Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sweet Mother of all that's Holy!

I'm giving the kids their pre-bed snacks tonight (which means chasing them around the house with a cup of yogurt) when I notice Connor has disappeared. I'm not too worried since he's already had some Ovaltine and an orange. Anyway, I call his name and he tells me he's here. Thanks, could ya narrow that down for me a bit? I want to give him a bit more of the yogurt too since I'd offered him some earlier and he just took it instead of twisting his face in agony like he usually does. Quick tour of the main floor and I realize he's upstairs. Liam is already on his way up since Connor is upstairs and we have to be wherever our big brother is. Also good since now I don't have to man-handle him up there to get him ready for bed. Can't see Connor in anyone's room so I call him again and his answering voice comes from our ensuite bathroom. I start walking to the bathroom, mind already gingerly approaching the unthinkable, and sure enough, he's on the toilet. Got on all by himself to take care of some business. Sigh. I gave him a carte-blanche tomorrow. Whatever he wants, wherever he wants to go.

PS. The bathroom pic is actually at my sister's in Kamloops. It's a good picture and her bathroom is much prettier than mine.

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