Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall, Or Whatever You've Got

I've got an idea. (And yes, it did hurt a little, thanks for asking) A lot of people have been mentioning the fall colours (or lack thereof) where they live, so why don't we share? Take a picture out your front or back door and send it to me. I'll show you mine and you show me all of yours. What do you think? If you don't have anything nice around your house, find a nice area of town and send it instead. You can even lie and say it is from your house, who's gonna' know? Snow on the ground? Good, then I can laugh at you. What do you think? If you're in, email me your pic:

Give me an idea of where you're sending the picture from. Privacy-wise you might not want to go into too much detail, and that's ok, maybe just hint. Or I can make up city for you. I'll post what I get on Friday. If you don't want to play along it's fine, I won't take it personally. I'll drink myself to sleep every night and abuse prescription meds, but whatever, we'll still be friends.

Finally, an important item of business I thought I had taken care of but obviously forgotten (it's the booze and the pills). JEN AT BLISSFULLY CAFFEINATED IS AWESOMESAUCE!



    It's peanut buttah jelly time! It's peanut buttah jelly time!

    Great idea for Fall pics! Mine's on the way.

  2. I'll drink myself to sleep every night and abuse prescription meds

    I think I might have some Percocet left over if you like. Of course, I may need those. 'Cause the happy hallucinations don't come on all by themselves, you know. :-)

  3. Tears of joy. Like a gentle calming rain. Like a faucet. Like peanut buttah jelly.

    Now I feel like a turd. I was totally kidding and only a little serious about wanting a video. But I love it. And I love that your kids took time out of their busy rock playing time to make me such a special tribute. And I too love Smarties beyond all reasoning.

    This is almost as good as time I won the jump rope contest in 6th grade. A very close second.

    Which reminds me...SECOND!

    Thank you children of and Captain Dumbass for making me this special video.

  4. So does this count as fourth or fifth? Dammit, Jen Maselli! I'd like to, right here and now, claim firsties on the colour pictures, cuz I already did mine. So there!

  5. I'll send you my pics tonight. Fun idea!! And I swear your boys get cuter every time!!

  6. Duuuuuude, she got the highest compliment EVER! Someone loves her as much as a blue Smartie.

    I wish someone would love me that much.

  7. I will try to remember to do it tonight. The pictures, I mean. Please don't consider anything else! Just remember, I'm about as South as you're gonna get. I live in SW Florida, so there's not much foliage. I don't think Florida even recognizes the word..

  8. I'll show you mine but I have to make sure it's ok with my husband first. He doesn't like it when I play the I'll show you mine if you show me yours game with other men. Or women for that sake. Love the video, being loved as much as a Smarty is quite an accomplishment!

  9. so cute!!!

    I'll take a pic for you tomorrow, I might drown if I go outside today.

  10. The trees in our lawn are all still green!

  11. It is rocking around here, colors-wise. My photo (meaning, photo taken by The Mistah) is on its way...


  12. I am in, I will send them. Where I am, we get nothing so it will be a good contrast.

  13. My leaves are just starting to turn, so I will try to get a good one for you.

  14. Awesome idea!! I sent you mine!!! But I think I'm a bit further South than Jen (SK) so you'll see different views of Fl - that would be so totally cool!! (damn! I tried not to use the word totally!! - whoops! there it is again)

  15. I'm on the job! *goes out into the freezing weather (ok it is only 54 degrees) and takes a couple of snapshots*

  16. if i had taken it yesterday, there would have been SNOW on the freakin' trees...*sigh*

  17. I'm in... right after I finish cleaning up all the dog poop.

  18. Jen shouldn't feel like a turd. But she should get props for saying "turd". I love that word. Ha. Word rhymes with turd. I love that your boys were "too busy".

    Also, did I see right? Did you ask me to take a back door picture? Then did you say you'd show me yours if I show you mine? I'm thrilled and a little nervous.

  19. If I can figure out how to
    do a picture on here, I'll
    send u all a pic of our beautiful trees. But "door" that's too strange.
    Also, heard on headline news that some people on a blog said they were going away for a weekend and had their house turned into
    a major party house. Totally trashed. I think
    you can guess who checked out that info.
    Today started out well, went to fill gas tank on car...Gas door thingy would not open, tried everything. Aha, I thought,
    I'll call On-Star system.
    They put me through to several people, none of whom new how the hell that couldh have happened.
    Hubby, of course, says I'll
    have it fixed in 2 minutes.
    Well, he did eventually get
    it open, but had to pry it
    loose. Then sprayed a can or 2 of WD40, walked away
    Hope you and all your blogger friends have a great day.

  20. I'm game.. I already have some pics.. if i can just get the wild midgets off the other computer.. i could upload them. perhaps after i send them to bed.

  21. No foilage in LA. I'll send you a palm tree. I'll put it in one of those tubular poster holders. I'll smash it till it fits.

  22. I am in - Will send it tomorrow. Just got home from work and it's too dark outside.

  23. You have a great voice.

    The kids are cute, although I didn't understand them most of the time. lol

  24. I was hoping that was a smartie and not some random plastic toy. Whew.

  25. May I take your boys home with me? Yes, I know I already have three, but they're all bigger than me and two don't even live here anymore...nine months of the year. Your boys' cuteness is killing me.


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