Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Untitled from Zoo Keeper on Vimeo.


  1. I am not usually an abbriviator but, OMG he is the cutest thing ever. I had to show my husband him running around in his spidey costume. Can I borrow him for like a week? I will return, I promise. I am thinking it might help me convince my husband to try one more time for a boy.

  2. Will send KiKi as collateral ;)

  3. Well, at least there was only one snail in the garden. You do seem to have quite an infestation of snail friends, however. Luckily, Spider-Liam is there to take care of them.

    Plus, he's a comedy critic. That is not a funny joke! That is a bad joke!

  4. kat-it's a deal. We thought both of ours were going to be girls so then we'd be able to buy dresses and pretty things. Um, not me of course, I meant Supreme Leader.

    MAW-Spider-Liam wasn't around when daddy left them all out as a present for the birds.

  5. Kids will touch/play with the damndest things. Last weekend, in Ashville, I was showing the Tater a Cicada shell. She was in awe. Then, she ate it.

  6. I love how it's like one snail but the rest are snail friends.

    He's adorable.

    You, however, sound like my Uncle Jerry from North Dakota. I had NO clue your voice was that deep. Totally blows my image of you.

    I also like his judgement of your joke.

    He's a keeper.

  7. Cute overload! I love that he is out collecting snails. My son is obsessed with them as well. Did I hear fear in your voice? Did I hear your wife's accent? It's beautiful. Seriously. I love her voice.

    I must admit, I kept silently praying to hear an "aboot" come from you, but I never did. Next time.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.