Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Venus & Mars

Me: (standing in the living room with one remote in my hand) Where's the the other remote? Why can we not put the remotes away so we can find them when we need them?
Bern: (coming in from the kitchen) What's wrong?
Me: I can't find the HD remote. The Cleaner's on soon.
Bern: (reaches down and hits the power button on the HD)
Me: ..... I don't like your attitude.
Bern: (leaving) What attitude?
Me: I still need to start recording...oh, I guess there's a button for that too...

2 hours later: VINDICATION!!!
Yes, you can record by pressing a button on the front of the HD recorder, but how do you stop it? No buttons for THAT is there? Huh? That's right. Can't even turn the damn thing off because it won't let you while it's recording. Ha! So there.

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