Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday

Have a great weekend. Or, as I saw on Kottke yesterday, enjoy your "Will Smith holiday weekend."

Also, a big happy birthday for my nephew Dakoda, whom I couldn't find a picture of in all 1343 pictures in my iPhoto right now. So here's a picture of his sister instead. Just imagine her taller with less hair, more teeth and as a boy.

(Just a thought since I don't live in America and actually have to go to work today...since our two countries are so close in so many other ways, why don't we share the each other's holidays? Just think about it. Canada Day is July 1st. The Fourth of July is...well, the fourth of July. Work with me. You could have two holidays in a WEEK. And Thanksgiving? Twice? Tryptophan heaven! One in October and another in November so you'd even have time to recover. And really, the US's Thanksgiving just works so much better with Christmas. Dead presidents, dead queen's, combined there are a lot of holidays. I don't see any down side to this. If you're an American reader, please, call your member of Congress, I'll call my member of Parliament. Together we can make this work!)

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  1. I told my husband that he should tell his boss he needs today off. Because he married an American.

    I plan to always celebrate both Thanksgivings. There is never too much pumpkin pie in my life


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