Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday: Keep On Rockin' In The Free World

Liam: Daddy, I love you as big as the Death Star.
Me: I love you too, baby.


Ok, let's start this out on the wrong foot:

I bought a dresser for Liam this weekend. As I was bringing it into the house, in my sandals, I dragged it over my big toe and pulled half the nail off. I was very happy to be alone in the house so I could dig deep and make use of my extensive, multi-lingual knowledge of profanity. Aside from the whimpering, it was impressive.

A few month back I won a Kodak Zi6 from Amy of the Bitchin' Wives Club. The boys and I made a video to thank her but then she went and moved off to the wilds of internetless England and couldn't see it. Thankfully she's rejoined us in the 21st century so I'm putting it up now.

(Amy got the camera from the Blogher conference, it's pink) (what?)

"Plaque never sleeps." From my four year old, apropos nothing. (Just for you, Dental Maven)

Hey KFC. Tender juicy boneless chicken wings made from 100% breast meat aren't really wings, are they? They're tender juicy breasts... Sorry, where was I going with this?


SCRIBE MUNDO DE PAPEL from ladies on Vimeo.

I heart strawberry soy milk.

I'm getting tired of those commercials for those internet sticks that let you use your laptop anywhere. The ones where they show some annoyingly happy person talking about how they can download music at the beach or bank from a park bench at lunch or something. Yes, being able to use your computer anywhere is great, but seriously, I can barely see the tiny screen on my phone when it's sunny out. A big reflective laptop screen? Oh sure.

Haven't done this in awhile. Ten from iTunes while I wrote this:

1.The Day I Died - Just Jack
2. Bear - The Antlers
3. Jump In The Pool - Friendly Fires
4. Remedy - Little Boots
5. Mahgeetah - My Morning Jacket
6. Very Busy People - The Limousines
7. Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
8. Sweet Sweet Baby - Michelle Featherstone
9. This Year - The Mountain Goats
10. Never Forget You - The Noisettes
(big thanks to Kat for five of these)

Alright. Everybody off the bus. Go bother Keely for awhile.


  1. Okay--with the toe thing? You made me physically flinch. (I just did it again, thinking about what made me physically flinch.) Ouch!

  2. Wow, that boy really loves you! As big as the Death Star? Impressive. I knocked a tool box off a shelf on my foot once and it split the nail on my big toe in half. Sweet mother of pearl did it hurt. I said quite a few bad words. Every bad word I knew in fact. In English (quite a few), German (more than I probably should know) and French (limited, but still I used them). Worst of all it really put a kink in my high heel wearing for a while. Quelle Horror!

  3. "Daddy why is that camera pink?" LOL Sooo wanted to hear a clever answer. Boo ;)

  4. ok you know the signs you make those boys hold? well now you gonna get if for POSTING a fall! those guys are great!...
    Been missing your posts..waaay down in the alphabet of my blog roll..need an "A" in the title

  5. Wasn't the Death Star really a bad design? Would you make a space weapon that was shaped like a beach ball? lmao!

  6. Ouch with the toe! I almost succeeded in making myself pass out when I cut my thumb this weekend. Just goes to show you that salads are dangerous to your health.

  7. I wouldn't mind a new video camera. We're still stuck in the 90's with our mini-tape camera.

  8. Got yerself a 4 year old dental savant there, Captain. He's right, "plaque never sleeps." Stay vigilant.

  9. Too many links. My head just exploded.

  10. They call those wireless internet stick thingys "dongles" here. hehehehe dongles.

  11. A big ouch for the toe, too bad it's gonna take a while for it to heel.... um, heal.

    Love the video of the boys!

  12. I don't recognize a single name from your itunes list...off to do some research.

    Hope your toe feels better.

  13. I can't help myself I have to add something. Can you imagine the looks you would get in N.America if you said "Hold on I just have to slip my dongle into my computer real quick!" Sorry I am totally ROFLMAO, for realz. I crack myself up. Happy RTT.

  14. You're right, England is totally Internetless, I don't even know what the Internet is, let alone how to use it.


    Who the hell am I? Where am I?

  15. Well I'm glad that Liam only loved you as far as the death star, 'cause if he loved you any further, your whole foot may have fallen off. . .

  16. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The toenail thingy is giving me the willies!

  17. hate to hear about the toenail
    dang that hurts massively
    bet it gave you a whopper of a headache too

  18. Not thinking about the toe thing. Not thinking about the toe thing. *shudder*

    Love as big as the Death Star is just awesome.

    So is that paper commercial. That guy looks so happy to be wearing paper.

