Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RTT: Tasty Babies. Wait! Come Back, It's Not What You Think!

See? Baby shaped pears. That wasn't so bad. What the hell were you thinking?

Ok, maybe they're Buddha shaped pears, but either way, kudos to the farmer that came up with the idea of sticking a plastic mold around a young pear.

Random Tuesday? Oh, I got your random.


Did you watch Flash Forward last week? Do you watch Lost? Did you notice the billboard behind the two FBI agents advertising Oceanic Airlines?

Speaking of cool new shows, thanks for cancelling Defying Gravity ABC, you suck.

How is it my six year old can read off a word like Ichthyornids* like latin is his second language and yet ask for help pronouncing something like "common?" Although, when I told him to work it out for himself, he covered the last three letters with his thumb and then read the first three like I do when I'm helping him. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Speaking of reading, it's Banned Books Week, so go pick up a copy of Huck Finn or Catcher in the Rye or evil of evil's, Harry Potter and be damned. Sorry Nazi book burning haters, you're not welcome here. Go ahead, unfollow. If you do like books, check out Satan's Bookclub (no actual affiliation with the Prince of Darkness and the banner is HAWT).

For most of September we had above normal temperatures here. Yesterday I heard on the news that we're now heading into some below normal weather. This morning I heard that the mountains to the east of us are expecting 10cm of fresh snow tonight. My grass was concerned I might overlook it.

On House last night a patient started hallucinating and ran through hospital trying to flee imaginary monsters and bats. Why is it that all the doctors, nurses and orderlies just walked past him without trying to help?

*Early sea bird from the Cretaceous era, about a 100 million years ago.


  1. The pears are cool, I have seen it done with tomatoes and potatoes, although not quite so detailed.

  2. A new twist on biodiversity. Not sure I could eat a pear with a face. Peach butts, yes. But fruit with faces?

  3. The pears are awesome. We saw pumpkins and cucumbers getting their "ears" in Disney World by being grown in plastic cases. I have to say though, the detail on the pears is amazing. Now go cut your grass!

  4. Those pears are kind of creepy! I don't know that I could bite into a little man! LOL!

    I watched the first season of lost, thinking that it was going to be a one season show and that they would wrap it up at the end of the year. I stopped watching, I don't have that much patience

  5. I love that your grass leaves you sticky notes.

  6. I'm sometimes find myself saying "You still need to cut me", rocking gently back and forth....


    I want a pear like that!

  7. Now, why are people all worked up about those pears when we've had cookies that look like gingerbread men for hundreds of years? Hmmmmf.

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! I noticed the Oceanic Air billboard!! I thought it hast the potential to be a great show. And I was DVR'ing Defying Gravity. Great. What was in the secret Pod H (is that the one?)? Cheez....
    cool pears. Doesn't make me want to eat one, though.. blech pears.

  9. Dude, those pears look tasty. There's nothing like a squishy Buddha belly to quench my appetite.

    All of my favorite shows always get canceled since I have a warped sense of humor and networks can't handle it. Jerks. Let's start a new network for good/funny shows. We'll called it Fawkedupshiz or something like that.

  10. You know, if it's not sports or Family Guy, I pretty much have no clue what you are talking about with regard to TV.

    hey.. I have priorities.

    ...and your son is smarter than you. He just hasn't realized it yet. Sorry to break it to you. Happens to the best of us. :)

  11. Molding pears is a great idea. Now what would be really funny would be to stick your own one on one of his pairs, a monster eating a baby perhaps?

  12. Oh man, I totally missed that billboard for Oceanic Airlines! Cool! So now you know I'm a Lost fan and will be watching Flash Forward to see if it keeps my attention...

    Do you have to pick up poop before cutting the grass? Just wondering because sometimes that's the reason my backyard grass will get taller... 'cause I'm just not up to scooping.

  13. If anyone ever thought to ask a baby boy, newly emerged from the birth canal, how to pronounce "Ichthyornids", baby boy would know.

  14. Dude, I totally RTT's about pears, too!


    We must be on the same menstrual cycle.

  15. I don't think I'd feel right about eating baby (or Buddah) shaped fruit. It's a little too "Donner-party" for me.

  16. I love Banned Book Week. Those radical militant librarians and booksellers again.

    Even though that is a pear I never eat anything with a face. This is so not going to work for me.

    We taped House in order to watch the Ken Burns National Parks documentary. Now, I'll be watching for the crazy guy.

  17. Buddha pairs? How in the hell did he come up with that one? It was pretty clever.

    Got catch on the billboard, although, I'm going to have to stop reading your Tuesday posting 'cause they're full of spoilers. We watch TV via computer to save from paying cable. Thing is the shows are always a day after. My wife runs around work with her fingers in her ears all day.

