Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring, Art, Sidewalk Etiquette & My iPod

Went out for a walk yesterday at lunch and saw this in a gallery window on Granville.

Oh yes, Toronto, it is you. Ha ha.

Some early morning thoughts:

Forsythia, they're like the drag queens of Spring. No matter the weather or time of day, they're in your face with their giant yellow happiness. Smile mofo! It's Spring!

When you get off the bus and you need to do God knows what in your purse or whatever, either move off to the side of the sidewalk or WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE! Be happy I didn't shove your dumb ass in front of that bus. Good morning!

Finally, had a brief scare this morning when the note pad in my iPod wouldn't work. I'd open it up to write something and it would just close itself. WTF? I tried it again when I got to work and it seems fine now. Played music just fine. And speaking of music, last song before I got to work... Sex Machine by James Brown. Get on up.

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