Monday, March 31, 2008

Holiday: Day 1

First off, I just ate the last piece of lemon chiffon pie and am currently working my way through a piece of banana-walnut upside down... cake? Pie? Whatever. It's covered with melted brown sugar and butter so really, it could be dirt and I'm still going to eat it with a smile on my face. Guilt... not really. Maybe once he's come down from the sugar high he'll have something to say. For now he's keeping to himself.

Holiday has been pretty relaxing so far. Did pretty much nothing this weekend. Bern worked both days so it was mostly just me and the boys pretending like we were going to do something but mostly just playing Lego Star Wars and Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. I have lots of plans for this holiday. Lots of plans. Just haven't got to many of them yet. Sure you could call it procrastination but I like to call it careful and well thought out planning. And lists. I'm all about the lists. I have a lovely one on my iPod right now. I've even crossed a few things off. Ok, some of them were things I found out I didn't have to do anymore, but whatever.

I did start the gardening! The boys and I had a lovely time hunting worms. Liam played with all sorts of big juicy worms and then ate potato chips from a little bag I brought out for him. Mmmm. Speaking of chips, have you tried these?

Pringles Select. Ooooh my. They're Pringles, so they're like crack anyway. Now they're parmesan and roasted garlic flavoured crack. Mmmmm. We also have a bag of sun dried tomato and cinnamon and sweet potato we haven't opened yet.

I had plans today involving a surprise for Bern, but they fell through. For today anyway. However I did get myself a lovely new hoodie from Lululemon modelled here by Connor:

Anyway, I can see by the time that I don't have enough time to feed the boys dinner before leaving to pick Bern up from work. Happy Meals! I could lie about doing this but they'll just rat me out to their mother anyway.

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