Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deep Down They're Really Good

Wondering what that is? Take a guess? If you guessed a plastic toy boulder that my two or four year old (doesn't matter which, they're both guilty) put in a wall heater you guessed right. I thought I smelt something yesterday but couldn't find anything. Tonight before Bern went to work she was complaining about smelling something upstairs. It bothered her enough to call home after getting to work to have me go upstairs and check. Well, she wasn't crazy... no, won't touch that. Anyway. A few minutes work with my trusty Motorola Krazr flashlight turned up the culprit. It's 11:01pm, is it too late to wake them up and spank them?

1 comment:

  1. Of course they are, just like the little guy that fed a box of exlax to his baby brother, or who fed our Angel fish a box of ritz crackers.
    apples don't fall far from the trees....
    (retaliation from the Wisdom ??? comment on birthday card!


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