Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sci-Fi Friday... On Thursday

"It is a glorious day."
"It is. Let's kill this fool in front of us."

*PS. Thanks for the all the pictures yesterday. Keep them coming!

comiquero on flickr


  1. Seriously! He'll thank us for it. It's a great day to die!


  2. That was a disturbing sight to see first thing in the morning...I'll never ride an escalator in front of those guys again.

  3. Well, understandable! I mean, look at the guy in front of them! Wearing a strap clearly indicating a camera clearly indicating TOURIST? Go at it.
    Sorry for no pix. I got home too late last night. But then again, do you really want to see nothing but green and hate me for it? Yes, yes you do...

  4. These always make me need to go number 1.

    From laughing too hard, that is.

  5. When i first saw this picture i thought it was Axl Rose...Then i thought 2 Axl Roses, that's freakin brilliant. He totally has a doppleganger.
    I wish I had a doppleganger.

  6. I think i am speechless.
    Yes, I am.

  7. sci fi geeks invade the mall. scary stuff.

  8. OMG!!! that would send my kids running!! Except for Little Man, for some reason he likes Start Trek.

    Note to self - avoid malls in Canada.

  9. "What are you feeling from the Food Court today? Sbarro Pizza or Panda Express?"
    "I'm thinking Orange Julius"

  10. "QuchwIj yIyach!"

    Translation: "Let us kill everyone on this people mover!"

    Whoops! Nope. I just looked up what I typed, and I got it wrong. I guess my Klingon is a little rusty.

    Translation: "Fondle my forehead."

  11. "And after we Annihilate the Earthing; couldn't you just see me in those Jeans we saw back at the Gap?"

  12. They're back!!!! Woo! And I have to say, I, too, got the Axl vibe from these guys. I was all, "What? Chinese Democracy finally came out?"

  13. Kid: Are you the Son of Mogh?
    Worf: Yes, I am.
    Kid: Is it true you can kill someone just by looking at them?
    Worf: Only when I am angry.

    I'll send over some back door pictures in a little while.

  14. Hey, they would be in character. I say it should be expected, not the exception.

  15. I love that shot! Damn, did I miss some posts? Okay, I'm catching up tonight! PROMISE!

    I'm such a dumbass.

  16. I love these... I wish we had somewhere around here I could hang out and take pictures of people and make fun of them on my blog. On the other hand, we do have Walmart... maybe I'll post pictures of mullets tomorrow.


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