Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House, And Stay Away From Mine

So like, five minutes into House last night and somebody rings my door bell. WTF? Seriously? Two freakin, I don't know, twelve year olds asking me about energy something or other. I tell them to speed it up since House just came on. Then one of them is all, oh is it the season premiere? Cut the small talk, stupid, what do you want. Then they start asking about getting updates about my home gas bills. Home gas? Motherfucker I'm on electricity! I grab a shoe, whack both in the forehead and then run back to the tv.

Don't interrupt my tv.



  1. This is how out of it I am - who are those women? I don't think I've ever seen any of them before.

  2. I totally feel the same way when people interrupt me when I'm watching coverage of Canadian Parliament. I haven't watched House. But I must say this, the people I know that watch it take it very seriously. These same people hate the World Series because it interrupts regularly scheduled programming on Fox. I predict a very grumpy CD in October.

    By the way, in the States. October is known as Rocktober or Trucktober. It depends if your listening to the radio or if you're buying a car.

    Speaking of buying it considered a foreign car if you live in Canada and buy either a Honda or a Ford? I realize both companies probably do most of their production over seas, but many Americans believe all Fords are still domestic cars.

    Another also, why am I still typing? Did you know I'm typing this all with one finger on my Iphone? I'm not bragging, just professing my loyalty to you by typing such an involved comment. You always make me laugh.

    Yet another also. In the States, commercials try to woo us with claims of "Euopean Styling". What to you think they say about styling in Europe? What do they say in Canada?why am I still typing? Maybe you'd consider letting me interview you on my blog about your Canadianess? Maybe I should have just sent you an email.

  3. DAMN Dr. Cuddy! She got her sexy on.

    I will never understand people who ring my doorbell after dark and expect me to buy stuff or listen to their shpiel. I will just shut the door in people's faces. 'Cause I'm a hard ass.

    House was extra super cranky last night. I though it was little over the top. I also miss the days when it was just Cameron, Chase and Foreman.

    Bones tonight...Woo hoo!

  4. Oops, posted that last comment under my blogger id. Forgot to change to my open id.

  5. JBG, I dearly love you. Not sure how to answer this comment...
    MLB-I'm sorry to all my American friends, but I hate baseball. Maybe if I saw a real game I'd feel different, but it's just so... excruciatingly boring. And the players are such sissys. 'Ooh! I broke a nail! I'll have to take the next 6 weeks off!' These guys would literally die in the NHL.
    Not only does it screw up House, but also Bones and the Terminator.
    American cars are not foreign since we make a lot of them here.
    Japanese cars are technically foreign but since most of them are built in Kentucky...
    Why are you still typing? I'm thinking you might be a little bit crazy.
    And I sense you are bragging, but just a little.
    We also get a lot of blah blah blah European styling. Also a lot of commercials with people with British accents and what the hell is with that? Am I supposed to be more inclined to buy because of your accent?
    And I would totally let you interview me. That would be fun. Of course, quid pro quo, Clarise, quid pro quo...

  6. BC-you had me confused there. Dr. Cuddy, she is HOT!

  7. Fava beans and nice bottle of Ciante? I probably spelled both of those wrong.

  8. Are those the same punks who have better cell phones than you? By the way, I NEVER answer my door after 8:00. You never know who might be out there!

  9. Hitting Kids with shoes and Smokin' Hot House M.D. Babes (excuse me, Women). *these are a few of my favorite Things.*

  10. Ok, Dr. Cuddy is not good looking. She would be if she weren't so boney and scary looking. Egads!
    And there are no cute guys on that show except for House, he's stud. I love to hear him speak in his real accent. ~shudder~

    And yeah, I crack the whip when House comes on, or CSI, you better not call me or knock on my door because I do not answer.

  11. Psssstttt...don't tell anyone, but if Olivia Wilde ever asked me to switch teams (provided she's done so herself), I'd totally do it. That girl is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  12. metrodad-another reason it pissed me off.

    ciii-heh heh

    heather-are we talkin' the same Dr Cuddy? Cause really, hips ahoy! Maybe you're referring to 13?

    mamadawg-your secret is safe with me. Safe in my imagination...


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