Friday, October 24, 2008

All The Leaves Are Brown...

Holy Guacamole, Bat Man! I asked for some pictures and you actually sent them! If you're just tuning in, back on Wednesday I asked if anybody would be willing to send in some pictures of what fall looks like where they live. And look what happened. I added the pictures to this post as I received them, except for the top three. Mine's first because... well it's my blog. I "borrowed" the second set of pictures. And the third I already had from a guest poster. So here they are.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

I wanted to take a picture from this angle so you could see that my dahlias are still blooming. My dahlias in Canada. 1558 kilometres or 932 miles north of the next set of pictures.

Utah from Jen at Steenky Bee! Oh wait. No, I stole this off Jen's blog because she didn't send me a picture. I don't call Jen names, I prefer to mock.

Detroit, Rock City from Middle Aged Woman at Unmitigated. Happy belated birthday's 17 year old boy & 19 year old girl

Washington from Jeff at Good Father. I live close to Jeff so the wet fall look is very familiar.

Pennsylvania from Lisa at Boondock Ramblings. That is one seriously cute kid.

California from Jen at Blissfully Caffeinated. I don't know what to say, Jen. It's just so sad. Of course, any day now the rains will begin here and not let up until April so you can laugh at me then.

Florida from Casey at Half As Good As You. (*whisper* hate you a little)

Missouri from Kat of 3 Bedroom Bungalow. And her husband's cool Halloween decor.

Iowa (which I'm guessing is McCain country) from Church Punk Mom of Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction.

South Florida from Krystal at Mommy's Escape. (*quiet whisper* you suck)

New London, Connecticut from Ellie at Me and You and Ellie. New England. You guys like, invented fall, right?

Sucky South Florida (her words) from Carrie of Colepack.

More British Columbia pics from my sister, Melanie at A Day In The Life. The first one is in the town of Merritt. If you saw the A&E version of The Andromeda Strain last year, this is where they filmed it.


Thanks everybody for joining in. If you were going to send a picture in but didn't get it to me in time just email it soon and I'll add it to the group.


  1. Beautiful pictures, and


  2. where is everyone?

    Come on, I need to share my firstness with someone!!!

  3. I'll do it tomorrow...pinky swear.

    Beautiful pics.

    khadra-congrats on being first! Now you've shared your firstness!

  4. How lovely! If I had a home like Casey's or a view like Krystal's, I'd hate me a little too..
    I have snake grass in my backyard and a sliver of a tree my terrier could knock over in midstream. (Sigh.)

  5. If I get home before dark anytime this week, I'll snap a shot and send it to you. Maybe tomorrow... Beautiful pics. I'm all kinds of jealous of Casey and Krystal right now.

  6. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful. I mean don't hate me cause my yard is green and doesn't have snow...

    I would gladly trade in my green grass for someplace with seasons and less humidity. Any takers?

  7. I hate Krystal now too. Hate her with a passion.

    Seriously...that is out her back door? She sucks.

    Anyhooo....the other ones are cool and thanks for using my cute kid. Like I said in the e-mail, that is my parent's house and I just thought it showed some of the fall weather. Guess I cheated a little as I didn't look out my own back door where you would have seen my neighbor's statue of Mary and St. Someone (afraid to say I forgot the guy's name. I believe it is Francis, as Mrs. So-So always tells me she prays to him and he answers her prayers). But the leaves...more exciting no?

  8. These are so great.

    Fall in Phoenix looks about the same as Winter in Phoenix as Spring as.... You get the picture.

    How about a cactus picture?

  9. What are these..kilometres..that you speak of? Is that some sort of new dessert? A drink item? I don't get it.

  10. Awesome pictures everyone! Ellie I am seriously jealous of your foliage!

  11. Hey! We have fall now. Well, all the leaves are gone now, but the trees are definitely dying. I'm jealous of all the people with warm weather for "fall". What the hell is that all about? Make sure you do a winter one too. I'll be snowboarding on a mountain while Casey's out sunbathing.

    I'll find a picture and send it to you. I'm heading to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. You'll have so much fall coming out of every oriface, you won't know what to do.

  12. Wow, this post turned out really cool. The New England pic is so amazing. And the beachy Florida one. Actually I'm just jealous of that beach view.

    Mine are sad, I know. That's fall in Central Californi when you live someplace where the trees were all planted 4 months ago.

    Khadra, congrats on the first. Feels GREAT, doesn't it?

    P.S. I have an award for you on my site.

  13. Pumpkin patch? Hmmm, could be an idea for another one of these.

  14. LOL!! That's not my view - Captain forgot to add the fact that I stole that picture from the beach - if I sent a picture from my back yard all you would see would be dry grass and ducks crapping all over the place! Oh that and nasty algae from the lake - wanted to show the pretty side that is just about 20 minutes away from my place. I wish that was my view!!! That would have been my view had I not had 6 kids!!

  15. lol.. i might have to send you another.. cause like that's really not a very good picture. and also, the mccain thing? first of all, NOT my yard - i don't do political yard signs, ick - and the people across the street from them actually have obama signs out. Ha.

    i was thinking this morning what a crummy representation that picture was.. but it was cold and rainy and i wasn't about to go outside and get a 'good' shot. maybe i'll try today.. since is slightly less cold and rainy..

    i was so sad i couldn't sen you a picture from when we drove through the smokey mountains last fall in tennessee.. just beautiful. amazing. can't find them. fiddlesticks.

    i totally wish i could get a shot of downtown by my hubby's office - GORGEOUS. maybe i'll try for that, i have to pick him up today from work..

    after i do the laundry and dishes and take my oldest to his dance class.. am i boring y'all yet? do i get a prize for the longest most boringest comment ever?? hee hee.

  16. Dagnabit, I meant to send one. I really did!!!

    I love this idea, of posting fall photos from all over. Pretty funny.

    I'll send one in.

  17. These are great. I wish I didn't live in a bubble last week and was caught up on my blog reading, I would have totally jumped all over this.

  18. That was a freaking BRILLIANT idea! And thanks for sharing with all of us. I especially love the spider with the skull. HA!

  19. I can't believe it's taken me two days to post a comment on here. Every time I re-read the post for the gorgeous pictures, I get distracted..ooh! Skittles! See what I mean? Which of those Florida posters is going to host us northerners when the winter snow gets gray and ugly? I am accepting host applications right now.

  20. In the interest of full disclosure, my man Mistah tells me he took the photo I sent you in Waterford, not New London, Connecticut. Detail, details...


  21. Awesome! Thanks for posting my pic - sooooo cool to see Fall pictures from all over the place! Nice, nice post.


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