Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Pics: Santa Pics

Friday again, and what a week. We've had snow twice this week and the temperature has plummeted. We've resorted to burning furniture and I'm eyeing the banister and railings next. What? Why yes, I do live in Canada, but I live in the tiny little warm part of Canada. The part that doesn't do "real" winter. We're civilized and keep our snow up on the mountains. Rain is depressing, but you don't have to shovel it or scrape it off your car. Christmas Eve we're headed up to see my family and they live on the freakin tundra.

Connor has missed three days of school this week. I took him into the doctor's today and what do you know, all his symptoms magically disappeared once we got there.

Connor: I'm not going to school today.
Supreme Leader: No you're not, you're sick.
Connor: I have to make sure I stay sick so I can stop this whole school thing.

They don't fall far from the tree, do they.

I flew solo on the Santa pictures this year. Should not have let Liam wear a toque when we left the house. His hat hair was... it was something special. I chose a close-up for this shot just to show you the look of utter madness on Santa's face. (need to click on it for the full effect) Thankfully it wasn't my children who broke Santa. The parents in front of us had two VERY young kids who LOST THEIR MINDS when they were given to him. They kept putting the kids down and taking shot after shot, like they were somehow going to magically forget their terror, dry their eyes and flash a smile just for mommy. Just take the screaming picture, it'll be great for future laughs and it will get my monsters out of here before the light Santa's tree on fire out of boredom.

Irish Gumbo: Its a Christmas miracle: I remembered! I didn't have any of my childhood Satan, er, SANTA pics. I did, however, have this action shot of me being assaulted by a light up Satan, er, SANTA decoration out on my front lawn. Bastard left a bruise on my ear...

Colepack: Corbin – does not trust Santa

Ashlan – terrified of Santa

Eli – loves Santa

Bad Karma: 6 month old Dumbass and Santa 1970. (yes, yours truly)

Me & You & Ellie: These are my sister Jane's (who was *at* the Obama victory rally in Chicago on Election Night) kids, about 4 or 5 years ago. I don't think the little guy will *ever* recover.

Apathy Lounge: This is my oldest son, Greyson, during a trip to the mall right before his first Christmas. He was nine months old. The apoplexy he's exhibiting indicates extreme displeasure with Santa...or abject terror. Possibly both. None of our other sons demonstrated this kind of behavior with St. Nick. Of course, we pretty much avoided Santa photo ops after this debacle. Greyson, who will be 20 in March, has fully recovered from his ordeal. Just so you know.

A Day In The Life Of: Now I didn't take this myself....but hey! It's Santa, that's what you asked for.

That's it for Friday pics this year, I'll pick it up again in January sometime. A big thanks to everyone who participated. Feel free to send some suggestions for future posts.


  1. D'oh! Sorry dude, I forgot to send pics again.

  2. Well, actually, the truth is that we haven't gotten our Santa pics done yet.

  3. I could have Photoshopped something together, I guess, that would have worked.

  4. FIFTH!!! (It's like that 'FIVE GOLDEN RINGS' refrain. :D )

  5. Whoa, what time is it? I feel a little punchy.

  6. Ach! It's after 1:00 AM. No wonder! And I promised Julia I'd get up with the kids this morning so she can sleep in.

    Bogarting is hard work. :D

  7. Ninth! It took me most of my Junior High School career to learn how to spell 'ninth'. I always wanted to spell it 'nineth'. This was before spell checkers. I think spell checkers to pen and paper are as calculators to slide rules.

  8. TOP 10!!!!! Like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Have a great Friday!

  9. We haven't been able to get The Littlest Buddy near a Santa Claus in the past two years for fear he would start a slap fight.

    The pictures are incredible. Whenever I see pictures like that last one I can't help but imagine what it must have been like to be the photographer on that shoot. I mean imagine the directions being shouted to that jolly man.

    Happy Holidays.

  10. Oh, these are hilarious. I've been using that photo of my nephew all season -- describes my feelings about Christmas perfectly.


  11. Jesus, Goodfather, just what were you bogartin'? Slow down before your eyes pop outof your head!

    Good pics, but that last one, oh man, MY EYES!!MY EYES!! Oh, the humanity...MAKE IT STOP!!!

