Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ginger Beef, Gold & Teachers

Email between Supreme Leader and I the other day after we had Chinese food at work:

Me: Mmm, ginger beef...
Supreme Leader: B
Me: Does that rhyme with plastered?
SL: Stitch
Me: Nasty.
SL: Princess
Me: I'm going to blog your meanness
SL: Cut off

See what I have to put up with?

Where the hell have I been?


Hmm, what was I doing around this time last year? Oh ya, I was recovering from this

And this

Heh heh heh.

I want everything in this video.

A series of text messages between my sister and I:

Sister: Hey
Sister: How many times to I have to call You a butch (iPhone auto correct) before you answer?
Sister: Butch, ha ha ha
Sister: BITCH
Sister: Bitch
Sister: BITCH
Sister: Seriously
Sister: Some people are just so rude, some people say they will call you and don't
BTW that's 8 texts…jerk
Sister: You're dead to me.
Me (next day): Shit! Sorry. I'm a horrible brother, what can I say. Tonight?
Sister: That's funny, I didn't think the dead could talk… let alone text… DEAD TO ME

About five minutes before I found this next video I received a comment from Vodka Mom. Must mean something. So for Deb and PHST and Apathy Lounge and Unmitigated, because she used to be one, and any other teacher bloggers I might be forgetting, this is for you.


  1. Your still a bitch, seeing how it is now Tuesday and I was supposed to get a call Sunday, so ya still dead to me. I will still read your blog though because hey, it's a little funny from time to time

  2. look at it this way...its one less christmas present to buy this year...never got one from a dead person...smiles. taylor mali rocks

  3. That makes me cry each time I watch it.

    And yes, I DO know that Dead people can talk. and text.

    and I make a difference.

  4. Taunting us with the Olympics. Your sister was right 'Butch'.

  5. You got served, bitch.

    (snort) I was just looking for an excuse to say that. Imagine it in my best Dave Chapelle voice :)

    BTW, that Taylor Mali piece was intense!

  6. *snickers* You and your sister crack me up.

  7. LOVE Taylor Mali. Other than that, I am in pain beyond the capacity for rational thought right now. Root canal tomorrow. Gah.

  8. Okay, I want everything on that first video too! I've always wanted to live in an entirely glass house but didn't want to deal with intense heat and cold from the elements; plus didn't necessarily want everyone to see exactly what I was doing at any given time!

  9. I'm still drooling over that Corning commercial trailer mini-movie of the future.

    And about to share that teacher rant on FB.

    Keep on rocking the RTT.

  10. Does being a bitch make you itch?
    Dead to me would be nice, then you wouldn't get called a bitch twice.
    Or was it three, that was to many for me.
    The random stuff is fun, I like how it is done.
    I'd like the stuff on teh video too, if I had it all I might just poo.
    But alas it won't happen, so I sit here rappin.
    But now I must go, find another show.

  11. I'd call you bad words if you taunted me with emails about what fabulous food you had for lunch too (just ask Man O Man what happens when he texts me pictures of his lunch a Seoul Garden!)

    I've been slack and not read for a week or two, so I read several of your RTT's today. TT came and joined me for the commercial. He loves the Star Wars references in your blog.

  12. Taylor Mali is my hero. Those who can do, and those who know we can do better teach.

    It's good to know you're your sister's bitch. And a dead bitch at that (though I suspected that zombies blog, this is the first time I've had proof.)

  13. I am now following you sister too....brothers can be such a pain, I think they lack the communication gene...ok communication with their sister gene... :)

  14. All that technology and he still had to cut his own peppers!? What the hell?

    Great RTT!

  15. You're dead to me too. YOU KNOW WHY.

  16. WHERE have you been?
    It seems as though you are dead to a lot of people now!
    I love your sister's texts.
    She's my type of butch - I mean bitch.

  17. Ah, but can she see dead people...that's the question.

  18. Glad to see you and your sister have such a nice relationship. And you and SL. Actually, I love smart assery, it's the only way to be.

  19. You'll never be dead to me :)

  20. Is it sad that the thing that got me most excited was the touch-stovetop- thingy?

    Yeah, I thought so, too.

  21. sigh --those are my children...where did I go
    wrong? U should see it when they are actually in the same room!!!

  22. All that glass stuff is WAY cool. I mailed your post cards finally today because...well...um, I'm busy and stuff. Haha. Anyway. I want that stuff too, it certainly would take a lot of sand!

  23. Man, those women keep you in line, baby. Good thing you've got all those boys at home for support. I'm totally stealing that Taylor Mali clip and posting it on Facebook.

  24. Everything? Even the pink cleats? I think the omelette is what I wanted th most right now. Love that guys policy on truth and butt kicking.

  25. Whut??? Are there no more remote controls in the future? Say it ain't so!

    Pretty cool stuff, but if you think about it, it might be what causes the pandemic plague. They say cell phones are dirtier than toilet seats, so I can just imagine with all that hand and finger wiping everywhere.... Snot zombies everywhere.

    Feel better soon, all of you.

  26. Great Taylor Mali piece...if you like slam/performance poets, check out Buddy Wakefield (especially "Hurling Crowbirds at Mockingbars") or Sierra DeMulder...nothing to do with teachers, but awesome nonetheless!


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.