Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer So Far

From left to right: The Source, Chaos, Pandemonium, and Havoc. (That was from Supreme Leader)

Loves and hates for the middle of July.


1. Fresh local fruit, like strawberries that actually look, smell and taste like strawberries as opposed to the frankenberries we usually get from California and Mexico that have the same taste and chemical composition of bubblewrap.

2. Wind. Not the wind that repositioned my gazebo last weekend, but the heavenly cool breeze that blows in my windows and patio door and makes everything right in the world.

3. Butterflies. What? You don't like butterflies? Hater.
We've had a butterfly bush in the front yard for about three years now and we're finally attracting the big beautiful ones and not just those little white ones that look like moths.

4. Singing loud in the car. The roar of wind through the open windows makes me sound better.

5. My new Adidas shorts. I don't know if they're supposed to be trainers or basketball shorts or whatever, I just know that I would wear them every day if I could. They are that comfortable.


1. The heat that keeps my little monkeys awake at night and turns them into raging homicidal maniacs during the day. Raging homicidal maniacs that can't hear, follow basic instructions or complete a sentence without trying to goad the other into a fight.

2. Pollen.

Fuck you, pollen.

3. Stories about people who leave children and dogs locked in parked cars during the full heat of the day. When I rule the world, the scales of justice will each hold an eye.

4. Reaping the benefits of Liam's dandelion collecting from last summer and this spring as we walked Connor to school and back. Thanks, buddy. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Sun tan lotion. I know it is important and yes, I do use it whenever I'm going to be outside for awhile, but I still hate it. I can't stand the feel of it on my skin. *body shudder*

Last Five Song Downloads
1. I Try - Ben Taylor (which you may recognize from the Cheerios commercial)
2. Happy - NeverShoutNever
3. Thinking Bout Something - Hanson (yes, Hanson. Bite Me, it's a good song, and the video is a remake of Twist It from The Blues Brothers)

(I got this off another blog about a month ago but can't remember which one. I know it was another daddy blogger though.)

Ok, I don't have five, but how about this? I posted it on my tumblr page the other day and then couldn't get the song out of my head.

You're welcome.

*Update. It was Kevin at Always Home and Uncool. And you should check out his site if you haven't already, it's worth the trip. And while you're there you should click his Pepsi button to help the fight against JM.


  1. What? No Eminem? I am truly disappointed.

    And for the time being, I've decided to give up blogging. By which I mean, I won't be writing, but I'll still be stalking you. :)

  2. not touching the narwal song as it seems like a gift that could keep on giving as well...yeah the heat blows...or maybe it doesnt and that is a problem...leaving a kid int eh car in the heat...jacked up!

  3. 1. Love: ripe cantaloupe. I just ate some that actually had a taste. Awww..summer.

    2. Love: humidity. I love that it keeps my skin all dewy and soft. Okay, I really hate it but since there is nothing I can do about it I might as well try to convince myself that I like it.

  4. Love summer...Hate that it's too short.

    (great pic of you and your man-tribe)

  5. The Narwhals video is worth every moment, and I suspect I will be hooked on that Hanson video for awhile. Who knew they were that good? Also, that horn on a narwhal? Is actually a tooth. That grows through. its. head.

    Mickey Finn needs a hat. And Supreme Leader needs her own comedy show. (The Source!) Actually, you sound like a team from Marvel Comics!

  6. 1. I love the blackberries falling of the bushes in the field out back.
    2. I love the sound of boys screaming and laughing as they play tackle basketball each night.
    3. I love watching the lightning bugs as just as the sun sets, creating a wonderland as I sit and enjoy my weed infested garden.

  7. Love that photo of you with the littles.

    And fuck this heat, man. Fuck. It.

  8. LOVE that first picture.

    And I thoroughly enjoyed the Hanson video. I didn't realize they were still around. And now I feel really old...

  9. That first photo? Priceless.
    And yes, strawberries, breeze... butterflies... I am with you.

  10. Funny, I thought the four horsemen of the apocalypse when I saw that photo.

    Grumpy monkeys are only fun when you can plunge them into the cold pool and turn them into little otters. It's like a cool 80's video game.

    Do you guys get fireflies up there? Add that to my list of likes.

  11. First of- FINN! Nice. You have successfully named 3 boys.

    MmmmBop is one of my favorite pop songs ever. Carry on with your Hansen.

    Butterfly bushes and bird feeders are great entertainment. The praying mantis might also like your butterfly bush, and they are awesome little alien bugs. My son and I watched one take out a butterfly up close- out own personal Discovery Channel. Sad for the butterfly, but cool.

  12. Narwhals - still in my head from Twitter.

    Outstanding picture. Really.

  13. Love the pic...priceless.

  14. Fuuuuuuuck pollen.

    And that picture of you and the boys - just adorable. Congratulations.

  15. I have been plagued by pollen for two weeks now. Usually my body eventually adapts and stops rebelling against me all day long... but this year it hasn't. If I have to start having allergy shots again, I will be MOST upset. Fuck you pollen indeed.

  16. Great family photo and I love the SL's labeling.
    I couldn't resist the hitting the Narwhals button and am sending it to my children now!

  17. Congratulations: you successfully made me sit through -- and enjoy -- a Hanson song. Twice.

    (Unfortunately, that Narwhal song decided to kick that Hanson out of my head and root itself there instead. So that's the one I'll be hearing for the rest of the day.)

  18. Chaos is sitting up already - so ahead of his peers at such a young age. You've got a genius on your hands, but you already knew that.

    The Source's tag is showing...*body shudder*

    Love the lists - and I wholeheartedly agree on the strawberries - YUM!!!

  19. Does Supreme Leader mean you're the Source of all the Chaos, Pandemonium and Havoc in your house literally and figuratively? Great photo of the boys and you!

