Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Random So & So Tuesday On Friday

Dear So and So...

What? There's no rules here.

Dear Sharpie, do you make metallic gold?
Unfortunately they don't. I went to their site to check and got distracted by all the Sharpie goodness.

My youngest, Liam, was lying on the floor playing Wii and sniffling yesterday. I asked him if he wants a kleenex and he says no and wipes his face on the carpet.

Speaking of Wii:

Up to four players and a demo mode where if you get stuck you can let the game play itself until you're ready to jump in again.

Dear Lego, wtf? Why don't you sell ALL of your products here? You hurt my heart.

I was in the washroom at my in-laws the other day and the TV came on super loud. My FIL usually has the tv up pretty high, but this was ridiculous since it sounded like it was in the bathroom. I go to the living room and the tv wasn't even on. It was the neighbours. The neighbours. They're not old or hearing impaired either. Why the hell would you have it up so loud?

Now that I finally have that written down I'm wondering if maybe it was meant to be that loud to cover something up. Maybe we'll skip Sunday dinner this time around.

For all of my Twilight loving readers:

I got this from my friend Jodi at Jodiferous. I call Jodi a friend even though we've never actually met, but we live in the same city. Ok, we don't actually live in the same city, but they're connected. Ok, they're not actually connected but if I drove to the opposite side of my city I could see her's across the river. Then again, if you took all the water out of the river, they're still connected, so she's my friend.

Dear Connor, remember the other night when I decided to play Grand Theft Auto because I hadn't in so long and the first car I jacked belonged to a couple of bangers and I had to bust a cap in 'em and my character made some inappropriate comments towards them in relation to their mothers and you were actually watching the whole time and I didn't know it? Let's keep that to ourselves, huh? Heh heh.

Supreme Leader overheard Connor and Liam talking about their favourite Star Wars characters. Liam chose General Grievous.

A swirling whirlwind of fury? Ya, that works.

Dear Weather Network, your 'Bug Report' section where it says mosquitoes aren't common to my city? Apparently mosquitoes don't read your website.

Ok, that's enough. Go check out Kat's blog for more So & So fun. I'd say go to Keely's too, but that ship has set sail. Still, she probably has something funny going on. Stop by and tell her that Vancouver loves her and that it's sunny and beautiful now if she wants to come back.


  1. I was all loving your post until I got to your "tribute" to Twilight lovers.

    For the record, I would just like to say that THAT IS NOT FUNNY. I heart Edward and am making plans to move to Fork Washington.

    This is why Canada can't have nice things!!! You're always pissing off the neighbors, forcing us to sever diplomatic relations!

    PS Edward and his family hunt in Canada, I'm just saying. don't draw attention to yourself.

  2. Oh, Sharpies in metallic gold would be wonderful. So sad to hear they don't have it.

    Lego should be giving you products.

  3. Why the hell is the "Weather Network" weighing in on mosquitoes??? Stick to meteorology folks.

  4. Snot forever embedded in the carpet?

    Why that's PRICELESS!

  5. I chuckled about the mosquitos - so true! Bitey little suckers arne't they?! lol

  6. Love the last sign about making better mistakes tomorrow. Are you sure Connor isn't going to rat you out? You may need to bribe him.

  7. You're right there are no rules to being Random (Keely should put down some rules or maybe Kat for that matter).

    Remind me if I ever come to your house not to take off my shoes and walk on the carpet.

  8. I was hunting for Sharpies in Metallic gold, too...sadly disappointed... :)

    No need for kleenex when there's a perfectly good carpet within nose reach. ;)

    Sorry, that loud TV was probably Princess Nagger turning it up...apparently she likes to turn it up to FULL power when she's singing and dancing to her favorite songs. ;)

    Love the creative video of the boys...priceless!

  9. 1. I HAVE to have that shirt. For real.

    2. Next time you do a Spidey flick, make sure that you don't get the electrical outlights in the frame. That way, it's much more believable.

    3. That's all. I just have to have an odd number of things to comment on. Happy Friday!

  10. I'm with Michel. I heart Edward and his whole family.

  11. Can I PLEASE steal your children for like an hour or something...I feel there are things we can learn from each other...especially how to perfect the spider man...

    Don't even get me started on Sharpie markers...I am ADDICTED!

  12. Today is the perfect day to make better mistakes....I'm off to work.

  13. I'm totally having a Sharpie scent memory right now.

    okay, off to chase my own swirling whirlwind of fury.

  14. Love, love, love the Spiderman video!

  15. To Michel: There is nothing in Forks, Washington. Not even a stoplight, I don't think. I've been there. There's a crappy diner...No one wants to live in Forks. Trust me on this one. It's a book. It is fiction.

