Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Gun Of Yummy*

So I missed Random Tuesday again this week but have far too much random bouncing around my coconut to hold in. At least that's what the voices tell me, and I always listen to the voices. They're my friends. My precious precious friends.

*wipes away drool*

Um.. ya. So thanks for all the kind comments on Monday's post, I appreciate them, and I apologize for not getting back to everybody yet. Working full time is a real time kill. Working full time and getting paid lots makes up for that though. So did the free ice cream on my second day there. So did the BBQ we had on the third day. I haven't done much yet, but I really really like my new job. What am I doing and where? In an effort not to Dooce myself I'll just say that I'm working for a large telecommunications firm trying to keep very large customers happy. And no, not by throwing donuts at them.

What? I see you laughing.

Yes, that is a real eye. Extreme close ups by Suren Manvelyan. Click the link for more, they're amazing.

Sometimes I get this weird twitch in my thigh that feels like the vibration on my cell and I have to take my phone out of my pocket and check it. Doesn't make me a freak or anything.

When I got home last night.
Me:How is eveybody?
Supreme Leader: We were ok until the last couple of hours.
Liam: I was horrible!

You may have seen this already, but if not... awesomeness.

I have a mental image of Kurt Cobain dancing around with a big smile on his face.

Have you seen the new Scrabble card game? Instead of tiles you get playing cards with the letters on them. You start with four cards on the table spelling out a word and then you have to make new words out of it with the cards you hold. Supreme Leader got a deck to help the boys with their spelling. On their first game the word "pant" is on the table and she plays a letter U to change it to "punt." It was Connor's turn next. 

Do I need to tell you what letter he played? I only wish I had been there with the camera rolling to capture the magic. And how Supreme Leader explained that it wasn't a real word and that he should never ever EVER use that word that isn't real ever again.

Dear Blogger, thank you for adding Helvetica to your tiny list of fonts, but is there a reason for the giant spaces between paragraphs when I use it? And why is it smaller in the middle of my post? Hello? McFly? Anybody in there? (Ok, I just noticed that the font size is the same in Edit but not in Preview so if it looks normal when I post, just ignore this.)

Oh wait! I almost forgot this. This is the coolest letter of resignation EVER!

*Liam was running around the house on Sunday with the whisk for the  KitchenAid mixer. He called it the gun of yummy.

Eye and quitting girl via Kottke


  1. Love the flames! Makes me almost wish I hated my job so I could do something like that.
    Free ice cream? And barbeque!
    Maybe I do hate my job.
    For card scrabble, just remove all the cards with letters that are in bad words. The darlings will be saved!

  2. I used to work at a place that always seemed to have free food on offer. It's making me feel very bitter about this whole shopping/cooking thing I have going on at my house now...

    These stories are hilarious. Especially love Liam telling you he was "horrible."

  3. I saw somewhere that the white board resignation was fake? I hope it wasn't.
    Are you saying punk isn't a real word?

  4. OMG!!! THAT was the BEST resignation letter on the planet EVER!!!!

    I wish I would have thought of that!!!!

    Probably would have been too chicken to do it but I wish I'd thought of it anyway!

    Pure brilliance!

    Glad you like your new job. Hopefully, there are no dry erase boards in your future (-:

  5. have not seen the scrabbe card game...we play monopoly deal all the time...its a blast..the phantom phone twitches...i think i saw them on scooby doo once...

  6. The video was great. Nice bit of editing. Sounds like the new job is going well. Hey, that wouldn't be Comcast would it because I've got a bone to pick with them. It would be nice to have someone on the inside.

  7. What's with the food-centered new job??? Golly. Hope they have a gym there too. :)

  8. a gun of YUMMY? Brilliant. He's our new general in charge.

    pack his bags.

  9. Seriously? I get that vibratey feeling in my leg ALL THE TIME! I've never known anyone else who has experienced it (or maybe I have and I just can't remember).

    Anyway, Connor is sooo obviously your child, just in case you ever doubted that.

  10. I LOVE scrabble! Had no idea there was a card game.

    Love Liam's "I was horrible" quote. My kids response would be, "It wasn't me!" lol

    Congrats on the new job..sounds like a great one! :)

  11. Well randomed. You just got my synapses firing again after a week of non-blogging myself. Thanks.

  12. Loved the video- I have to send that to my older son- he was right there with the grunge and Kurt. That resulted in me instantly recognizing a Nirvana tune, but not understanding any words to this day. Except for ''come as you are" - that came out pretty clearly.

    Also loved the gun of yummy.

  13. for the life of me, I cannot figure out what word he made.

  14. The whiteboard is no PSA and sliding down the emergency chute with two beers resignation, but it's pretty good. And it will ensure than any future prospective employer who finds out will get a good laugh and then tell her that her skills do not suit their present needs.

  15. When I worked at the mega-bookstore that starts with B and ends with -oble, we carried around portable phones so we could answer calls while on the floor. We were asked to set them to 'vibrate' so we didn't disturb customers, but my problem was that when the phone was clipped to the back of my belt, I couldn't feel the buzzing. One of my many nicknames there was "Numb-Butt." Also, "Darth Sniffles" - paper dust aggravated my allergies.
    Glad your job is kicking ass so far!

