Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Just Open The Door And Let It Pour Out

A little late today, too much time spent reading other people's blogs (last night and this morning), watching Olympic BMX (ya, time well spent) and laughing at my eldest come up with excuses for not sleeping. They were good ones too, like "because it's raining," or "we haven't been to Nana's for a long time." Nice try, now get your little monkey-ass back to bed. Actually, we let him come down and watch a little men's 3m springboard which he then demo'd by jumping off the couch. Sleep seemed a long way off.

Speaking of excuses, this is all just an excuse for not writing anything, along with being tired and that Supreme Leader was cooking onions last night so my eyes were stinging and I couldn't keep them open and... other stuff. Ya. Shut up. I have a tonne of ideas lately but they are spread out everywhere. Typed into a saved text message, on my iPod's note pad (where I'm writing this now, on the bus beside slightly stinky falling asleep guy), scraps of paper, various email accounts and the most reliable, stuffed in a box in my head between all the other boxes of repressed memories, issues I don't want to deal with and some stale Cheetos.

I'll take cognitive dissociation for $200, Alex.
The Daily Double! Woot!

Actually, the Cheetos aren't that stale, just extra crispy.

From my phone for instance:

Cooking fingers raw meat carpaccio fear

What the hell? I need to kick the meth and go back to heroin. Probably had something to do with an excuse for not cooking juxtaposed with a love for the consumption of raw meat if it's presented properly. Ever had beef sashimi?

From my iPod:

First contact protocol consumption

Wait. I think I twittered that. Something about my youngest eating first and asking questions later.

I need some organizational assistance. I emailed Jodi of Jodiferous last night because she'd mentioned a program she uses on her Mac and iPhone (no hate) the last time I spammed her comment section. Amazingly, she remember the email and told me again. She probably wishes she'd never added an email section to her site. Or that I never found it. Sucka!

I've been spreading a lot of blog love around of late and would be terribly remiss if I didn't tell you to check out her site, Faster Pussycat... type! type! Jodi was like the first "real" blogger to leave me a comment so I love her eternally.

**And at this point the notes on my iPod end as I was struck by waves of nausea because I was writing on the bus and sitting on one of the sideways seats. And oops, it's 8:06 and I'm supposed to be working now. Hold on, I'll make it look like I was doing something...

Ok, there's a whole tree's worth of paper on my desk now. Where was I? Oh, ya, Jodi. Go check her out. She's been a little quiet lately as she's gone temporarily blind from playing mahjong on her iPhone, but dig through her old stuff. Check out Amelia, she's fun. And really, faster pussycat... type! type! The name alone is worth a peek. Wish mine was better, but I was in a rush. Wish my page looked better. Sigh.

Wow, that was a whole lot of nothing.


  1. I am so haphazard when it comes to my blog. I just sit down in the morning and write what I am feeling or thinking in that particular moment. Maybe if I actually wrote down stories to tell it would be a little more organized, but eh, that just isn't my style.

  2. You sound down. So I guess this isn't the time to mention that I really miss your other avitar with the cape. That was half the reason I stopped by that fateful August Sunday. I won't tell you that now. Save it for later. Even when you're rambling, you're one of my favorite blogs. But seriously, with this job ending, could you focus attention on making money through your blog?You're a hell of a writer. Have you ever thought of it? I'd help pimp you out. Just don't forget about us small people. Think about it.

  3. Hold on, pulling out the 'inadequacies' box....

    Thanks Jen. I'd totally love to make money on this and I appreciate the props, but I don't know if I quite got the goods to make money. That would be pretty sweet though.

    And the avatar, he'll come back. I have a lot of them, just forgot about the captain and he kinda fits. Cape guy will come back though.

  4. awwwww... you are so nice. we are bad monkeys!!!

    you think i am kidding about the blindness. i am not. i have an eyeball appointment tomorrow.


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.