Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spiderman, Girls & Pick A State

There's no real point to an intro here, just press play and keep your hands away from the screen.

Connor discovered he could put his foot on his head and demanded, DEMANDED I take pictures. And while a picture is worth a 1000 words, nothing truly demonstrates the insanity of your children like video. More words than you really ever wanted.

If you'd be interested in having a five year old for the weekend please email me.

*Mamadawg, I guess you'll be going with Trooper now unless LOML likes younger men and can wait for Liam.


  1. Way cute - He can come spend the weekend in Chicago

  2. Battlebeel=Batmobile. I think I like Connor's pronunciation better. Liam sure had his brother's back! "Connor doesn't want to get married!" Transformers are lots cooler than girls. "Who's Utah?" Thanks for the smile!

  3. No more HALO? That sucks. It's not like Plasma Grenades really Exist.
    It would be sooooooo Cool if they did though. Those things stick to everything.

  4. My head is exploding from all the cuteness on your kitchen floor. Ship them to Utah. Strangely enough both of my kids make that same noise Connor makes. If his gal down south falls through, maybe he'd be interested in a younger girl. She can't exactly walk yet, but she grunts just like your son.

    Also, Henry keeps asking if your kids are his friends. He gets a kick out of watching them.

    Transformers? I just found Transformers Animated on television. Have you seen this? Henry is obsessed with it. But only the intro song portion. He loves to dance to that. Maybe I'll video that.

    You have a very nice voice. But next time, please, please work in an "aboot", just for me.

  5. AWESOME!!!!!

    I rated a whole 30 seconds in your video...well, my daughter and her impending marriage did!

    She's gonna be so broken hearted to hear that Connor doesn't want to marry her.

    But, he's only 5. He's got time to change his mind.

    Show him her picture. Tell him it'd not photoshopped, she really is that cute. you're giving me ideas.

    Must go talk to daughter when I get home.

    BTW, I'll still take 'em. I can show him a squirrel and dogs and deer and mice and whatnow down here in MS. He'd love it down here.

    Remember, when they get married, they live down here for the winter and up there for the summer.

  6. They are both so cute. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have two boys as opposed to two girls. It is an interesting difference based on what I see on your videos.

  7. I like how you're pimpin' out your son to Mama Dawg's daughter. POor Light of her Life has no idea her mommy's trying to get her a hubby on the darn INTERNETS. hehe

  8. too cute! my youngest daughter (9) can put her foot BEHIND her head (both at the same time sometimes) but she doesn't request video LOL

    ha ha @ halo-that IS a little too grown for them, but daddy can still play it, right? :) my stepson plays that game all flippin day w his friends on xbox live.

    transformers are way cool. my son (who's 21 now) used to watch the cartoon and had an optimus prime.

  9. Can we say my comment is filled with typos? Good grief, makes me look like an ignorant southe....wait. Never mind.

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  11. Dude, don't send them to California. I can barely tolerate my own children and would not be a very good weekend sitter.

    I do, however, very much enjoy your deep voice. But I'm with Jen. Can't you manage an "aboot", or "ay," or something?

  12. Oh, and I thought Connor was saying "Battle Beetle." Wouldn't that be awesome? Like a hard core VW bug all souped up for battle like an anti-Herbie?

  13. noticed we weren't offered as
    a possiblity. just cos we're not
    ps u send your brother some strange

  14. Uh, yeah. Of course he demanded. He wants a part in it all. Daddy can't have all the fun.

    Sorry, no need for five year olds here. I'm still trying to get rid of my three year old.

  15. Ok, finally home from various schools.

    jaime-Illinois, I'll remember that

    maw-ya ya ya, you didn't offer to take him though

    ciii-Oh, plasma grenades... they would have been great in traffic when I was working.

    jbg-there's still Liam. And Henry, oh, if only buddy. And yes, we've been watching the new Transformers. Argh! One of these days I'll throw out an 'aboot' just for you, but you have to give me a 'y'all.' What? You don't say that in Utah? Just like we DON'T SAY ABOOT IN WESTERN CANADA!!! You're trying to break me, right?

    mamadawg-I was a little worried you'd be reneging on the deal. Whew! And he'd totally be in with the squirrels and deer.

    kat-I can show you more so you know how lucky you are.

    rhea-arranged marriages are making a come back

    ciara-THAT is talent. They loved Halo, but the mention of weaponry in a temper tantrum ended all of that. No Grand Theft Auto either. Joking!

    mamadawg-ya, cause I'm all about spelling and proper grammar.

    bc-I didn't think California would be interested and I love the anti-Herbie idea. And it's 'eh' not

    jerlyn-threatening to send them to Nana's house is not going to have the effect I'm looking for.

    sassy-but you could see what you have in store 2 years from now. Think about it.

  16. What? Only one post today? What's going on up there? You're making it impossible to stalk you. In Utah we don't say y'all, but we say plenty of other things that are truly Utahn. Also, we're huge on jello and fry sauce. Not together, but in the same meal nonetheless.

  17. I'll take Connor! Just don't send the one who picks up snails and eats bugs and pees on the railing! Keep putting up videos though, I don't mind if YOU suffer.

  18. One more thing. You know, that thing that Connor is doing? That thing with the feet? It looks like learned behavior to me. I'm noting we didn't see this prior to your domesticity. I'm not pointing any fingers, but if I were, they would be north and slightly west of where I live. I'm just sayin'...and apparently stalking now.

  19. I canNOT believe you'd no idea what a Bat O' Beels was. I got it right away.

    Silly man.

    pee ess...and the voice, yusss

  20. jbg-I'm not responding to any of that

    jett-wifey got it right away too. Um... I was working with the camera. Busy and... stuff.


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