  18. FLASHFORWARD! Totally looking forward to seeing what that is all about. We watched the premiere and enjoyed it alot! Totally missed the billboard though. However, I don't watch Lost either. I think this Fall is going to be full of awesomeness!

  19. those pears are creepy. they also devalue finding jesus in your potato chips.

  20. If I ever publish a book, I sincerely hope a religious group decides to burn it. It would be great free publicity and they still have to buy them first.

  21. I wish my grass would do that to my hubby -- ye know, leave post-it notes! Love the pears! Now, pissed that I missed Flash Forward.

  22. I love Lost but couldn't get into Flash Forward. I missed the billboard! Those pears are so cool.

  23. So, um, yeeeeah... how DO you freaking pronounce it? (I still can't figure it out!)

  24. Love the pears! Flash forward rocks, I did not notice the sign...good eye;)

  25. Awesome pears!! Even though I don't like pears.

    I haven't gotten to watch the 2-hour season premier of House, so I couldn't watch it last night. Grrrr!

  26. Something creepy about the buddha baby pears... kinda like square watermelons... but I guess they're cute too :)

  27. ya know, i was watching House last night thinking the same thing ... of course, I worked in a hospital that was like that. People just watch and try to figure out if they really need help, or if they are gonna be alright until some other schmuck gets stuck with them.

    and the pears .. cool. I could bite buddha's head off with no problem at all :p

    when you're done with your grass, wanna come cut mine? it's past leaving signs for me, it's knocking on the windows.

  28. Where can I get my baby-shaped pear? or just the mould would do?

    Lost - BIG fan. Cannot wait until... February. Gawd. And, wth? They canceled Defying Gravity?! Crap.

  29. Don't think I could eat one of those pears - but they are cute.

    Didja know that Space is running the final episodes of Defying Gravity (who is following who with TV here??)

    Hubs works in a hospital so we both had remarks about the hallucination - hello Security in the Lobby please!!

  30. I still need to see Flash Forward. Thanks for the spoiler alert!

  31. Dang it I was going to mention Flash Forward tomorrow in my post that I bumped from last week.

    Very good, hope it doesn't get cancelled.

    Again House - eh. Maybe I'm just not in a house place this season but I hardly paid any attention to it. Though I did wonder why no one was helping the nutso guy.

    I love banned books! I'm going to plan to read HP, Catcher and Kite Runner this week. Maybe a little Twain for a break.

  32. Is your son watching Prehistoric Planet too?

    And those pears - soooo tummy looking...

  33. Yay! I agree, no book-burners! Thanks for the heads up about Satan's book club. I'm totally joining!

    <3 Visiting from keely's!

  34. Those pears are awesome. I have a liquor bottle with a pear inside it. Apparently, they stick the bottles on the trees when the pears are buds. Do you care? Probably not, but I'm in a mood to ramble and I've chosen your place as the venue of choice.

    You're welcome.

  35. On the House thing, I was saying the same thing to my husband . . . WHY ISN'T ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE MAIN IN THE HOSPITAL GOWN FLAILING AROUND AT IMAGINARY BATS?

    I haven't watched Flash Forward yet. Still trying to decide if I have room for another show in my life. So much TV, so little time.

  36. Haha, very clever grasshopper. You almost got me with the, "Last night on House......" but I stopped right there. You see, I don't watch TV is real-time, it's all Memorex for me (hulu). I'll come back and re-read in about 8 days, sir.

  37. What's Flash Forward? Is it a new TV series?
    Loved the pears, they should do something like that with strawberries.

  38. I can't even pronounce ichy...whatever that word was! I guess it's all in what motivates you, huh?

    Love those pears. Must get some...

    Happy Random Tuesday!

  39. Those pears are insane. Mad men think Buddha should be in the shape of a pear. And then you EAT him??? Wha? Am I missing something here? Is that so you metaphorically imbibe the qualities of Buddha?

    Books. Have you tried the Scarlet Pimpernel? Old classic with lots of beheading with the French Revolution. THAT was some CRAZY! Is it on the list? I hope so.

  40. Although I was all thankful for the update on the TV season, I gotta tell you that the pears kinda eclipsed the whole post.

    HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE!? I am soo going to try that!!!

  41. FF is on my DVR but haven't watched it yet.

    Those pears give a whole new meaning to engineering, that's for sure.

  42. Fucking weird. Where do you start? Bite the head off? Or chew his ass?

    Screw the grass. Tend to the 6 pack instead.

  43. ahhh, i'd start at the feet and listen to them scream!

    can we burn the book banners?