    I heart Spidey. ..and sharpies.

  16. I swear I've seen metallic gold sharpies! I think I have one at home. Gonna have to go check now that you've got me all obsessed about it. Thanks for that.

  17. As a reward for Connor's silence, you should get him Rapelay.

  18. GTA with your child listening. OMG. I'm afraid my animals would go gangsta after hearing that. I'd have to hide my guns, brass knuckles and colored bandannas before a turf war broke out over the couch.

  19. Combining random and letters came out quite brilliant.

    And all of us reading want hush money on the Grand Auto fopah.

  20. They do make Sharpie in metallic gold. I think it was a special edition. I got it at the Bristol NASCAR race (the sponsor was Sharpie)

    BTW, you're children are so skilled! Must be a pain to wash your ceilings all the time.

  21. The shirt is the cat's ass. I want one to wear at the PTA meetings. But then they would probably stake ME.

    And the Lego thing? Oh yeah. We want to buy Dr. Inferno's Volcano Lair for Agents vs. Bad Guys battles, and it's not available here. It was up until last Christmas, but not now. It was so cool I wanted it for MY birthday....

  22. I was at Staples the other day and they let you pick any 10 Sharpie colors for $6.95. I was in sharpie heaven! They have a gazillion colors, gold has got to be on the horizon!

    Spidey video rocks!

    Edward is over-rated!

  23. Spiderkid, Spiderkid...doing whatever a spiderkid does.

  24. Dude you are so awesome and random!!! Can I be you? Without having to stand up to pee and all that body hair though.

  25. hahahaha!! Your blogs are great! I loved that So and So random mix! very creative :)

    WOW!! spiderman kiddos climbing on the ceiling? how did you DO that!??! haha good stuff :)

  26. My kid thinks her shirt is a good substitute for a kleenex - nasty!

    I'd love to have you drop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

  27. Don't sharpies come in all colours? I was pretty sure they do.

    And, sorry. You can't have Keely.

  28. Wiped his nose on the carpet? I would hate to see what he does for toilet paper! haha!

  29. I think you should have posted this on RTT. It hurts my heart that you didn't.

    Please, for the love of all things holy (like ice cream and Legos), tell me my kids aren't going to learn to walk on the ceiling when they get a bit older.

  30. I don't have a child who wipes his snot on the carpet, I have a cat. Said cat also wipes his ass on the carpet. Lovely. I might start smacking the cat.
    I must be old. I've heart of Twilight of course, but have no clue to your reference.
    So the mosquitos in your 'hood don't read The Weather Channel's web site? Shame.

  31. Great Spidermen! Ah, kleenex,
    I know elbows are in now for
    sneezing, but maybe you should tell
    youngest son, carpet isn't really
    an option!

  32. I wonder when they'll put Buffy back on tv? I mean, no one has any creativity anymore and it seems everyone is redoing everything...and besides, what else does Sarah Michelle whatsherface got going on anymore? Really?

  33. I found my gold metallic sharpie! Going to email you pictures so you believe me. ;-)

  34. Right here on my desk are both a silver AND a gold Sharpie, so they do exist.
    Love the Buffy shirt!

  35. You stole our summer weather, so I sent you the mosquitoes. It only seems fair.

  36. I know they have metallic silver (since I own one). How is it possible that they don't have gold?

    I'm ambivalent on the whole Twilight thing - haven't read them, don't care to - but I laughed at that because I know the fanatics will not appreciate that!

  37. Argh. Grand Theft Auto. It's been banned temporarily over here because little ears are picking things up all the time at the moment.

    And what's the point of carpet if you can't wipe your nose on it?

  38. You had the right idea mixing up RTT and Dear So & So! I loved it.

  39. The gift for us Twilight lovers was mean... but we still love you! I love the spider man video. How is it that all small boys have spider man costumes? Is there some kind of man-code saying small boys need to have spider man costumes to dress up in until they get a grip on reality? I don't get it.

  40. You know I'm one of those Twilight lovin' readers, but lately I've been all, "Edward who?" Because I'm now loving me some Eric. And if you do not know to whom I'm referring then please subscribe to HBO immediately and set your TIVO for Sunday nights.

    You're welcome.

    And why the eff would you need a gold Sharpie? Doing crafts again, girly man?

  41. I am ordering that shirt, as you well know. You get one too and we'll meet at the river with our sharpies.

  42. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need to find me that Buffy t-shirt. Don't get me wrong--I like Twilight, but I LOVE Buffy!


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.