Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day Long Weekend

Where to start? It felt like the Canada Week holiday. I think we must have taken over a hundred pics this weekend and since I can't put all of them in one blog, check out out Flickr page. Where to start? Well, it wasn't an auspicious start for Dad. The week leading to the holiday was his first full week back after his neck/back/shoulder 'incident.' It was SUPER busy, I was backed up from (like how I changed from second person to first there? Whatever, write your own blog) all the day's I'd missed the previous week, still sore and by Thursday my long quiet allergies made a reappearance. Friday night the allergies had to make way for an actual cold. The cold was not greedy though, it cheerfully left some room for the allergies to play in.

Saturday morning Dad feels like a bucket of warm death, but, being there for the family he dragged his lazy ass out of bed, loaded up on ineffectual anti-histamines and Advil ('cause we might as well add a headache to the mix) and headed out for the water park.

Connor was very excited about the whole thing, especially the big water canon's you could use to shoot other kids with. Unfortunately a life lesson shortly followed.

When you shoot water at other kids, inevitably they will shoot back. Liam, usually the daredevil, took a little longer to get into it. It all looked exciting, but there was the potential for getting his hair wet, and we DO NOT like getting our hair wet.

Anyway, it was a few hours of roasting in the sun, a few hours waiting in line at McDonald's and a nice nap afterwards. Not a bad day. Ok, I think we'll have to break the holiday weekend blog up a little. Hopefully I can continue the tale later today somewhere between laundry, dishes, vacuuming, yardwork, shopping and children.

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