Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pride and Gut Wrenching Terror, All in One Instant

Took Connor and Liam to the airport this afternoon. They love watching the planes come in. We drive through the airport all week coming and going to the Grandparents/Daycare and it's always the same question/demand. "Can we watch the plane's land?" or "No, Daddy! You took the wrong turn!" Anyway, I haven't taken them for awhile because of the hot weather so the last few days the boys have been benefiting from Daddy's guilt.

It starts out very well. We get the primo parking spot directly in the flight path so the planes come in right over the van. There's the van, the fence, then the big lights that show the planes where the centre of the runway is. Then the first plane to land is a gigantic Korean Air Lines 747. The kids were mortally terrified and ecstatic at the same time.

I had the door open to let a bit of a breeze in and got tired of listening to the key-in-the-ignition warning so I took them out and put them on the dash. Connor picked them up shook them a few times and then went back to changing all the settings on the radio, heater and everything else he could touch. Liam picks them up right away and starts trying to stick them back in the ignition. I'm thinking this is very cute and ask him if he's going to drive us back home. "Yesh!" And then he's back to the job at hand. Then he manages to get them in. Wow! My child is obviously gifted. What manual dexterity for a two year old. Then he flips it over so the radio and dash lights come on. Somewhat alarmed, but still impressed. He turns it back off and then gives me his usual wicked grin. And then, you've already guessed it, he starts the engine.

Now what? He's two and he's just figured out how to start a car. Granted he can't reach the brake pedal and take it out of park, but still... he's going to grow. Sigh. This is why hair turns gray. On the other hand, my child is freakin' brilliant.

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