Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Late Night Snacks & Good Reads

Supreme Leader worked until 6pm last night so the boys and I braved the wilds of East Van and Burnaby to go pick her up. As soon as we got rolling, young and usually happy monkey started demanding a movie (DVD player in mini-van, if you've ever seen these and mocked them, you're stupid). Usually I'd just put it on but today I wanted some Olympic updates before giving up...er, listening to Cars for the 1001st time. Patience was not on the books. There were immediate threats to kick my chair, send me to my room and slam the door, and bestest, sneeze on me. He's turned the corner on blind screaming anger to being able to vocalize it. He's still working on the vocalizing.

I tried explaining that daddy just wanted to listen for a minute, that I'd put the movie on soon, but he was having none of that. And he does not need a nap. No, sir. Since daddy was not giving him the fight he needed he turned to his older brother who was more than willing to accommodate. That's love.

About ten minutes later they were both asleep. They were still asleep when we got home. Then comes the dilemma. Wake them up or put them to bed? Not being able to remember the last time we had an evening to ourselves we chose bed. And what a lovely evening it was. Until 9:30 and 2:15am, respectively. 9:30 wasn't too bad. Connor and I watched some beach volleyball and ate some Fruity Cheerios, back to bed, Bob's yer uncle. (What the hell does that mean?) 2:15am was a different story though. Who doesn't like waking up out of a deep sleep to their child screaming? Not sure what the dream was about but it sounded like a dispute over a toy. Then he sits up and says, "I'm hungry." Yes. Of course you are.

So after about 10 minutes of standing in the middle of the kitchen cold and naked wondering what the hell to feed a 3 year old at two in the morning I grabbed a chewy granola bar and chopped a few small pieces off. Liam takes these pieces and instead of just shovelling them into his cake hole like he usually does, he takes small bites and then chews slowly like he's pondering the subtle nuances of peanut and hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Daddy is going to drift off into oncoming traffic later today and it will be your fault.

On the bright side, when we got home yesterday, Canada Post had left us a present!

The picture doesn't do it justice, that's 2.2 pounds of sweet reading. Do I recommend this book? No. I recommend you drop whatever you're reading and run to your nearest Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon whatever and buy book's 1 through 7 of this series. That's what I recommend. If you like fantasy. If you don't, go out and buy them anyway, you'll change your mind. If you don't then you suck. But that's just my opinion.

Yesterday I was totally lacking motivation, Sleep Deprivation Ninja recommended the next time I felt this way I should try taking a ninja nap,

"a ninja nap--it's like a regular nap except you do it with your eyes open
while running up and down the side of a mountain. Nothing says lack of
accomplishment like a nap with no sleep involved."

Thanks SDN. That's kinda what last night felt like and it must have worked. BTW, why the FUCK won't Blogger let go of this freakin quote no matter what I do? Oh, and why the giant gaps between paragraphs that won't correct either?


  1. Okay, I'll try the books, because even though I'm not typically a fantasy fan, I do *not* suck.

    Read #1 first, I presume?

  2. You could start anywhere in the series, but might as well start at the beginning. And 'suck' might have been a little harsh. I meant other people, not you at all.

  3. Bad Karma Says How in heck do U get the time to blog blog blog!!!
    On badkarma's site it is quick and, and, and, Okay It's Boring, alright !!! Are U happy Now!!!
    I am doing my Best Dammit!!!
    I am trying to get the picture of You naked with liam eating his bar, Excuse me I have to Hurl again!!!

  4. Ah..many a night we have had to do the "transfer" of the kiddies from carseat sleep to bed sleep. Many a night this has not worked. Also, the kiddies rooms are above the garage door so husband disconnects the power to the door and pulls the door down by hand. How happy am I the next morning when I realize I have to lift the garage door by hand (like they did in the 60s) whilst wearing a killer new skirt.

    Maybe I shall channel my repressed fanasy side and read that book too. I too, feel like I was called out and do not want to suck.

    Also, you are sweet to let Supreme Leader sleep through the 2:15 awakening.

    If you want help sleeping, try a Celine Dion CD. It always puts me to sleep...no wait, that feeling isn't grogginess, it's nausia.

  5. I will totally check out that series after I finish the Twilight series. I just bought the first two books but I haven't had a chance to start them yet. Busy busy busy. Maybe after Aug 31st I will have some more time to read.

  6. Pretty sure it is like that because SDN is a NINJA and so everything he says looks like it came from translated from an ancient scroll.

  7. I'm always looking for a new read. I'll give these a try.

    How's the Brad Metzer book? I have that one at home but haven't read it yet.


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