  19. You said something about breasts so of course I have to comment.

    Oh wait. YOu were talking about CHICKEN breasts. Stupid non-contextual assumptions.

    I think a pink camera makes you look super-put together and hetero.

  20. Sorry about your toe.... That sounds ridiculously painful. Almost as painful as it was to hear your innocent little child say thanks to the "Bitchin' Wife." ;) Of course the other one opted to fall down so he wouldn't have to utter such naughty words!

    And, yes, I agree with Kat.... Dongles *tee hee hee* No matter what you say, those things are the bomb in my book b/c my husband's dongle [snicker] was our only access to the internet for the last month (outside of library hours). You can only imagine how many times I exclaimed, "Thank God for your dongle, honey!!" or "What would I do without your dongle, dear??" Um, you get the idea....

    p.s. The quality looks pretty good for that tiny little thing. I am impressed!

  21. For one second I thought you were going to post a picture of the toe carnage, and for the first time ever I was going to have to not read your blog. So. No toe pictures, then.

  22. How much Slayer do you have on your iTunes?

  23. something icky about the toe & KFC image on the same post....

    cute videos

  24. oh the toe, the toe! i had phantom pain.

  25. Love the video of the kids. And love as big as the Death Star? That's serious love.

    I love looking at my reader and seeing it filled with all Random posts. It's a little bit of heaven.

  26. Ah, the freedom of yelling inappropriate words at self-inflicted injuries. There is nothing greater.

  27. The toe thing? OUCH! I haven't done the nail thing, but did drop a glass gallon of milk on my big toe once. It turned black. That hurt like hell. My sympathies to you.
    I'm glad your son loves you as big as the Death Star. That put a smile on my face.

  28. Oh, man, that sounds like that HURT! Cringing just reading it! Hope the strawberry soy milk made it all better. (Or a little better, I guess?)

  29. chad, you definitely have the cutest kids ever. They're such naturals like their dad. :)

  30. Ugh, John is starting to bug me to go soy. "Buy soy cheese!" "Buy soy milk!" I'll just tell him to make more money to afford it. Then he should lay off..

  31. Sounds like Liam is writing the next chapter for, "I love you this much!"

  32. Ouch! Reading the toe thing gave me a twinge of imaginary pain.

  33. Was that before or after the Death Star was destroyed?

    And the toe thing...that was #*&*$* painful to read.

  34. Sorry about your toe. That sounds pretty painful. And gross. But mostly painful.

    And your boys? Are CUTE!

  35. ouch, but the swearing does make one feel better.

    I hope Amy saw the video it is cute

  36. "Fank you, Amy, da Bitchin' Wife." Freakin' cute! Sorry about your toe man... that makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and rock back and forth. My toes are curling as we speak... or as I type, or whatever.

  37. I'm now officially creeped out by plaque. Thanks.

  38. Holy hell dude, your poor toe. That must have hurt like a mofo and I'd be interested to hear what some of those compound swears were.

    Good point about the sunny laptop screen. I once tried to use mine in a Panera parking lot instead of going in and actually buying something and I got pissed since I couldn't see squat.

  39. I must be getting freaking old because I do not recognize any of those tunes.

  40. Ahhhhhh Toe....
    that hurts :)
    Love the links

  41. Your lead was the best! "the Death Star!" Train 'em early...

  42. What? Strawberry soy milk? Sounds delightful.

  43. OUCH! Now my toe hurts with sympathetic pain. Not sure how I'm going to explain the limping today. ;)

    And how cool is it that Liam loves you as big as the Death Star? It's really big, right? ;)

    Your boys are ADORABLE! And loved that you sort of skated around the 'Daddy, why is that camera pink?' question... ;)

    Happy RTT a day late... :)

  44. Just a reminder that laptops can
    be dangerous. Was talking to a friend last week saying how someone had died in a fire caused by their laptop. Should be turned off at night and NEVER left on a soft surface.
    She laughed and said she always had her laptop on in bed. Sadly
    to say her house burnt to the ground that night. Fire department
    determined it was the laptop.
    Hits a lot closer home when you know
    someone who has lot everything cos they didn't listen to safety issues.
    On the lighter side, CHAD HAS

  45. I've never heard of any of those bands. Christ, I'm officialy old.

  46. omg, I had stuff to say but then I watched the video and had to rewatch it three times and forgot that the words you wrote exist.

    You made one child swear on camera and then you let the other one fall off a log and started laughing at him. That's hilarious.

    A+ for your parenting today!!! :)

  47. -Daddy why is the camera pink?-



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