Friday, August 8, 2008

Must Be Friday

Ok, so the first blog I checked out this morning was Steenky Bee and the first kick of caffeine hit me and I went off in her comments and ran out of time to update here, so feel free to go read her post which is funny and then segue into her comments. So I'm kinda like guest posting there even though I wasn't asked to. Anyway, leave a comment, be nice or I'll totally do this to your blog. Seriously. I'll be unemployed soon and have nothing but TIME.

Oh, and go over to Unmitigated and wish Middle Aged Woman a happy birthday.

I haven't even had time to read all the other updates I can see in my Newsfire. Although, the first line in Kaply, Inc says:

Ok, I have an appointment with a vascular surgeon and we will find out in September what is the dealio with my crazy ass...

Which is pretty funny. Well, after I made sure there was more to that sentence and there wasn't actually anything wrong with her ass. And her ass is fine. Hmm, that could be taken the wrong way. Good thing there's no HR Department in Blogger.
You know how they say animals can sense an earthquake before it actually happens? I'm sensing my wife feels I should get off my ass and help get the kids ready to leave the house. I'm going with my gut here. And now my post is longer than my crazy comment at Steenky Bee.


  1. Hey! Maybe you could apply for a job with HR at blogger? You could work from home (assuming). You may be on to something there.

    Also, if the fam and I were closer to the border, we'd definitely look you guys up and hit you up for a tour.

    Also, let me know when you do get a chance to use your word of the day today. Kerv-vubbed, is it?

    Now, Captain Dumbass, cover your eyes, the next part it is for Supreme Leader only. Supreme Leader: Be very wary of CD telling you he can't help with the house work because he's feeling a little "kervubbed" today. I'm just saying.

    CD: You may guest post anytime!

  2. Dude...yeah, I got nothing. :-) I'm still snorty laughing.

  3. Is telling me I can guest post like inviting a vampire into your house?

    I think I kurvubbed Tracy.

  4. Hey Captain, thanks for the birthday wishes. Guess what I got you for my birthday? A Kick-Ass Blogger Award--come on down to the states to pick it up!

  5. Sweet! Michigan is about a 4 day drive for me though. Well, I could do it in 3, but I have kids now. I was in your lovely state back in...'94. I peed in Lake Mighigan. Sorry.


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