Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Pics: Pumpkin Patch

Week number two for Friday pictures and we have some great pics. And thanks to Jen allowing me to be lazy, this is also my Spin Cycle for the week. Oh, and before we begin, I must thank Kat from 3 Bedroom Bungalow for my newest award. You are awesomesauce Kat and I will do your meme. At some point. Honest. I distract easily.

Ok, starting with me... and once again, the pictures are added to the blog in the order I receive them.

Unfortunately my children were not quite as photogenic as I had hoped this year so I decided to use a picture of my oldest from back in 2004. Connor was much cuter back then, he couldn't talk as much.

Reece and Henry from Jen at Steeny Bee. Now before anybody gets upset that they sent multiple pictures in and I only picked one of theirs but two of Jen's, I have my reasons. First, I owe her a MASSIVE gambling debt and I'm partial to my knee caps. Second, the kids are both sporting genuine JBG tees, not Chinese knock offs, real Steeny Bee haute couture. Third, can you believe the neck muscles on these children? They're wearing pumpkins on their little heads! Fourth, and most important, this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Eli and Corbin from Carrie at Cole Pack. My oldest would love nothing more than to juggle his brother's head like this.

From Jen at Sprite's Keeper. I will trade you one of my boys for Sprite. Think about it.

From Jonny's Mommy of Boondock Ramblings. He's like a little pumpkin with legs.

From Momma Trish at Pandora's Ethernet Connection. I have no talent for carving pumpkins. I think I'll just stab a knife into mine and leave it outside.

Church Punk Mom from Embellished Truth And Polite Fiction sent me quite a few pictures to choose from, but I had to use the vat of corn kernels. Sure there were pumpkin pictures, but look at this. It's a giant tub of corn! How far away is Iowa?

My niece Mikayla from A Day In The Life Of. Taken with my sister's new Nikon D40 (bitch) and also by far the largest picture file sent this week. I think this file was second only to my operating system in size.

Mitchell and Noah from Mary Anna of Random: the musings. That is one big ass pumpkin.

Remy, which you may have already seen over on Texas Word Tangle last week, but it's a great picture.

Khadra from Crab Goggles. Her hubby carved a pumpkin for every member of the family.

From Cameron at Get The Stink Off. "Dad! Take the picture! We're sitting on stems!"

Oscar from Jenni at Oscarelli. Lift! You can do it!

Yuck from Ellie of Me and You and Ellie. Moosehead! Woot!

Cousins from Casey at Half As Good As You. If I had a uterus, I'm sure it would be telling me to have another one of these.

Hailey from Middle Aged Woman at Unmitigated. Pretty in pink. She picked the one with all the dirt on it, right?

Thanks everyone for participating, this was fun. Any ideas for next week? I was kinda thinking tonight's costumes but I'm sure you'll all be posting your own, although it might be nice to see them all in one spot. I don't know, what do you think? Or I could pick something totally random for Monday.




    Awesome pics, LOL! And I'm sorry I haven't sent mine yet. I'll try to get you one this morning.

  2. I love those pics. It's so cool that you are gathering shots from all over!

  3. Love them! the kids are all so cute!

  4. Damn dude, that's way too much cuteness in one shot. Love the picture of Connor. Isn't it strange to see how much they've changed from year to year (with a pumpkin backdrop to prove it)? Reece and Henry sure have some punkin heads, don't they? I hope they grow into them soon. Thanks for organizing the cuteness.

  5. I am getting into your weekly picture request and since you "follow no rules", pick a random topic, I say.
    OK, even though I have seen the pumpkin puking thing like 100 times, this one was the best!
    Loved Jenbo's photo's!

  6. See, here's the disadvantage to having kids as old as mine. I'll never see what it is the away-at-college duo is up to (and maybe that's a good thing) and the high school kid would be scarred for life if I made him pose in a pumpkin patch. But...maybe some pics from tonight. Or Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Maybe later, you can do a Christmas/Hanukkah card photo spread. I've got mine ready.

  7. Great pics. I miss having little ones. They haven't developed that annoying lameness meter like the big ones.

    Oh well, I'll skulk around my front door tonight if I came beat the husband to it. This is his favorite holiday.

    I've seen the puking pumpkin dozens of times but it keeps get funnier.

  8. Oh, I absolutely love this! Wonderfully done, Cap'n! Yup, you're linked! (Hey, Sprite! You wanna go to Canada?)

  9. These are awesome.
    I wish I wasn't so behind in my blog reading this week, and could have participated.
    You should make this a thing. You know, a weekly thing.

  10. Do costumes! That way, I can have time this weekend to run over to my neighbors and hi-jack their 'puter so I can download some pics! I haven't been able to participate in this due to not being able to download pics (or own a computer or have 'net access.....).

    Also, can you let me know in advance what you're going to do for the next, oh, month or so? That way I can get all my pics taken this weekend and have them ready for you to post.

    It would be ever so lovely of you to give in to my diva demands like this.


  11. Awwww!! Total cuteness!

    I vote "costumes" for next week. It's good to see things all in one place.

  12. Um, I so hope this is a weekly or bi-weekly thing. I love this idea. I think it would be cool to see costumes from everyone. I'm not posting our Halloween night pics, so if you do do it (did you catch the "dodo" there?) then I'll send mine over! Sorry about the you having no uterus thing. But hey, I have one and it doesn't work. Mother nature is a punk bitch like that sometime. Although, she did make it up to me with adorable children home-grown in someone elses. Good thing. I'm a horrible cook. :) I'll send you some suggestions for photo collections over the weekend. (Casey, close your eyes) I plan on eating a whole bunch of candy and then going on a sugar high rampage where I'll think of tons of cool ideas for pictures. I do this every Wednesday and Sunday. Peace out!

  13. Also, I was THIRTEENTH! That is my favorite number. Know what my other favorite number is? FOURTEEN! (kid's birthdays)

  14. I've never really been partial to Fifteen, but I thought I'd give it a try.

  15. And SIXTEEN? I had the best pool party, like ever when I turned sixteen. Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if I just kept commenting all the way up until my current age? Okay, I'm going now. I know I promised to lay low this weekend, but the Captain is like my brother. We're family. Peace out for realsies!

  16. dude, grasshoppah.. my favorite number is 13 too!!

    and yeah, weekly sounds awesome. way rad.

    I loved the vat of corn. I meant to send you the one of Jo looking at the camera though - with a total 'WTH?' look on her face. classic.

    they should totally have corn vats everywhere, it was awesome.

  17. These were all great!! I could take a picture of myself in my cheap walmart t-shirt, but I'm not sure anyone would figure out what I am (girl-who-bought-a-cheap-T-the-day-before-Halloween).

  18. These are great! I've always wanted to carve a puking pumpkin.

  19. Dude, I emailed you pictures last Wednesday at 9:16 am.

    I spent at least an hour deciding which pictures to choose, then another hour attaching them to an email, then another hour typing out the email, and then several minutes hitting the send button. Yet, it appears that all my effort was for naught.

    Also, don't talk to your sister that way. It's not nice. :)-

  20. bc! Shit! You're right. I don't know what happened to them. Er...awkward....

  21. No worrie. You are forgiven. Because I heart you so much. And I'm a little scared of Supreme Leader.

    I keep forgetting to tell you that I dig your new avatar.

    Hope you guys have a great Halloween. We're getting some rain and wind here, too, so it may cut down our trick or treating.

  22. Great pictures this week! The kids are ALL adorable!

  23. Cute pumpkin photos! Jen from Steenky Bee's kids with pumpkins are their heads were awesome!!

    I love how you say if you had a uterus it'd be talking to you in that baby photo. lol


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