Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts

Nothing particular today, just a little of this and a little of that, but more of that than this. First off, found this on Sleep Deprivation Ninja's page. Much funnier if you use Twitter.

(Sorry about that overlap but I don't know how to fix it and don't really care to)

Second, my six year old niece Mikayla playing some Metallica.

I think her best work was when she covered Nirvana's In Bloom.

Third, what the hell happened to Helen Hunt? We saw "And Then She Found Me" last night and she looks like she just got out of Guantanamo. Was she sick or something?

I spent much of the early 90's in love with Jaime Buckman, but she had some meat on her bones. Probably helped that she showed off her belly button a decade before it was cool (and I love belly... never mind).

Fourthly (sorry, there was only supposed to be three), have you ever checked out your drafts? I just clicked on them to see what I still had open and Holy Hannah-Banana, Bat Man, there's like a 100 in there! Easily distracted?

PS. If Colin Firth was a choice on one of Two Dogs Running's special choice posts, I'd totally pick him.


  1. Your niece? Badass. I love how she is tapping her foot and everything. LOVE IT! When my girls are a little bit older we are all going to take some guitar lessons together.

    OK, here is what happened to Helen Hunt. She started to get very famous, landed some big movies, and bought into the whole "actresses have to look like skeletor with anorexia" mindset. Lost a bunch of weight, plus got a little older and now she's looking sort of hagish. There was no reason for her to get soooo skinny. As evidenced by your Jamie Buckman crush, she looked great just the way she was.

    Sorry. Went off the rails a bit here.

    P.S. Hi Colin Firth...(whispers) I love you...

  2. old crush on Helen Hunt, you're showing you age, bud! She was
    and is cool, though, hopes she packs back on a few more pounds.

    re Rocker, Get Liam and Connor going, they could be a band that
    could get rich and famous and support us all in the way we'd like to be supported.

  3. Your niece is awesome! Remember Helen in The Quarterback Princess or Girls Just Want To Have Fun? Also, Helen's a mom now so that little one iS taking the toll on her. She needs to eat a sandwich. Another also? I love your new masthead. Look at you!

  4. The masthead is courtesy of my sister in law, she's the awesome one. You know anybody that needs one let me know.

  5. I don't know what "Two Dogs Running's special choice posts" means. And I want to, I do! But I will take Mr. Dahr-cy any old day.

    (I always had a crush on Jamie Buckman, too)

  6. Two Dog's will occasionally give a list of either all men or all woman and make you chose one you'd sleep with. Last week it was Tony Curtis or Tony Danza.

  7. Just like i said before, Danza. But with a bag over his head.

  8. Helen Hunt needs to be seen next in Mad About You...The Botox Years. What in the holy hell happened to her face? Feed her and inject her with botulism stat.

  9. omgosh you have a pic of my star crush/bf on here...colin firth. i wonder why i haven't seen/heard that movie. i've seen almost everything he's been in. LOL


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