Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pre-School, Hurricanes & Representin'

Yesterday was Liam's first day of pre-school.

This is Liam's first day of pre-school from 370 kilometres (230 miles) above the earth.*

This is Liam showing he'll be ready for his first gang.

Peace out, bitches.

*Ok, this is actually a shot of Hurricane Ivan (2004) from the International Space Station, but really... If you want to see some amazing shots of hurricanes from orbit, check out The Big Picture.


  1. You know, my son belongs to the same gang. Jeremy always says that he'll make a great rap star or baseball player with his "touching" talent.

  2. I have GOT to get myself up on gang signs. The grab AND the hand signal -- nice coordination for a wee one.

  3. Oh, yeah, he's representin'....peace out.

  4. At least his hand isn't in his pants. I had a little boy in one of the daycares I worked at who would stick his hand down his pants and use hit bits and pieces like a worry stone.

  5. He's got the man grab down, fo shizzle.

  6. SO CUTE!!! Wait. Is it okay to call a photo of a little boy grabbing his bits cute? Oy. Now I feel like a sicko. But I meant it in total non-sicko way!

  7. Taken in a non-sicko way. And they're always grabbing their bits. No idea where they get that from.

  8. God, I love pictures from Space. You rock.

    Congrats to Little Liam on his first day. He looks ready to take it on!

    Bring it on!

  9. are you sure he doesn't just have to pee???


    he's ridiculously adorable.


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