Thursday, June 28, 2007

What I made today

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today. The Spicy Beef Patties (a Canadian Living recipe) I made this morning turned out beautifully. I had to make some adjustments, mainly in the spicing as my family (ahem, husband) does not particularly enjoy spicy food and the quantity of dough, which I find is never quite enough as I make the patties smaller than is specified in the recipe. I hope the kids like them too. The last time I made them, Connor liked them, of course, that was then. They freeze quite well, which is a good thing. The last time the ravenous horde (aka my lovely sisters) descended on us unannounced, they complained because we had nothing to eat. This should appease the bottomless pits that are their appetites.


  1. Ummmm....I'd like the receipe to this. It looks delish!

  2. I'll pass your request along to Supreme Baking Leader.


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