Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Can't Think Of A Title

Why no, I don't have anything to write about, why do you ask? Unfortunately, because of contractual agreements with NaBlow I have to freakin post something every day. Generally this isn't an issue since I do it most every day anyway, but being forced to really sucks. And speaking of sucking, I just found out NBC is canceling My Own Worst Enemy. NBC sucks. Apparently Heroes has been losing viewers because, boo hoo, the writers actually need to fill out the GODDAMNED STORYLINE! and it's a little confusing to some who don't like the dark and spooky side. SUCK IT UP! Anyway, because of that it hasn't been able to draw enough viewers to My Own Worst Enemy. Sigh. I know, lets fill the slot with some more reality shows! Woo hoo! Hey! How about we put a camera on a dog and follow it around for a day!? Ok, we're done. Go find somebody interesting to read.

Uh, no, not the biggest fan of reality tv. Don't take it personally if you are, we're still friends. Honest. I hope you can still like me. I just feel an obsessive need to tear out my own eyes when I come across one. Oooh! And you know what really drives me to a homicidal rage? When I'm waiting for a show to come on but because the previous show was being picked up by an affiliate station they don't switch over and I end up having to sit through the preview of one of these shows while I miss the beginning of my show. It keeps happening to me for Heroes, coincidentally. I get stuck watching Has-Been Celebrity Fuck Ups Trying To Lose Weight While Acting Like Assholes for a minute or two. And who are these people? No! That was rhetorical. I don't want to know.

Whew! Thanks. I feel so much better now. I was sitting here reading other people's blogs with NOTHING to write about. Guess I just needed to work off some angst. While I was cruising around I found a trailer on Kottke for a new movie, 2012. It's pretty short, check it out. I love cool trailers that hook you in with only a few seconds of footage. Kottke also mention in his post that the music is from the original trailer for The Shining. I remember that commercial scaring the hell out of me when I was kid. Huh? Shut up! I was a little kid. Anybody else remember it? Was that not one of the scariest movies ever?


  1. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Do you need another question to answer?

  2. Reading this post was like an episode of Seinfeld...

  3. Wow! Someone's in a mood.

    Gave me a chuckle though. I love to see others all worked up over a TV show.

    Not a real big fan of reality TV either. I plan to pass the title of your reality show onto the husband. He'll get a kick out of it.

  4. The Shining was scary as hell. I can't even watch Jack Nicholson in like anything now because of his crazy eyes.

  5. All work and no play...
    That movie still freaks me out. Yes, I scare easily..
    Heroes is on my last nerve.

  6. The Shining?? I've never seen it. I was too little when it came out and just haven't made the effort.. is it good? Should I see it?

    We are Heroes fans. Being on central time though, we don't get to watch it on Mondays. We have to wait and get it online later in the week because we have too many midgits up at 8pm.

  7. Not bad for having nothing to say.

    Have I mentioned at all that I made no commitments and can post willy-nilly as I feel the urge? It's sort of liberating ;)

  8. It's still scary to me. I own it but haven't watched it yet (watched it on DVD, that is. I saw it years ago and visited the Stanley Hotel in CO where the exterior, I think, was filmed).

  9. NOOOOOOOOO!!! NBC is canceling My Own Worst Enemy? GAH! It's the only new show I like this year!

    Sigh. I'm going back to bed. For the winter.

  10. I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with you on the reality TV thing. I don't care enough about those people to watch them do stupid crap like eat, well, crap in order to have immunity or whatever the hell they're going for. And Christian Slater? Cancelled? You know full well that he was my aliby that kept me out of jail over sixteen years ago. But I'm afraid I don't watch much television anymore. Yes, I've become one of those people that have no time for television. I'm totally lame now.

  11. I loathe reality TV. Except for American Idol. I loves me some Idol. But all other reality TV should go away.

    I have to say, I tried to watch My Own Worst Enemy, but I couldn't get past Christian Slater's forehead. Seriously, just couldn't get in to it. I'm sorry it's being cancelled, though. I just hope no one notices that not that many people watch Life. I just love that show.

    I've never seen The Shining. When I was a kid my mom wouldn't let me watch scary movies and there are a lot that I have still never seen. I should rent it.

  12. BC-I love Life, it's one of my favourite shows. Their new captain is hilarious. I too hope that the powers that be don't notice that it isn't drawing in viewers. I hate it when they cancel shows you love. I'm still upset about the West Wing being cancelled.

  13. So you're still cool with Heroes and their lack of anything interesting and fifty million characters? You're a more patient person than me, they're going to get cut from my lineup soon if they don't shape up.

  14. S.L. - ah, Life. I love it so much. Damian Lewis is easy on the eyes.

    At least the West Wing got through both of Jed Bartlet's terms in office. I'm still angry about My So Called Life. And that was like 15 years ago. Also unforgivable: Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls.

  15. It's your positive attitude that keeps me coming back day after day...
    Like a ray of sunshine.

    NaBloPoMo can bite me. Friggin hellish mess...why did we agree to do this??? WWWWHHHHYYYYYYYY?

  16. The Shining - so totally scary! And don't even get me started on Reality TV - it is so pathetic that I only watch it to make fun of people! The only reality show I do not screw around with though is Ghost Hunters - go figure, I hate the spooks but I cannot miss one episode of the show!

  17. I've decided I'm going to start calling you Sunshine from now on.

  18. See? I knew there was a reason why I didn't start getting attached to those two shows. Just give me "The Office" and "30 Rock" and I'll be just fine.

  19. Yes, yes, I'd like to taze the
    people who arrange the shows so
    that they start at 5 min. to or
    5 min. after the hour. You have
    to miss something! Of course when
    you have a man in the house you're bound to lose a few minutes of the best shows as they try to watch
    two shows at once, or try out ever
    other channel available in the whole TV World.
    As to reality shows, where's the reality. The only ones I like are
    Amazing Race ( cos it's the only
    way I can travel) and Biggest Loser,somehow it's fun to eat
    jellybeans and watch this.

  20. I see you have discovered, one of my favorite motivational outfits! I was going to buy some of their corporate inspirational posters, but could sneak it through on my expense account...

    Speaking of reality TV, and seeing tazers mentioned in the previous comment, why not a reality TV show where callers can have the most annoying people tazed at random? I'd buy that for a dollar!

  21. Agreed. I hate reality shows. Oh except all 50 of them about the Hogans. Hulk Hogan. Brooke Hogan. Yeah. Love them all.


    Did I mention I am working on a column about "sarcasm" for the paper I work for? yeah. Because I am.

  22. Can't stand reality TV. The Apprentice had some good moments. But that's it.

    Also: "The Shining" is terrifying. And your mention of it inspired me. So I posted the trailer in my Thursday Writer's Workshop post. But somehow, it doesn't seem so scary now. I don't know why.

  23. I am not a big fan of reality shows but I watch one or 2.
    You are in a craky mood. That time of the month?
    ANyhoo... Heroes is freaking me but I am in it for the long hall.
    Shining FREAKED ME!!!! Never watched it all. I will check out the other links.
    Sorry for the delay, I am really behind in my blog roll

  24. Dude, My Own Worst Enemy is my new favortest show to watch on Monday nights. Damnit! I leave the country for a freakin week and a show gets canceled. Damn you NBC!


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