Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cleaner

Watched the premier of The Cleaner last night. (Whoa! Word to the wise for Blogger users, don't try to use the '&' symbol in the label section of your posts, as in A & E. According to the warning I just received, this is somewhat like tattooing an upside down cross on your forehead.)

If you didn't see it, it is on again on Saturday night. Highly recommend it. And not just because Grace Park is in it. Ah, Boomer. Doesn't hurt, though. Anyway, this is a really good show. Only complaint was the dialogue. Not the writing, which was great, more the sound editing. There were too many bits of conversation that I couldn't hear. And yes, sometimes I play my iPod a little too loud and yes there were a few fans on last night because it was hot, but that wasn't it. Really. Shut up. Oh, I have one other complaint about a certain cast member, another former Battlestar Galactica actor, but I'll keep it to myself in case you are going to watch.

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