  16. I saw the resignation last week. That's just stellar. I wish I were HR at that place.

    We thought about the new scrabble and settled on bananagrams. Because we're fans of bananas...

  17. I love the eye...I once went to an art show that was nothing but close ups like that...brilliant

    Steven Anthony
    Man Dish~Metro Style


    Eyes are creepy.
    Close up eyes are what nightmares are made of.

  19. I love those words that don't actually exist that kids use. My daughter is ass. She's happy to tell you exactly where yours is and how big it is too.

    You just can't pay kids to do awesome stuff like that (well, not legally anyway...)

  20. Whenever you miss a random Tuesday - I worry that you've forgotten us forever. :)

    Those close-up pics are INCREDIBLE!!

    That cell phone thing happens to me at least three times a day. It makes us "special". :)

    Liam - you crack me up, kid! Keep on being so awesome!

  21. that was the greatest hoax ever.....and those all the surgery i have had on mine, i would love to see what they look like close up!

  22. this post is stellar

    ride, captain ride....

  23. So you know I love the Smells Like Rockin' Robin... though for me, that might have several other connotations. I might steal at some point.
    PS- I have all sorts of spacing issues with blogger. The lines within my paragraphs are all different. I could look at the code but that makes my eyes cross.

  24. The gun of yummy sounds awesome. My kids would have called it a murder weapon since they've grown so skilled at bludgeoning. That eye looks like poop.

  25. Oh, Liam saying he was horrible is too funny. Poor SL.

    Someone is totally going get a note sent home from first grade (is that right?) for saying the "c" word in school this year.

  26. I have the Scrabble game, also to help with spelling and vocab... Lord help us all.

    I want to someday quit my job in that manner. (Right after I hit the lottery)

    "Gun of Yummy". How did you get such awesome kids?

    Enjoy your new job. And please feel free to throw donuts at me. -J

  27. If you and Liam don't mind, I'd like to start an indie band, and call it "The Gun of Yummy".


    Oh, and I don't see the big deal to play the letter 'h'. What's wrong with 'hunt', really?

  28. Sweet! You can bring the boys over and Liam can use the Gun of Yummy when they play Senator Hunt. It'll be awesome.

  29. Ice cream and BBQ? I hate you.

    Can't wait for your kids to start blogging.

  30. I wanna go to work with for food....yeah that is me!
    Gun of boy!

  31. YAY for jobs!

    Gum of Yummy is perhaps the most inventive thing I have ever heard (or read) a child say. You should be proud to have warped a mind so young!

  32. Thanks for the picture of the eye. I won't sleep now. I want your new job, you can have mine. All I get is glares and threats.

  33. That eye is freaky-deaky, man. Love the dry erase board. Going to make a really old person comment now: is she not worried that might effect if/when she gets another job??
    Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

  34. Such a wealth of things upon which to comment, but I've got to go to bed. First day of school tomorrow. More later.

  35. Well, it sounds as if you don't need to spend money on lunch at your new job, how cool is that?

    I don't know if the resignation is a fake or not, but it's a totally cool approach... that I could have used at one time or another.

  36. Your job sounds like yummy too. Well, except for maybe the working part.

  37. "I was horrible" and the -unt word are both absolutely hilarious. I love Supreme Leader's reaction too. I would have done the same.

  38. Smells like Rockin Robin is Awesome! Thanks for that. And "I was horrible!" is a classic.

  39. The boy is a comic genious. Most of them employ liberal use of such words too.

  40. seen the rockin' robin. incredible.

    and what? i don't get it. he spelled bunt?

  41. omg, Liam. At least he's honest. Just stopping by to say hi, 'cause I miss ya. Congrats on the job!!! I was so worried you would show up at my door selling Avon (why you would come from Canada to California to sell Avon? I don't know.) Hope the babeh is doing well. And SL, with the three kids and hubby back at work full time. Tell her I said hang in there. I'm sure it gets easier at some point. I am still waiting for it to get easier, but I keep tellingmyself it will. Also, we're moving to Texas. That is all. Enjoy your day at work, hoser. xo

  42. The eye picture is total awesomeness, I know that's not a real word, but I live in my own reality where I get to make up my own words.

    I would so be down with having donuts thrown at me...if you know of a job where that would happen, don't keep it to yourself, share the pastry love!

    Liam...just...too funny!!

  43. I'm so far behind on my blog reading it's not even kind of funny...
    I love "gun of yummy" - I think everyone needs one!
    And The Nirvana/Jackson 5 video absolutely made. My. Day!! Awesomeness.

    Oh, and your art is on it's way to you! :)

  44. Ah that looks amazing. What a lovely snap of the close view of eye and the link you have given have many beautiful work. Thanks for sharing

  45. I have that same weird twitch lately and I think it's my phone vibrating too. Weird.

  46. I'm totally late to this, but "gun of yummy" is freakin' awesome!!

  47. I'm totally late to this, but "gun of yummy" is freakin' awesome!!


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