, should I kill him?
Daddy: Why don't we let him go.
Liam: Ok, the kitchen is messy enough for him to live in.

Intrepid explorer...

...lover of cherries...

...slayer of giants, he does it all.

"If you come to my country, don't bring peanuts." 
Wouldn't dream of it, Pumpkin. Thanks for giving Daddy something to write about this week.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finding A Good Title Is Like Trying To Find That Second Sock In The Dryer

Why the hell do so many people in my city feel the need to use their high beams at night? Are they sight impaired? If I lived in the middle of nowhere I could understand, but we live in a city. With street lamps. WTH?


I was taking the Sky Train (elevated transit not a magic train) to work the other day and happened to look down just as the train was passing over a shady section of Metropolis, and by Metropolis I mean Superman's Metropolis. It was actually a block long movie set they use to film Smallville. Is that still on the air? Anyway, it was very weird to be suddenly travelling over seedy looking brownstones, especially since we don't have brownstones here.

It was Chinese New Year a couple days back, Year of the ... Unicorn? Gerbil? I don't know. Possibly a bunny. Anyway, one of the traditional New Year's gifts given out to children or younger unmarried people or your favourite waiter is little red envelopes filled with money. As usual, the boys made out like theives.

They graciously shared some of their money to pay the delivery guy for some beef brisket hot pot and chow mien. Thanks boys.

Supreme Leader sent me this email at work the other day. She'd just arrived home after taking the boys out to get their hair cut and to buy a new coffee machine:

We had picked out the coffee maker and Connor wanted to help and carry it, Liam wanted to help too but Connor wouldn't let him. There ensued a mini tantrum, tears and pitiful cries of Connor being mean and not wanting him to be helpful. I suggested to Connor that they should take turns. Connor gave the box to Liam who tried to carry it and walk, he was having trouble and said, I hope I remembered the words exactly, "Could someone wipe my eyes, I can't see very well with these tears in my eyes."

Gratuitous baby shot.

So the postcards have been rolling in and they have been entertaining. One of them was so amazing we're actually buying a frame for it. Unfortunately, I totally lost track of who I did and didn't get a hold of, so if you said you wanted in on this and I haven't traded addresses with you yet, let me know. For everybody else, they're out and at the whim of your country's postal service.

Random Tuesday, and I actually managed to do it on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have A Purple Day

Ya, so I missed RTT again. I'd offer an excuse but you don't really care why and I don't have one so let's move on, shall we? I've received three post cards so far from Ellie at Me, You and Ellie, Jenni at Oscarelli and Juliana from Surviving Boys and I've heard back from... I think 5 people now that they've received there's. Yay! I'll take another pic of my desk once I've got some more up on my wall.

Hello, Marion.

This is pretty cool. What other planets would look like from Earth if they were orbiting us from the same distance as the moon is.

Scale from Brad Goodspeed on Vimeo.

How long does it take you to figure out what this means?

I actually found this after I wrote this post up and realized I hadn't added anything Star Wars related. It's like there was a disturbance in the Force that auto-corrected itself. Matthew from Cicero, NY, this ones for you.

Middle-child Liam started out the school year with some "behavioural issues" and to help him along, his teachers created a colour coded chart to track his day. Blue was great, green was good, yellow-meh, and red for DefCon 1. He's had his ups and downs, but lately he has been doing so well that his teacher added a new colour to his chart, purple.

Have a purple day.