Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Tuesday: Sucka

Little hot out, ladies (or gents, we don't judge here)? Have a Daniel Craig popsicle.

Oh ya, it's Random Tuesday.


So how do super heroes like Superman and Batman get around facial recognition software? Damn you, Homeland Security.

Me: You know what would be a really nice present for daddy? If you and your brother didn't fight tomorrow.
Connor: No, we already got you a present.

My neighbour's wife just got back from a few weeks vacation in England. The day before she was due back their vacuum broke so they borrowed ours. After the neighbour's son brought it back, Liam goes tearing out of the house after him. When he stops Liam says, "remember, stay calm, don't panic." He is endless fun.

Supreme Leader (referring to my birthday lemon meringue pie): Don't be alarmed at the liquid at the bottom of the plate. Meringue weeps after a few days. Some sugars cause it to do that.
Me: Did you have to say 'weeps'? You know what weeps? Supperating wounds.
SL: *laughing* "Suppurating," you used a big word.
Me: *sigh*

From about 1992 to 2003 Supreme Leader and I went to a lot of movies. We saw everything that came out. And then children came. Since then we only get out to the occasional blockbuster. This past month though? It feels like we're dating again. We've also been renting too, so here's a brief run down with ratings.

Last Chance Harvey (video) - SUCKED! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this because it's a chick flick. I like chick flicks. This movie just sucks.
Night at the Museum 2 - Great. If your kids like the first one, they'll like this. Connor's second movie in a theatre and he didn't cry or want to leave this time.
Star Trek - What can I say? They even killed a guy in a red jump suit. Production on the second movie is scheduled for 2011.
Body of Lies (video) - Meh. Not bad, but a little long. Seeing helicopter gunships take out a moving car on the big screen would have been cool.
Rock n' Rolla - I love British crime movies. Why limit yourself to one plot line when you can have 10 that will all mysteriously come together in the end?
Terminator: Salvation - As my wife said as we were leaving the theatre, "that was relentless." I came to see guns and things blowing up. I wasn't disappointed. Loud? Every time there was an explosion I checked myself for shrapnel.
Valkyrie - Not bad. Tom Cruise should keep the eye patch. He looks cooler with it.

Supreme Leader: Are you picking your nose and eating it?
Connor: I'm hungry.

All right, that's it. Nothing to see here, move along to Keely's for some real carnage.

PS. My sister threatened to kick my ass if I didn't link her birthday tribute. Sure, why not direct people to embarrassing photos of myself. Whatever, I was adorable.


  1. Happy Birthday! Embarrassing photo's? I'll be moseying over to check those out. The popsicle is interesting, wonder what other ones they make?

  2. I can see why Daniel's hands are in his underwear, that has to be some cold junk...

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Dumbass! Is it just me or is the popsicle stick just a little gratuitous?

  4. Happy Birthday (a little belated?) thanks for the movie tips. I hope that the boogies don't weep their way into you pie.

  5. As I read thru each segment of your randomness I just kept ending it with that Daniel Craig Popsicle. Like some needle on a record skipping over and over and over again repeating The Daniel Craig Popsicle. I want to know who thought of it, and then who convinced someone it would be cool to make them, I want names.

  6. Loved your sisters pictures! Happy Birthday Captain.

  7. Conner's response is hilarious and very apt. They can't be giving you two presents can they?

    How's Liam's with his meds now? Less fighting?

  8. Daniel Craig Popsicle? Its very fitting, cause he SUCKS as James Bond...

  9. I loved the first Night at the Museum. I think it has something to do with my history major or maybe the librarian thing. Whatever.

  10. OMG, wait until Michel sees that D Craig popsicle; she's going to pop!!

    I loved Body of Lies and Valkyrie; no comments about the others. Also loved Taken; much better than I expected it to be and that's always a goodie for me.

    Loved Connor's response!

  11. I kind of want that popsicle. But I'm also a bit hung over, so it might just be that I want A popsicle, not necessarily a Daniel Craig popsicle.

    Hope you had a great BDay!

  12. He is one huge stick. I feel inadequate. Happy Birthday.

  13. Love Conner's response to your birthday wish. Don't be so greedy Captain! The good news is, that you will be on your toes next year and can get that request in early.

    Happy Birthday!

    Why? Why would the do that to a popsicle?

  14. Happy birthday! That popsicle is troubling. It looks like his hands are hugging the wood.

  15. How could you not tell us that it was your birthday!?!?!?
    And that your sister has a blog? (Some fun pix there!)
    Happy, happy!

  16. poor connor, reduced to eating boogers. don't you feed that kid?

    happy birthday.

  17. The Daniel Craig sucker isn't gay enough for me to truly enjoy it.

    Also, Happy Birthday, Yo!

  18. I forgot to say Happy Birthday to you.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  19. Kids: What do you want for Mother's Day?
    Me: A clean house.
    Kids: No-- something we can BUY you.

    And I want to know what Daniel Craig is doing with his hands in that popsicle...

  20. I wonder if you got that popsicle in orange flavor, if it would look fake tanned, and therefore even creepier?


    And happy birthday dude.

