Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

...bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens... Today was Liam's first real thunder and lightning storm and as you can see, he was not impressed. He did not buy our explanation that the clouds were arguing over who could make the most rain and he was not impressed with Dad's explanation of hot and cold air masses. The only thing that seemed to make him feel better was hiding out underneath the kitchen table.

Eventually he agreed to move up to the safety of Mom and Dad's bed which was much more comfortable.

It was an exciting weekend for the boys. Nana came to visit and brought cool toys with her. As usual, since Nana was here they both acted like perfect little angels. I'm sure I saw both of them give me a wink at one point, just to let me know that they knew that I knew that it was all back to normal the minute Nana got in her car. And, of course, they delivered. But not until after we brought them to Toy's R Us so we could buy Connor a bicycle with the money Auntie Dizzy gave him for his birthday and to spend the gift cards that Grampa Gordo and Grama Lynn gave them for Christmas. Yes it's been six months since Christmas, but it's not like they know any different. Anyway, they each picked out two presents each which they have been fighting over ever since. And since they still have over half the value of the gift card left, we can do it all over again. Weeee!


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  2. Of course the boys behaved like Angels when Nana was down. They are smart guys and fear the wrath of the Mean Nana!
    Love you guys and see you soon.
    Told Mel, if you wanted to go out
    Thursday night, I could look after the whole brood while the 6 of you go out.
    Went to White Spot yesterday, Dakoa's choice. I can't guarantee they poisoned me, but sure felt like it for about 6 hours.


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