Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Monday


Last week, before a sombre gathering of the press, the Un-Mom announced the demise of Random Tuesday. A horrified world reeled at the news and demanded answers, but much like the press conferences held by Japanese government officials in their fancy jumpsuits, Keely's answers were misleading and questionable at best. Lacking guidance of any kind, the faithful were cast out alone into the darkness. What are we going to do on Tuesdays?

What would John Locke do? Kill something with one of his knife and then smile in his 'I-know-something-that-you-don't-know' or maybe 'I'm-just-thinking-how-funny-it-would-be-to-murder-you' kinda way, but that's just not practicle in this situation. Instead I've decided to dedicate this whole week to Random Tuesday and our benefactor, Keely for creating and hosting RTT all these... however long has she been doing this. And sure, she only said hiatus, but I'm one to blow just about anything out of proportion so why should this be any different? So here we go, day one. Random Monday.

Ever wonder what the inside of a sting ray looks like?

Liam's sitting on the potty the other night, carefully picking his nose and wiping it on a single sheet of toilet paper. Then he drops it in the toilet and says, "look daddy, it's a booger raft!"

Conversation with Finn after having to hide his smooshed up peas and squash with his smooshed up berry dessert and thereby diffusing his apoplectic fury
Me: Singin' a different tune now, aren't we?
Finn: Gurgle
Me: Fruit whore

Notice that line above his left eyebrow that kind of looks like hair but is more red in the way your skin gets when your head gets wedged in between a chest and a railing and your dad has to come and actually move the chest because when he tries to pick you up your head won't move because it is literally STUCK? Ya, that's not hair.

I should close this with some segue to tomorrow's post, but all I can think of are Pringles and the fact that that can behind Finn is gone now. *sniffle* 


  1. 'Tis the end times! What, wait, what's going on? Random Mondays?!

    Okay, maybe not the end times, but still...threw me off, dude.

    Excellent randomness. I wonder if Thor Heyerdahl considered crossing the Pacific on a booger raft.

  2. I had thought to do random posts all weekend but with a lot less fanfare. Then I gave it some thought and determined that all my posts are sort of random so why put the effort into making them more so. While you are blowing everything out of proportion I'm going to continue to be lazy. Like I always say; lead with your strengths. Or I would if I wasn't so lazy.

  3. The torch could be passed... you could get a button...

    Booger raft. Even that's a new one for me :)

  4. Me and my rebel self (and some other bloggers) are going to keep doing Random Tuesdays despite Keely's hiatus. Of course, it always seems that all my posts are random, but still.

    Oh Finn, you got the stuck between a chest and a railing blues, don't you? Poor guy. He's still wildly cute though. :D

    Mmmmmm Pringles. Now I want Pringles.

    You suck.

  5. The stingray was really beautiful.....sorta like a big ol xray of a pringle?

  6. Love the booger raft and Pringles... but maybe not in the same breath. Finn's little red mark looks like the many my kids got when getting their head caught in the stair railings, through the old wooden slats in their playpen, etc.

    Also love the way you've "blown this way out of proportion" and can't wait to see what other random thoughts you'll have thru out the week.

  7. Mmmmmm...Pringles.
    I'm still goign to Random up tomorrow! I don't need Keely! (That's a lie, I totally do-come back!!!!)

  8. Looking forward to your week of Randomness- especially if there is more Finn!

  9. hehe like the batman star wars...might steal that booger raft idea too...smiles.

  10. I was thinking of keeping Tuesday random in order to guilt Keely into coming back and scooping all of us lost, pathetic bloggers up. How the hell do kids get in those situations? Damn, Finn. He's still adorable, though. Could I use the booger raft to float to someplace tropical? Cause I wouldn't mind traveling with snot as long as the destination was warm.

  11. RTM just doesn't have the same ring to it!

    WWJLD is genius.

  12. Sent you a postcard of my old workplace, now that's random.

  13. I felt like I arrived late to the party when I went to post RTT last week...last one??? It was only going to be my third!! Rats! Couldn't think of anything randomly epic enough for a final hurrah, so I just didn't...(sniff) I feel like drifting away on a booger raft!

  14. Random Monday thought - cleaning poo that's stuck in the dog's hair isn't my favorite thing to do. I wonder if there's a name for that stuff.

  15. Yes pringles are great
    And I always take the bait
    Eating them all up fast
    As they never last
    That's why I buy them by the dozen
    Did that get you buzzin
    Oh and Booger Raft hahaha Great
    Maybe the booger needs a first mate
    Or a captian dumbass to help it sale
    That be quite the tale

  16. If this means that you are writing more, then I'm all for it.

  17. You're supposed to only be random on Tuesdays?! I'm always random... I fail.

  18. Wow, I'm totally enraptured by that stingray image. CRAZY.

    But now, see, you've been set free. Free, I tell you. Free to be random any ol' day o' the week, sailor. You can go heretofore go wild!

  19. Lordy, let's put a bat mask on everything! Finn -- in a bat mask! Pringles man -- in a bat mask! Boogers -- in a batmask! Aaaaawesooooome!

  20. it's not Tuesday????
    Can't wait to get down in next couple of
    weeks to see everyone.

  21. I've never wondered what the inside of a stingray looks like, but now I know where Geiger got the idea for the Alien facehuggers.

    I'm honored by your tribute. Maybe you should put a Linky up there tomorrow and I'll surreptitiously pass the buck. Er, torch.

  22. Where were blogs when I had THREE little ones at home??????

    It woulda been GOLD. And now I'm so distracted by their older children antics I can't even remember the good stuff.

    OR the scratches.

  23. Actually the other day I was wondering what a sting ray looked like on the inside. I am glad you cleared that up for me.

  24. You should take over the Radom throne. You seem to be the undisputed King of Random.

  25. A booger raft? Where the hell does he come up with this stuff? Be nice to Finn. He'll end up being the one to decide which rest home to put you in.

  26. Aww Finn, that must have been scary; gosh he's adorable.
    I think the Pringles people also make tennis balls.

  27. A stirring tribute. In true RTT-style, I'm a day behind as you've already published the Tuesday tribute. I will read that on Wednesday. I'm nothing if not a stickler for non-conformity.

  28. Ummm that sting ray? Looks like they got a photo of the business end of a sperm. Just sayin'. hehe

  29. Catching up, but YES bring back RTT, I'm bereft without it...


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.