Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aaron and Tracy's Wedding: Prelude

I have a bolt in my rear driver side tire. I'd like to say I just found it, but in truth, it's been there for over a week. I could burst into flames and find a way to put off finding water. Whatever. I got home tonight, after forgetting to go to a tire place again, and decided to just pull the damn thing out myself. Ya, the sound of rushing air convinced me to push it back in again. So before we can start the trip tomorrow I have to run off and have the tire fixed. Serves me right, right? Bite me.

So it's Wednesday night, Bern is at work and I'm trying to finish packing and get the kids to bed. They're snacking on Fruity Cheerio's and Ovaltine right now. If you've never heard of Fruity Cheerios imagine Fruit Loops, but healthy. They've only been available in the States til now, but Bern found them in Safeway today. If you're two or four it's like smack, you'll do anything for just one more handful. Anything! Sucka's. There are also Berry Rice Krispies but you can't get them here yet.

Again, crack for kiddies.

So I'm in the middle of charging my razor, my cell, the iPod, the iPod speakers, the camera battery and Bern's cell once she gets home. I'm also doing last minute laundry because apparently I'm not allowed to go to my brother's wedding in shorts and a tshirt. Damned inconvenient if you ask me.

Finally got the kids to bed. Liam has discovered the joy of Green Egg's and Ham so we had to read that twelve times first.

I think I've finished my packing. I've got a weeks worth of clean boxers, everything else is bonus. I'll try and update the family's wedding adventure everyday and hopefully I'll be able to add some pics too. Of course I'll have to rely on PC's and if you know me you'll know I despise PC's.

That's it for tonight. Please feel free to comment on the blog, it's nice to know someone's actually reading it. So far only one person has(thanks, Julie). Let us know what you think. Make a request, make a suggestion. Complain. Send hate mail. Whatever. Until tomorrow.

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