Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Not About Winning

Sara Tucholsky is a senior from Western Oregon who plays for the school's softball team. The 5'2 player has never hit a home run and for this season, her last, she only had 3 hits recorded for 34 turns at bat. In one of her last games of the season she hit a home run with two runners on base. Because of her excitement she missed 1st base and had to go back to touch. As she did this she blew out her knee. Because she couldn’t walk on her own the only option availible was to replace her with a pinch runner. Her home run would no longer count but only be recorded as a base hit. If any of her coaches or trainers touched her she would be out.

That was when the opposing team offered to carry her to each base.

Excuse me, something in my eye.

via Kottke & ESPN

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