Sunday, August 24, 2008

(Not So) Lazy Sunday, Foraging & Dizzy Design

Ok, so first off, props to Auntie Dizzy for the uncommissioned design of our new masthead. She sent over two of them last night, coincidentally the day after I'd spent some time looking at having someone do exactly this. And I was willing to pay. Diz (sister-in-law) is being well paid with unlimited hugs and kisses from the children for the rest of her life. She is under exclusive contract with UTME (Us & Them Multi-Media Empire), but if you're interested, have your legal team consult mine. Here's the other one:

And she's never done this before, either. All that and she's waaay hot too. In a Lucy Lui/Tia Carrera kinda way. Yes, she will kick my ass for that, but she'll do it anyway just for mentioning her here even under her familial name. Whatever. Thank you Auntie Dizzy.

So, since my life will be undergoing a MAJOR change soon (more on that in another post) I think it's time to start turning over some other leaves too. Like I'm getting fat and that needs to stop now. We went down to Granville Island yesterday and had lunch before we left. I had a bourbon bbq cheeseburger. With fries. And some of Liam's chicken fingers. As we drove home I felt like... hmm, not like I was having a heart attack, more like my heart was trying to pump fryer grease. That can't be good.

This morning we woke up to heavy rain so I decided this would be a good day for a bike ride. I don't like exercising in the summer much, I prefer it when it's cold. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?

Supreme Leader decided that since I was going out I could do some hunting/gathering as well. Unfortunately the herds seem to have moved off the steppes. Luckily I found a patch of wild corn so I didn't have to return to the tribe empty handed.

So I exercised today! I was so proud of myself when I got home, and so ferociously hungry that I ate a leftover enchilada, a hot dog, the remainder of Connor's K & D Squiggles and two cookies. Hmm. I think what we should take away from this is that I DID exercise today. It's a start.

Apropos nothing, Bernadette walked up to me and started shaking a can in my face.

Wife: Can you hear that?
Me: (wtf?) Ah... I don't hear anything.
Wife: Exactly, there's no water in there, it's solid coconut cream. That's the sound of DEATH.

She's making some type of dessert for dinner so I'm assuming the death will be mine. Oh well, at least I know death will taste good.


  1. Reasons I haven't posted anything good lately.
    1. Traveling. I'm on the road and almost home.
    2. Resorting to iPhone. Can you believe I used the words 'resorting' and 'iphone' together? In a sentence? Typing on this thing is like hard.
    3. Did I mention I have an iPhone?
    4. Busy from commenting on the sheer volume of posts laid down by The Captain.
    5. Anxiously awaiting more follow up comments on 'Jiggly Bits' from Friday.
    6. Waiting for SL to kill CD for said post. I suspect that's what can of coconut cream is for. It's funny CD thinks she's gonna use that can to COOK with.
    7. Waiting for follow up comment to this comment.
    8. Looking at myself in the reflection of my iPhone.

    I predict CD will have his revenge for me tomorrow.

  2. 1. Good excuse, but I'm getting the shakes. Post something.
    2 & 3. I don't have an iPhone so don't make me start crying. I do have an iPod Touch which is kinda the same, just without the phone and totally dependant on wi-fi. Sniffle.
    4.Heh heh.
    5 & 6. I think SD has some plans there. SD likes you more than me and you've never met.
    7. .....
    8. You look very pretty.

    You know what the Klingon's say about revenge...

  3. Revenge is a dish best served with TimBits?

  4. *gasp!* you know of Tim bits? Oh ya, Windsor. I don't actually eat tim bits (I made donuts in another life) but an extra large double double is my drug of choice.

    Though I'd never dip a chocolate chip & bacon cookie into it because I don't think the grease and and creamer would work well together.

  5. I'm all about the coconut. Solar Dancer and I took our honeymoon in Thailand. It was killer.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.