Monday, September 29, 2008

Daddy, What Happened To Your Blog?

A good question indeed. I had plans yesterday. Big plans. You should be disappointed because it would have been great. You were probably involved. I had a new idea and I was going to call it the Sunday Shout Out. Just look:

Wow, right? Are you feeling a little tingle? Of what might have been? No, not that. Get off your ass for a minute and let the blood flow back into your legs. Better? Good. So Supreme Leader and I took the kids out for a bike ride yesterday. I took the camera and took a bunch of video clips of the monkeys saying cutsie stuff. The plan was to bring it home and feed the video into iMovie and stun you with my brilliance. That was the plan. Sixteen hours later when we finally got home and my knee was literally ON FIRE from riding into a vicious headwind coming in off the Pacific while I was towing a U-haul (child trailer) behind my bike it all fell to pieces. Oh, and when we turned around the wind switched directions and became a vicious outflow on the way back. Did I mention my knee was on fire? Do you know how hard it is to drive with smoke coming off your knee? Totally ruined my riding pants.

Anyway, I might have let my plans get away from me. Time was not on my side. By the time we got home I was exhausted. Once I'd rebounded and the kids were finally in bed I downloaded all my video clips and tried to get them into iMovie. And iMovie turned into a screaming bitch! If you're a PC person, iMovie is a cool Apple program for making your own movies. As long as it recognizes the file you're trying to give it. And therein lay the problem. And me going off the deep end. One of the reasons I love my Mac so much is that, most of the time, you give it something and it just knows what to do. No feeding it drivers for each new thing you want to add or you want it to do. It just does it. Or 99% of the time. So I ran into the 1%, being that it doesn't like the mix of audio & video files that Sony uses. Sony. FUCKING SONY!!! How in the name of all that's holy can you not program for Sony, the giganictest electronics company in the world?!?!?!?! Sure you can get a third party program and convert the video, but I have NO patience for that shit. I'm as patient as my children when it comes to electronics. It should all JUST WORK.

Sorry. I'm better now. So once I figure out all that crap I promise to stun you. It's not looking good at the moment though. Not with two children around during the day and Prime Time gearing up the season premiers. Hell, Life starts tonight. That means I have 3 hours of TV tonight. Woot! Lets make plans for some time around Christmas.

Here, watch this while I sneak away:


  1. Dad, it is totally way cooler than 4 people flying their kites!!! LOL

    Well, yeah, the new season of tv is screwing up everyone's schedule but you'll get to it soon, re-runs are only a few weeks away with thanksgiving coming up!

  2. Waaaay more awesome-er than Kites. They weren't even that well Syncronized.

  3. You totally dangled those adorable kids in front of me to forget my sadness of not seeing what you had promised. IT TOTALLY WORKED. I am so excited for the Sunday Shout Out. I don't even know what the hell it is and I'm excited for it. I forgive you for being busy being a Dad. The blog can wait. I can too.

  4. OMG. I love your kids to pieces. I just wanna hug 'em up and squeeze 'em tight (and then release them into the wild).

    Was this the surprise?

    If so, I can wait til you get it up. I promise.

    Of course, I'm only saying this to stay in your good graces and so that you won't abandon me. I have abandonment issues.

  5. I am pretty sure you misspelled Giganticist.

  6. It's probably another one of those words we spell differently up here. Or that you spell differently from the rest of the English speaking world.

    Oooh! Feel the burn!

  7. Ha ha. Macs. Sheesh. Are you running Tiger or Leopard? I only ask because Leopard might have the Sony codecs you need. I mean:

    'Macs'? What are these 'Macs' you speak of?

    I'm sorry your leg caught fire. Riding pants are expensive.

  8. I totally want a sound file of cutie-pie saying Daddy, What happened to your blowgg? You are forgiven, plus, it means we get another post when you figure it out.

  9. goodfather-I am running Leopard. Sigh.

    MAW- I might have a treat for you so you don't have to wait. Since the pre-season has started and all...

  10. What happened to your blog? The only kid who asks that of my blog is one of my college-age sons who actually reads it while he's away. Honestly, I'd be spending time away too if being supremely pissed off hadn't given me such a blogable topic for today.

  11. Connor knows he's cool! Don't worry, in just a few years, you
    can have him and Liam bike you
    and Suprmeme Leader all around
    the bay.
    As for computer, significant other
    is secreting chortling that "Apple"
    is not as perfect as the commercial
    say. Personally, I'm on your side,
    computers just do what you tell them! I hate having to spend more time with cleanup crap than with
    actually doing something fun!
    ps re books: favorite alltime
    is "Rains Came" by Louis Bromfeld.
    Have read it at least 20 times.
    The language is beautifil and it
    gives you a glimpse into India
    in the 20's.

  12. You get AWESOME DAD points from me for merely intending to edit stuff...and this from a former USC film student who edited CRAP loads of stuff. So no worries!

  13. Thanks Mike. Still wish I knew what the hell I was doing.

  14. The shirt trick? Was totally cooler than the synchronized kite flying...I vote for him if there is some type of coolness contest going on for sure!

  15. Now I'm all tingly for no reason. Better get that video together soon!

    I was so glad to see Life come back for a second season. I love Damien Lewis.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.