Friday, September 26, 2008

Shaking Hands & Kissing Babies

Stop making excuses and take the damned picture or I will annihilate your entire planet!

(whispered) Sir, this is good PR. Remember we're trying to put a good face on the Empire.

Why can they not just fear me?

Pic by lorax_2112 (flickr)


  1. I thought Darth usually picked people up by the neck.

  2. YESSSSS! It's back. So tell me, is Darth running for some sort of office and doing a photo op? Is this at the company picnic? Are Darth and the Storm Trooper partners? Did they adopt that child? She looks frightened. Again, as always, I secretly am hoping that you are one of the people in the picture, but I know you are not.

    Dude, you are awesome. And I don't just say that to anybody. I only say it to like 20 people.

    How was Grey's? The Office was stellar.

  3. I love those trees. I focus on the trees to avoid looking at the scary guys kidnapping the kid.

  4. Vader would never Cotton to a Bail-Out.

  5. haha Love your description of the photo. Hilarious.

  6. Where do you get these? They're hysterical.

    You should totally do a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 type vid w/you doing the voice overs for Darth.

    Have you seen the Eddie Izzard/legos youtube about the Death Star Canteen? Brilliant!

  7. maw-Wouldn't parenting be great if you had the Force. I could separate the boys without leaving the computer.

    jbg-I left you a COMMENT today

    ellie-they're not kidnapping, it's just taking a picture. Don't worry.

    ciii-sometimes we don't have a choice. I'm sure he'd make himself feel better afterwards by killing a minion.

    rhea- : )

    mamadawg-it's work, but you're worth it. And Eddie Izzard is freakin hilarious.

  8. What kind of parents stand idly by while their children are a hair away from total annhilation?

  9. Not have the force? Of course I do. I frequently use my influence over the weak-minded. Perhaps you are just a Paduan Learner. Also, Husband just referred to Supreme Leader as Supreme Being. I'm not goin' there.

  10. maw-I can't let Supreme Leader see your comment. I may have to delete it.


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