Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Passing Out The Pink

Ok, first off, never nominate me for a blog award. I'm a total heel at following the rules and nominating other people like you are supposed to. Scratch that. Nominate me. I feed off your validation. It's a drug and I will whore myself for you.

Look at that pretty pink award! Bestowed upon me by the saintly Jen at Steenky Bee. How saintly is she? I shall erect (stop that giggling, I can hear you up here) a shrine in her honour. No, in her honor (to honor her Americaness). Hold on a second...there. How's that? I'm sure she'll be thrilled. And I'm sure I'll keep thinking that until the cease and desist notice arrives.

What can I say about Jen that hasn't already been said? I mean, you all saw the Congressional hearings, who didn't? My interview with Larry King, the Barbra Walters special, 60 Minutes. And yes, I would face those contempt charges again. She's worth it. She's more than just a crazy haired blog stalker, she's family. And once our children come of age we'll actually be family. And I meant Reesie and Liam, she still lives in Utah after all.

So the deal is, like all of these things, I'm supposed to nominate 5 others. Now this has proved a little difficult since Her Steenky-ness awarded just about everyone on Technorati, but through various means I managed to block a few personal favourites. So, in no particular order:

1. Tracy at Kaply Inc. For teaching me some of the coolest swear words ever. Your angst and bitterness humble me. I wish I could give you a kidney, but ever since I woke up in that hotel bathtub full of ice in Singapore, well... the less said the better.

2. ciii of The Goat and Tater. Now I'm a little hesitant about giving another man a pink award, but I'm hoping Goat and Tater will like it and he can just pretend it came from Jen or any other woman. And if he could show his appreciation by sending me some of the beer he's brewing...

3. 'That Girl' at Hey You! Remember Me? She writes some pretty amazing stories, and I have this new thing for Southern woman.

4. Apathy Lounge. She needs some love this week. She's a teacher and being treated like one. Check out her banner, way cool.

5. Ellie at Me and You and Ellie. Ellie's got a cool blog that she and two of her friends co-write. I'm hoping she'll poor me a beer one day.

I know, I can stop here, but I'm on a roll now so I have to share the love.

6. Mike from The Newborn Identity because his daughter Maddie's eyes are totally freakin hypnotic. I know, I'm giving another man a pink award, but he's got a daughter so it's all good. And Mike left a comment the other day which made me feel like less of a loser for not being able to edit video. Don't get me started.

7. Jett Superior from All Blogged Up And Nowhere To Go. Just cause she's way cool and her blog kinda intimidates me.

8. Jaime at Gimme the Juice. Go take a look at her banner. Right now!

9. Mary Anna at Random. You need some pink on your blog.

'You need some pink on your blog?' Sorry Mary Anna. Ok. It's like midnight now and I didn't sleep well last night. Can't tell from the quality of my writing. I know, it's a gift. Ok, one last to round out to ten.

10. I Wrote This For You. If you ever need a shot of feel good, check out this site. The guy who writes it lives in South Africa. He has a friend who lives in Japan. The guy in Japan takes photographs of whatever he wants and sends them to the guy in South Africa who writes down something...well, nice. I think the deal is that neither of them know what the other is doing, they just match them up. Maybe you should just check it out before I spoil it any farther.

Alright, I'm propping my head up with a roll of paper towel now so I'm leaving. I think I will invent my own award, so if you weren't included above don't worry, your love is coming soon. It will not be pink. Oh, and it will be mine so I'll freaking nominate EVERYONE and then I'll tell Jen she has to nominate another 20 people to get it and it will be SO COOL!

*And Jen, just in case you think I'm picking on you? If there isn't a video on the below when you check this, come back later.

**And even though I just noticed that I wrote 'on the below,' I'm not changing it!


  1. The photo in all that pink? Appears to be where the cast of Full House lived. I will forever picture you now as John Stamos. Or Bob Saget.

  2. Oh, there is so much here to love and to hate! I'm filled with something and I'm not quite sure what it is. It feels kind of like gas, but I swear it isn't. It isn't!


    Next - On the below. Love it. Imperfections make us lovable and imperfect.

    You are hilarious my friend. Great choices! Tracy is a personal favorite because she would be the kickassiest Aunt like ever. I totally want to have her as my sister so she could teach my kids the ropes and how to curse when I'm not looking.