    Summer, it's too short and sometimes too hot, and full of buzzing and biting nature. Why do we look forward to it so much?

    I love strawberries and am going to gorge on them now.

  20. i love your photo. how can babies be so small and then grow bigger into the toddlers and children and youngsters and teenagers and adults they will become? That seems like such a mystery, looking at this tiny baby next to you.

    And I think I couldn't make it through summer without grapes, cantaloupe and blueberries. Need to get me some berries this weekend I'm thinkin.

    I could live without mosquitoes. And fleas. They suck. And they won't freaking go away no matter how many times we pour insecticide onto the lawn. And I hate those bastards that leave their dogs in the truck too. You can tell I'm from Texas since the operative word here is truck rather than car.

  21. Adorable picture. Better caption.

    There is nothing like summer fruit. And the Blues Brothers.

  22. Great, now I'm going to have that Narwhals song stuck in my head. Good thing the heathens were watching t.v. or they'd be sining it too. Nothing worse than kids singing the song you can't get out of your head.

    Love fresh fruit too. It makes you feel instantly cooler, don't know why that is though.

  23. Actually, the entire Hanson album is good summertime pop. Give it a spin. Or download, rather.

  24. Cool breeze? COOL BREEZE?? Where in hell might I find something like that? Oh wait. Now I know. IN NOVEMBER!! Also? Butterfly bushes are awesome. We plant herbs (fennel/parsley) that attract the kind of caterpillars which turn into Tiger Swallowtails. The caterpillars come and chow down on the herbs, lay eggs and the rest is a riot of beautiful butterflies. I love Supreme Leader's names for her four men. Is that wrong?

  25. LOVE that first pic. And, Yes, I too still enjoy Hanson and butterflies. Damn all the haters. -J

  26. Oh that picture is just adorable. He looks so tiny next to his bros! :)

  27. We're going to reap the dandelion benefit NEXT summer. Sigh.

    "The Source", hehe. When's your gig on Jersey Shore start?

  28. Supreme Leader has a special place in "girls only" heaven waiting for her. Just as, I am sure she reminds you, that there is also a "special place" somewhere else for the four horsemen of the apocalypse sitting on that platform.

  29. Hey! just cause he's little doesn't mean he shouldn't have his own hat! come on pops! :-)

  30. ps.... moth phobic.. have no idea what that's about.. so butterflies.. just on the edge of panic... ya ya like I said don't get it either... eeek BUT! I'm no hater!

  31. I love Supreme Leaders names! I too am the mom of 3 wonderful young men (I'm not raising "boys", the world has enough "boys"! We're raising men!)

    About "like" #4 - we refer to that "As being famous in my own car" :-)

  32. I actually really don't like butterflies. I think it was my reaction to Mariah Carey's love of them. Tattoos of butterflies are the worst.

    Love the names. Great picture of all you boys.

  33. I love that summer picture. And I'm pretty sure SL got your names right.

    Thank you so much for that last video. I'm driving to Louisville today. Guess what song will be going with me now...

  34. A most wonderful first picture. Exceptionally cute bunch. Completely agree on the singing loud in the car. Can't beat it. Even if it's not your car.

  35. I love Patrick O'Brian! If you're reading Fortunes of War, that probably means you've read all the novels in the series that precede it. If I have an obsession, it's O'Brian.

    Sweet picture. Great caption.

  36. Great names. When will I see you on WWF? You wouldn't complain about the heat if you lived in Wales. Lucky if the temperature gets into the 70's.
    Have fun with the boys during Summer.

  37. I love SL's names for you all. And Hanson? Really?

  38. Okay, now I'm going to have that damned Narwhals song stuck in my head all day. Thanks.

  39. Well I was going to make an intelligent clever comment about Chaos Pandemonium and Havoc sounding like a Greek tragedy, but then I listened to the Narwhals song all the way and I don't feel so smart anymore

  40. I'm right there with you on the sunblock... I'm very white, and really ought to use it. Sometimes though, I consider just letting myself burn. How bad could it be really?

  41. That picture of you and the boys is too effing precious!!!!

    And yes, fuck you pollen!!!

    Hansen?? No comment.

  42. A bunch of your shit isn't showing up for some reason... not loading. Wonder what the deal is, yo!

    Fun list. If you hate sunblock that much, you need to find one that works better for you. I just found "Ocean Potion" and it doesn't feel gross on my skin. Give it a shot.

    Cute pic of you and the boys. How is life with 3?

  43. can i add cherries to your list??? they are SO good this time of year, specially in Michigan, where I am visiting my sister.....and just so you know, back home in Tucson, if someone leaves their dog in the car in the summer, they get a ticket and risk losing the dog (if the heat doesn't kill em first.....)

  44. God help me, I like the Hanson song. The video is even better. Perfect remake of the Blues Brothers. As for summer I share your hatred of pollen. I live with two people with severe pollen allergies. Pollen sucks. I know nothing about this cool breeze though. Down south driving with your windows down feels like driving through an oven set at about 450.

  45. My family is about as white as white comes with redheaded children and all. We use the spray on sunscreen. It's far as sunscreen goes. I guess "relatively painless" would be a better description. Just make sure to get the "Clear No Rub Spray". And I LOVED that picture of you and your boys. Classic.

  46. I too... want to Eff pollen up bad.

    That picture of you guys is great.

  47. I just now worked up the nerve to watch the Hanson vid, and I hate to say it, but that's one catchy tune! Now to work up the nerve to download it from iTunes... might have to rename it in my library so I don't catch shit.

  48. awww you downloaded happy by never shout never. i'm glad you liked it enough to do so :o) it's a song that makes me happy every time i hear it. you really should have included a vid for it. hehe

    love the pic of you and boys...supreme leader's nicknames for y'all are cute.


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