Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curse of the Cursor

When was the last time I actually wrote anything here? Like more than a paragraph? Aside from Random Tuesday and the occasional photo, I've been floating since well before the baby was born. I should really write something. It's not like I don't have plenty of material. Like the other night  when Supreme Leader whispered to Finn that she might accidentally suffocate daddy in his sleep. That's good material. Disturbing, but quality stuff. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with when I rushed into the bathroom with the baby to take a picture of the two of us in the mirror without considering that she was in the shower at the time. She can be really touchy sometimes.

I could write about the interview I had last Monday, how it went really well because the interviewer was so easy to talk to that I didn't forget everything that I usually try to remember but completely forget because I get so nervous, but that would probably curse it and I've been let down too many times in the last year to get overly excited about it. 

Or how about my oldest son who gets hardly any press anymore? 

Sorry, dude, but the two little guys just have a higher cuteness factor right now and I can still get your brother Liam to do just about anything in a picture.                                                                          

                                                    (Darth Maul olive lightsaber)

Besides, you were first born and we'll always have more baby photos of you than both of your brothers put together. Start letting me dress you in crazy things again and we'll talk. 

Then there's always my current job where I spend a good deal of my shift writing stories for the boys on small pieces of paper while pretending to do other things. Oh ya, I'm getting paid to write. 

Speaking of writing, I have to write a review for Julia of Our Simple Life who sent me a copy of the children's book she just published. That probably deserves its own post though.

And, of course, there's always the crazy stuff that the boys say, like when Connor and Liam were describing a mission in Mario Galaxy where they hit the bad guy in the private parts until he gets mad. It's actually a large ball on the end of his tail, but some things don't need to be corrected. At least not right away.

Ya, I really need to write something, but until Finn can make it through the night without feeding every five minutes, or demanding to stay awake with daddy to see what's on late night then I'm going to keep falling back on gratuitous shots of him.

Cause this is exactly how I feel 24/7 right now. Oh, and I guess Supreme Leader does too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RTT: Sterilizers, Ghosts & Must See TV

Last weekend we were driving to the in-laws and about a block away from their house we run into a 'road closed' sign where a new house is being put up. It's Saturday so I know nobody is working on it and just drive around it. Then from the back seat Liam says, "Daddy, why do you always do bad things?"



We bought an Advent sterilizer a few weeks back when Finn started hitting the bottle full time. When we got it home and Supreme Leader was reading the instructions she found that it has a six hour option. Six hours. Whew! That's a relief since I was also using those bottles to genetically engineer my own strain of ebola herpes. Six hours. Hello? This is our third kid, it's a good day if we remember to wash him.

The other night we let the boys stay up and watch Ghost Busters. A quarter of the way in Liam runs to his room, grabs his squirt gun, spy glasses and builds a ghost detector.

I ain't 'fraid a no ghosts

This is made of paper and it isn't even the artists best work, its the only picture I could get. Check out the rest of his work, especially the artistic stuff.

"This guy isn't a steel worker, he's a ninja. A ninja named Tommy."

Is anyone out there as entranced by the glory that is Detective Dan Stark as Supreme Leader and I? If you're not watching The Good Guys then you should be. Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks (son of Tom) play Dallas police officers with Whitford the grizzled veteran to Hanks by-the-book newbie. It's been done a million times, but Bradley Whitford is fantastic and the story lines are great. His character is about as far from the West Wing's Josh Lyman as could be. Makes me want to grow a mustache and buy a '79 Trans Am.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer So Far

From left to right: The Source, Chaos, Pandemonium, and Havoc. (That was from Supreme Leader)

Loves and hates for the middle of July.


1. Fresh local fruit, like strawberries that actually look, smell and taste like strawberries as opposed to the frankenberries we usually get from California and Mexico that have the same taste and chemical composition of bubblewrap.

2. Wind. Not the wind that repositioned my gazebo last weekend, but the heavenly cool breeze that blows in my windows and patio door and makes everything right in the world.

3. Butterflies. What? You don't like butterflies? Hater.
We've had a butterfly bush in the front yard for about three years now and we're finally attracting the big beautiful ones and not just those little white ones that look like moths.

4. Singing loud in the car. The roar of wind through the open windows makes me sound better.

5. My new Adidas shorts. I don't know if they're supposed to be trainers or basketball shorts or whatever, I just know that I would wear them every day if I could. They are that comfortable.


1. The heat that keeps my little monkeys awake at night and turns them into raging homicidal maniacs during the day. Raging homicidal maniacs that can't hear, follow basic instructions or complete a sentence without trying to goad the other into a fight.

2. Pollen.

Fuck you, pollen.

3. Stories about people who leave children and dogs locked in parked cars during the full heat of the day. When I rule the world, the scales of justice will each hold an eye.

4. Reaping the benefits of Liam's dandelion collecting from last summer and this spring as we walked Connor to school and back. Thanks, buddy. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Sun tan lotion. I know it is important and yes, I do use it whenever I'm going to be outside for awhile, but I still hate it. I can't stand the feel of it on my skin. *body shudder*

Last Five Song Downloads
1. I Try - Ben Taylor (which you may recognize from the Cheerios commercial)
2. Happy - NeverShoutNever
3. Thinking Bout Something - Hanson (yes, Hanson. Bite Me, it's a good song, and the video is a remake of Twist It from The Blues Brothers)

(I got this off another blog about a month ago but can't remember which one. I know it was another daddy blogger though.)

Ok, I don't have five, but how about this? I posted it on my tumblr page the other day and then couldn't get the song out of my head.

You're welcome.

*Update. It was Kevin at Always Home and Uncool. And you should check out his site if you haven't already, it's worth the trip. And while you're there you should click his Pepsi button to help the fight against JM.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010