    And MAW - Your comment about Full House has floored me. Just floored me. I always say, I wish I liked Ful House. It's always on the television so it would make it less of a pain when I see it's on.

    I, too, will try to think of the Captain when I think of Full House. I just hope he can grow a mean goatee like Uncle Jessie. C

    Captain? Can you 'Stamos' youself into an awesome goatee and tight pants for me?

  3. maw-GAH! I HATED Full House.

    jbg-see above. I could grow a goatee but Supreme Leader would not like it. Also, you can thank her for the picture selection. I gave her a choice. And it is not unflattering at all, you look great as usual. Tight pants? They're all tight now.

    ps, if you really hate the pic I can replace it with another.

  4. I'm assuming I was left out of this because the great and oh so wonderful cheater* that is jenboglass already nominated me?

    You have to say yes to this. Otherwise, my feelings will be hurt.

    *cheater because she totally nominated WAY more than was instructed.

  5. I will pour you a beer any time. All the time. Come on down...

  6. You're allowed to double nominate? Huh? If that's the case then I'm pissing off even more people.

    ellie-can we go to a Mets game?

  7. you look good in pink...congrats on your award!

  8. so totally deserve this award!!! love the pink especially, it adds a touch of J'nai se quas!

    Oh yeah, I'm well versed in languages too! (not really, I can probably ask if I may go to the bathroom in French and German and the Our Father in ancient greek, that's about it! LOL)

  9. ciara-Comustica! (pardon the spelling) Mabuti?

    krystal-I have an amazing number of language fragments in my head but can barely speak my own. Also, I can count to ten in 8 languages. Because that's a useful skill.

  10. Cap'n. I am Humbled.

    And, I was really needing to feel Pretty today.

    And the Goat will love it because she Rules all things Pink and Horsey. With an Iron Fist.

    Just tell me where to send the Beer.

  11. How can you hate Full House? Isn't Uncle Joey a fellow Canadian? Aren't you breaking some sort of Canadian law for proclaiming your disdain for The House? You are a freaking rebel.

    Also, I can't beleive no one inserted the words "That's what she said" after "I shall erect." Jen? You're falling down on the job.

    Congrats on your very pink award. You deserve all that pinkness and more. I'll click on each and every one of your awardees. Especially the last one. That sounds cool.

  12. Congrats on your Big Pink award! I agree with middle age woman, it DOES look like the Full House house.

    Bob Saget is one nasty dude.

  13. totally useful skill, you neve know when it will come in handy! heck, you can even teach the boys just so they can get a superiority complex over other kids their age! LOL

  14. Wow, I just have no idea what to say to such an honor.

    But let me assure both you and Steenky that I am an Uber Aunt, and thus a sort of free range Aunt, who will aunt anyone given an opportunity.

    And also I am not very good at the nominating game, so you should probably lower any expectations you have on that score. I'm just sayin'.

    Thanks dude.

  15. I suck at it too so I totally understand.

  16. Thank you, sweetie. (I'm from Texas, I'm allowed to call you really awful nicknames. If I use my fake Southern accent, it's even better!)

    You're right, I do need some pink. I live in a sea of blue here, completely outnumbered by the boys. Just me and Maxine Louise, my awesome kitty girl. We could use some pink in our lives. (Right now, it's restrained only to a few T-shirts and other items in my closet.) And, for the record, there will be no trying for adding some pink to Casa de Chaos - just before anyone suggests it. It gets you dropped from my Reader faster than you can say "Have ya'll thought about trying for a girl?".

  17. Oh, and I'm sad to report that I have seen the homes that were the setting for "Full House." We took a guided tour of San Fran several years ago that included a drive around the park from the opening intro and a stop in front of the house that supposedly belonged to the Tanners.

    (Don't knock me for knowing that they were the Tanners or that DJ stood for Donna Joe. I was a huge fan - and a tween during their reign. One thing I can't stand, though, is the Olsen Twins. My dear hubs thinks they look like Troll dolls.)

  18. Another Texan, cool. Sorry, I still hate Full House.

  19. great...between the two of you i have about 100 new blogs to read. GRRR.


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