  44. That pear thing is freaking awesome! And also a little freaky to think about eating.

    You know I need help in the TV watching department - I missed Flash Forward. I really miss my DVR that we decided was too expensive. Sigh.

  45. Loved your banned book thing. And, of course, the grass thing.
    Have a great RTT!

  46. Kick ass pears.

    Never watched that show.

    Doctors & nurses don't really care. I kid. I kid.

  47. The pears are very creative.

    The doctors and nurses let the patient run amok so viewers would have something to talk about the next day.

    It will take a lot of snow to cover my grass. It's just a tad overgrown. It's so long, even my sign has disappeared.

    Liked your randomness.

  48. The buddha shaped fruit is ....

    creepy!! This is your wining random thought. I am with Otin. I made it a little longer.... I quit watching in the middle of last season. I think the show is going to F all of you over with a shitty wrap up. Rarely does a show that goes on and on with promises of a cool ending ever deliver. I have decided that if the ending does rock....

    I will then go back to catch what I missed!!! Right now - I only feel like I am missing 50 minutes of my life when I watch the crazy obscure twists.

  49. Sorry... I should have used the show's title at least once - LOST!!!

  50. Those pears are cool. I was wondering how they did that.

  51. I want one of those pears!

    Also, you are right, they do just walk past the patient like its no big deal and this stuff happens all the time. Though, they do work in the same building as House so they may be desensitized.

  52. Asking why the staff don't respond to a crazy person is like asking why I don't comment on every blog: you're all nuts and my words will have absolutely no effect on that, so wtf?

    OK. I want Buddha pears.

  53. Mannnn...those pears are super cool!

  54. with u on Defying Gravity, good show. Maybe it's another one that
    Leno took over.
    House opening was riveting, Big
    Red thought there wasn't enough
    action, he preferred NCIS LA.
    Kudos to the boy, I still can't
    pronounce words like that.
    Hold off on the snow please as I
    will be travelling through those
    scary mountains to see you all.
    and the pears, art can be anywhere.

  55. TV? What is this TV thing?

    I'm off to talk to Satan about some books.

  56. Great random post. I heard flash forward was great!

    Gonna check it out!

    Have a great day!

  57. Yes-the pear farmer is definitely a smart one! He sold his entire crop immediately I heard-they were just all reserved from the start. I never have good ideas like that!!

    I love the idea of Flash Forward. I fully believe other reports of it being somehow linked to Lost - random animals in the city, blinding white light, a break in the space-time continuum, same airlines. AND they talk about an important date in April AND Lost ends in April!!!! I am slightly jumping up and down (in my head) about the idea of cross-show contamination!!!

    I noted the same thing on House - everyone acted like it was normal that someone would be freaking out in the lobby. I stand behind the opinion that doctors/nurses do not have the most brain cells!

  58. Always a pleasure visiting your Tuesday ramblings.

    Has your son watched Chased by Dinosaurs (from netflix)? My 5 yr old was glued to it last weekend.

  59. So, I watched House, and I wondered the same thing! Why did everyone just pass by like what he was doing was totally normal? I mean, had they been in a mental hospital I would expect it, but aren't they supposed to HELP people? Eh, helping is overrated.

  60. I like many men am an unobservant idiot. My wife caught the Oceanic billboard immediately. If I put a sign like that in my grass it would disappear.

  61. OMG They cancelled Defying Gravity? That show was freaking AWESOME ... really completely totally awesome!!! Dagnabbit!!! TV EXECS SUCK ZOMBIE TOES!!!!

    Buddha shaped pears are totally smashing!

    Flash Forward rocked and I missed the Oceanic Airlines BB, I'll see if I spot one in the next eppy. Well done!

    I'll be back to pick up the links for Banned BW and S's Bookclub, looks interesting and I LOVE books!!!

    Blessins on you and yours!

  62. The pears got me. lol

  63. Those pears are cool! But I'd end up wasting them by cutting them up and turning them into wine. ;)

    I did notice the billboard! Good, I thought I was the only one that seemed to notice those kinds of details - I had to rewind and see it again. :)

    I love how your grass is communicating with you...ours looks about the same and hubby's off on a gig weekend so I'm doing my best to ignore the pleas. Our grass hasn't gotten to writing us notes yet, though... ;)

    I thought the same thing about that patient when watching House - they all just looked at him like he was crazy.

    Happy RTT a bit late... ;)

  64. Crap House started back and I missed it. Been waiting months and caught up on every episode I missed thanks to all the marathons on USA.

    Anyhoo you have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  65. I am totally in awe of the pear thing.

    And Satan's Bookclub? I might have to visit that brilliantly named site.

    I tried to bale hay (aka cut the grass) yesterday, and the mower won't work. Wheres Tightwad when I need him????????


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.