  21. Captain, your Random Tuesdays are always top notch. Happy Bday, though I'd go for Key lime pie myself. :)

    I think the word relentless could describe a lot of movies lately. I'm hoping the new Transformers is an exception. Can't wait!

  22. I love the reply to the 'no fighting' request. Your kids are awesome!

  23. I was going to comment on Daniel Craig's hands, but Irish did already.

    And. My 16 old son gave me a similar response when i asked him to clean the house for Mother's Day.

  24. Damn! You got to the Daniel Craig pop first! I wish I lived in England! I would love to get my lips on that!

  25. I have spent many an hour fantasising about sucking off Daniel Craig. Thats for making this dream a reality.
    'preciate that.

  26. I pretty much missed the rest of your post because I was both transfixed and horrified by the daniel craig popsicle. Is that a damn fudgesicle?? And does that disturb anyone else?

    But I love him.....???

    WTF!? Thanks a lot! You're ruining everything!! You big ole ruiner!!!

  27. Superheros use glasses, works every time, just ask Superman.

  28. I would totally lick Daniel Craig.

    That's all I'm sayin' about that.

    Now off too look at embarrassing photos of you.

  29. Belated Happy Birthday.

    I loved his response to eating his booger. When my daughter was three I was trying to get her attention during her dance class because she kept picking and licking (I know, ewww!) Afterward the instructor told me my daughter wouldn't be doing that if I had fed her breakfast before class. I know she was joking, but how embarrassing.

  30. An afternoon snack of boogers. Hilarious.

  31. In my RTT I recommended DEATH AT A FUNERAL you'll have to rent it, if you find it, but it's absolutely hilarious.

    I liked Star Trek too =0)
    Happy RTT!

  32. Your Daniel Craig popsicle is getting a lot of blog shout outs. I had to pop a cherry over to see it!!!


    My boys fight non stop! It is exhausting. And they are getting bigger. I can not just pick them up anymore. I checked into the cost of boarding school - REALLY! Not a joke. Had enough

  33. I musta missed the huge sidebar advertisement that says IT'S MY BIRTHDAY....
    love the 'weeping' meringue thing. I think it was the chickens who lost their eggs---they were cryin', man...


  34. embarrassing photos of YOU?? I am going RIGHT OVER.

    after I gaze at my kick ass garden.

  35. Happy birthday, and THANKS for the random fun--loved it!

  36. I liked the photo of you "gambling" with the cigarette. In the 50's. Man. Your sister's a meanie.

  37. "I'm hungry." Now that is a good excuse...


  38. What are sisters for if not embarrassing their brothers?

    And hey, if your hungry I guess you go for what's readily available, seriously what's closer than your nose?

  39. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday...it really is heartfelt even though it started with "oh yeah".

  40. I'd murder for a lemon meringue pie right now, suppurating wounds or not.

    Batman wears a half-mask. Not enough points of reference.

    Superman has no excuse.

  41. Happy Birthday Captain Dumbass Bastard... er... Chad!

    Can you send me some of those popsicles?

  42. Happy Birthday, be happy there were no boogers in your pie.

  43. a daniel craig popsicle - that sounds like a birthday present to me!

    great randomness!

  44. Great stuff again Captain. What the heck is up with that popsicle?? I loved the Star Trek movie. But who didn't?

  45. I didn't threaten you......much!! ....your kinda weirding me out with the man crushes and boy popsicles.....

  46. Happy Birthday! I was just doing a driveby & got sucked into the blackmail photos - Love the cardsharks

  47. the weirdness must come from your
    Fathers side of the family. Yes we
    did have some interesting ancestors on our side, but none of them have don jail time.

    daniel craig, blah blah blah

    you want to see a couple of good movies watch, Taken with Liam Nieson and Frost Nixon. Both very
    good shows.
    Did you feed cake and goodies to all your blogger friends!

  48. Happy birthday!
    Seriously, I think your children can contact CPS if they are so hungry they have to eat items that they create inside their body.

  49. Suppurating. That's it. You have earned a place on my blogroll. Actually, you earned it a long time ago, but I am too lazy to update.

    Consider this a belated birthday gift.

    You kick ass, Cap'n. Regards to SL and the chillen.

  50. I'm sorry, I love you but I couldn't read on after seeing the Daniel Craig Mansicle.

    I don't know whether to be repulsed or turned on. The internal conflict such a simple item could stir up in me is just, it's just, overwhelming.

  51. I'm cracking up because now that I've taken a couple of deep breaths and could read the whole post and the comments... I see that Ryan and I both had the same Daniel Craig Mansicle brain fart and had to come back to send you Birthday wishes.

    Soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you for bringing me loads of inappropriate hilarity that always makes me giggle :)

  52. LMMFAO @ we already got you a present. And yup ... I'm heading over to the embarrassing day in the life post ... just gotta do it.

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  54. Awesome pics! You were pretty adorable, Captain. What happened?? ;)

  55. Oh yeah - Happy Belated birthday!! How old are you now??


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.