Wednesday, August 13, 2008


On Twitter last night.
Me: Ok, I have a stupid man question. Chicken strips from Saturday night. Can I still eat them?
oodlesOFnoodles: as long as they don't have one or both of the following: (A) a foul odor and (B) a viscous film coating their surface, YES
middleagedwoman: If they're not green, they're clean.
jenboglass: Two words. Hell and no. But if you do, you must stand over the sink. It's man law or something.

All: SUCKA!!!

Dawn of the knitted dead care of cakey voice.


  1. Knit zombies. In the words of david cassidy, "I think I love you!"

  2. Did you eat the chicken strips *throws up a little in mouth*

  3. I ate the chicken stips. I didn't actually get sick though. Artistic license. The dipping sause covered up the taste of the soggy breaded coating.

  4. Mind you I throw leftovers out if they have been in the fridge longer than 2 days. I have a FEAR of food poisoning. Had it once, never again.

  5. When you're this dumb, they call you the Captain.

  6. I asked husband what he would do with said strips. He thinks just like you. His plan would have been to add copious amouts of sauce. And zombie dolls? I have new found respect! I'll hang with anyone with an iron stomach and a sense of humor.

  7. Look, you only have two clear choices: (1) Don't eat them and throw away perfectly decent chicken strips, which is like wasteful and bad for the environment or something or (2) Eat them and blog out about how funny it was you spent the night with your head in the toilet.

    I go for numero dos.

  8. My husband abides by that man law.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.