Sunday, August 31, 2008


GAAAH!!! I was just pondering a bike ride this morning and... sorry, wife was just talking about her planned breakfast of leftover BBQ'd meats from yesterday and over easy eggs... what was I talking about? Oh ya. Exercise. Ya. She's not very nice. Anyway, I had to ask oldest monkey to go find my water bottle since he likes to play with it and pretend it's, what else, a gun. Then I noticed some black marks inside. What the hell? Then I opened it and peered inside and noticed blue marks as well. What? Turns out if you fill the water bottle with crayons and shake the hell out of it it produces gun like noises. Sigh. I'm sure that will be tasty.

I've also noticed that I may have been neglecting the back lawn. Any idea how much it would cost to airlift a combine?

**PS. So while I was looking around for my riding gear I realized that it still hadn't been washed since the last time I was out. I found it underneath a small mountain of laundry. Whatevs, I thought, it will be a little stinky but so will I. Then I remembered it had rained heavily that day and it's all still wet and a little stinkier than I'd thought. Since the cool air and cold wet clothes would have resulted in some horrible leg cramps I've decided to stay home and eat some more. But the INTENT was there, right? I mean, I even pulled those nasty wet tights on. Wow, that sentence is bad in so many ways...


  1. Um, what sort of 'combine' doth thou speakest? If you are looking for an agricultural combine, there is one sitting down the street. For serious. If you're thinking of an athletic combine where they gather athletes together to run time trials for pro team draft purposes, well, that might be a little more difficult. Sorry, football season is starting up. It's on my mind. Say, does Canada still have the CFL? What do you guys get together and cheer for besides hockey and curling?

  2. How else would you get the recommended daily allowance of wax? Actually, that smell that crayons have? Is from beef fat. Yum.

    jbg-pretty sure the CFL is still around. Bret MacNeil, who played for Winnipeg(?) is now in the instructor training program of the martial art my husband and kids study. They have the same teacher. Bret uses it to train his college football players.

  3. Ha! I LOVE that story.

    I went for a bike ride with The Golden Boy myself. Bout killed myself. (Plus- perhaps I need a bigger seat...)


  4. Yes, we still have a CFL. : P
    Not a football fan though, sorry. Or curling. And yes, I was looking for an agricultural combine since I've never heard of the other one.

    Mmm, beef fat.

    Unfortunately the bike ride is not going to happen now. Guess I should update the post.

  5. i hate mowing the lawn...all the stuff that shoots out from under the blade and cuts your ankles...that sh*t hurts! i wear jeans now, i don't care if it's summer!

  6. Stinky wet tights? Manly, very very manly.

    And I do think the intent to exercise is just as good as doing actual exercise. Just thinking about bike riding burns calories. At least, that's what I tell myself.

  7. I hear ya Papa. I'm going to need a machete for the first few hours until I find all the lost bikes and soccer balls.

    BC- I celebrated my decision by sitting down to another cup of coffee and a couple of chocolate chip cookies.

  8. Crayons are delicious when diluted. I thought everyone knew that?

  9. Crayons are delicious when diluted. I thought everyone knew that?

  10. Crayon water and mildew-y tights. Man, you're making my nose hurt.


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