Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Gun Of Yummy*

So I missed Random Tuesday again this week but have far too much random bouncing around my coconut to hold in. At least that's what the voices tell me, and I always listen to the voices. They're my friends. My precious precious friends.

*wipes away drool*

Um.. ya. So thanks for all the kind comments on Monday's post, I appreciate them, and I apologize for not getting back to everybody yet. Working full time is a real time kill. Working full time and getting paid lots makes up for that though. So did the free ice cream on my second day there. So did the BBQ we had on the third day. I haven't done much yet, but I really really like my new job. What am I doing and where? In an effort not to Dooce myself I'll just say that I'm working for a large telecommunications firm trying to keep very large customers happy. And no, not by throwing donuts at them.

What? I see you laughing.

Yes, that is a real eye. Extreme close ups by Suren Manvelyan. Click the link for more, they're amazing.

Sometimes I get this weird twitch in my thigh that feels like the vibration on my cell and I have to take my phone out of my pocket and check it. Doesn't make me a freak or anything.

When I got home last night.
Me:How is eveybody?
Supreme Leader: We were ok until the last couple of hours.
Liam: I was horrible!

You may have seen this already, but if not... awesomeness.

I have a mental image of Kurt Cobain dancing around with a big smile on his face.

Have you seen the new Scrabble card game? Instead of tiles you get playing cards with the letters on them. You start with four cards on the table spelling out a word and then you have to make new words out of it with the cards you hold. Supreme Leader got a deck to help the boys with their spelling. On their first game the word "pant" is on the table and she plays a letter U to change it to "punt." It was Connor's turn next. 

Do I need to tell you what letter he played? I only wish I had been there with the camera rolling to capture the magic. And how Supreme Leader explained that it wasn't a real word and that he should never ever EVER use that word that isn't real ever again.

Dear Blogger, thank you for adding Helvetica to your tiny list of fonts, but is there a reason for the giant spaces between paragraphs when I use it? And why is it smaller in the middle of my post? Hello? McFly? Anybody in there? (Ok, I just noticed that the font size is the same in Edit but not in Preview so if it looks normal when I post, just ignore this.)

Oh wait! I almost forgot this. This is the coolest letter of resignation EVER!

*Liam was running around the house on Sunday with the whisk for the  KitchenAid mixer. He called it the gun of yummy.

Eye and quitting girl via Kottke

Monday, August 16, 2010

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Last week Supreme Leader and I celebrated our 14th anniversary and today,

I'm starting a new job. A real job.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There Was A Farmer Had A Cat...

Last week... wait, was it last week? No, two weeks ago... ish. Whatever. Some not to distant time ago, Julia from Our Simple Life sent me a copy of her new children's book, Bingo's Big Adventure.

 I'd like to say that I gathered the kids up in a comfy armchair and read it as soon as the postman delivered it, but that wouldn't be true. For one thing, our armchair is too small for all of us to sit in anymore and even if we did the boys would just end up fighting. That and I don't have a postman, I have a postwoman. What did happen was I unwrapped it, flipped through the pretty pictures and put it down on the counter because the baby was crying or the boys were trying to push each other down the stairs or it was lunch or time for tae kwon do, yadda yadda yadda. 

I'd like to say I read it the next day, but that wouldn't be true either. Not so much because things got in the way (which they would have) or I forgot about it (which I probably did), but because I couldn't get them out of the books they were reading then. I don't know about your kids, but my rabid baboons have a tendency to latch onto one book and demand to read it every night. Every. Single. Night. Sigh.

Anyway, to make a long book review that I haven't even started yet short, I finally managed to remember to grab the book at story time and refused to let them bring anything else into bed. It worked.  Bingo's Big Adventure is a cute story about a real kitten Julia adopted and brought home to her farm. The book is filled with beautiful real life photos that follow Bingo for a day and the story is written through his eyes. The boys loved these since kids books tend to be filled with artwork instead of photography so it was a little different for them. They got some big laughs out of Bingo climbing a tree and trying to sneak up on a rooster. My ability to mimic a rooster at high volume made the story a total hit with the kids. My rooster noises that got the kids all wound up before bedtime was not a hit with my wife.

So two thumbs up from the boys. Ok, not literally, but when Connor went to bed that night he told us that he was going to dream about being Bingo, so that must be good. Also, whenever they watch Milo and Otis now they feel a need to bring Bingo with them. That's got to mean something, right?

If you're interested in seeing a little more of it, you can check out the book's website, Bingo's Big Adventure.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RWT: Jar Jar's Head, Watermelons and Your Johnson

This was supposed to be my Random Tuesday post, but it was a holiday where I live and as a result, Monday felt like Sunday and when I woke up yesterday and started reading posts I was all, "what the hell? It's Tuesday?" and I only work like three days a week so what's up with that?

What's a post without something Star Wars related?

Do you love watermelon in the summer? Goodie for you. I despise them and everything else in the melon family. Well... never mind. Anyway, ever wonder what happens when you combine absurd amounts of electricity and fruit? Thank god there's people out there who do.

4:30am Monday morning, Finn "spit up"... spit up, who uses that phrase? Pleasant old grandmothers and people who've obviously never been power puked on à la the Exorcist minus the head spinning and crawling on the ceiling. Now, I prefer sleeping in my, shall we say, natural state, so not only did I take the warm milky bath across my bare chest, but I was also treated to it coursing down my stomach and into my crooks and crannies. No, you didn't need to know that, but you came here of your own free will. I opened the door, you walked in. Now hand me a towel.

What BP could have done with the money. Funny and horribly horribly sad all at once.

You can't tell me the advertisers who made this didn't know what they were doing. via

Future Olympian.

Gratuitous baby shot #5.