Thursday, September 27, 2007

Non-Prescription Heroin

This morning I was suffering a double whammy of head pain from the three fillings I had done yesterday and a headache I've been getting everyday at work this week. Since I could hear my skull fracturing from my swelling brain, I decided I might need a little more than my usual Advil Gel-Caps and staggered over to Shopper's to look for something a little stronger. After blindly groping my way to the pain relief aisle and falling to my knees before the staggering array of pill boxes, I was about to give in to my imminent death when the sound of a heavenly choir filled the air. The clouds parted and a lone beam of sunlight fell upon a box of Super Strength Motrin.

Madre de Dios! When they say, fast relief, they mean FAST! I've never taken anything that's worked so quickly. It was like sticking a syringe straight into my forehead. My profound thanks to the fine people at McNeil Consumer Healthcare, makers of Motrin. I've found my new pusher.

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