  12. Those are priceless photos!! Love the old Santa Photos. He hasn't changed a bit?

    Happy Friday!

    - Jennifer

  13. Those are some crazy looking Santas! I like the hat on your kid in the picture, it emphasizes the whole "colder than hell" effect. Hope it warms up for you!

  14. I don't have any Santa pics, however, I did attempt to scan in a Polaroid (who uses THOSE?!) of the ferrets and Santa last year...but it doesn't scan so well...anyway, Liam and Santa seem to have the same idea about striking the fear into people with an awesomely evil smile! Now all he has to do is get a grill (Looks like Santa is working on his) and then he too can be pimpplayatastic!

  15. oh my god, I'm so scarred by the sight of Santa's naked ass I forgot what I was going to say!

    Oh, yeah! It even snowed in downtown Seattle! It never snows there!

    And we need to find goodfather a new job, dude.

  16. I need to get on the ball and start sending you some pictures for these posts!

  17. Dang it! I told John to minimize the Santa picture and then forgot until this morning on the way to work when I felt like something was forgotten. As a penance, I will not get my Starbucks coffee today. (Hanging head in shame.)

  18. I have very few pics of me or my kid with Santa. I love all the crying kids ones, though.

  19. WTF?! That is one freaky looking Santa!! Yes I am talking about the one that you put your children on???creepy!

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  21. when she said "and hurry down my chimney tonight" i dont think she meant crazed-look-in-his-eye-santa, or in-the-buff-god-help-me-i-think-i've-lost-my-dinner-santa.

    but thats just my opinion...

  22. LOL!!! I just love the terrified looks on the faces of children when they see Santa. Can you tell I have not subjected mine to such terror?

    Your monkeys looked totally adorable though and yeah, that Santa did not look to sane there!

  23. That last pictures was like getting stabbed in the eyeballs with an icicle.

  24. I love the pics! Thanks for sharing, especially your baby pic--SOOO cute! I just want to pinch your cheeks! (no, not THOSE cheeks!)


  25. woo-ho!! I am number 28. I would have been like 10th if goodfather had not taken the top 10. err.... not doing th emath but close.
    Umm.... naked santa is freaky!

  26. I love the startled look on your face in the baby pic. You're all, what the freak am I supposed to do now? Oh, sit here and look cute? Okay...

  27. thanks, thanks a lot. i'm officially scarred for life after that last santa pic.

    if i posted pics w my kids in em, i coulda showed yall the 'evil' santa. lol that santa would've scared me if i was a kid

  28. My eyes! My eyes are burning! Nekked saaaaannnnta! OMG!

  29. Great pics everyone, "A Day
    in the Life of" hmmm, not sure about that one. I don't remember taking you to see Santa like that.

    old joke: Christmas is the only time of year you
    sit down in front of a tree
    in your jammies and eat candy out of socks!

    Ok, lame maybe, but this is
    from the Tundra Cpt. D. is
    talking about. It's almost
    11 and it's -23 degrees.

    I hope those damn pine beattles are breathing their last breaths.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

    Cpt. D. I'm working on temperature, but not getting a good response.


  30. That was great!! I am SO doing this next time. REMIND me dammit.

  31. has goodfather been drinking the egg nog again?

  32. Arrggghhh. I forgot again. I had a great one of the boy wailing too.

  33. Santa looks like he needs a laxative and a vodka shot.

    Your kids are CUUUUTE!

  34. GF: No fair grabbing the top 10!

    Capt: my eyes are bleeding from that last Santa photo. Enjoy the snow. I'm not sure about Canadian building codes but in the U.S. you have to have banisters and railings. You may want to check before burning yours. Now kitchen cabinets...that's a whole other thing.

    Merry Christmas!

  35. Love the pics! That Santa looks a bit insane!!

    I'm going to try to scan in the ones I have of my daughter. Her first Christmas pic did not go over too well...

  36. great pictures :-) we have the plague so out of respect for the rest of the world, my germy kids are not sitting on santa's lap this year :-/

  37. Um. I don't even wear Lulu. And your kids is sporting a Lulu hat. Please, when he outgrows it, don't forget that I am totally not above wearing hand me downs.

  38. OMG, that was a naked Santa. I'm scarred for life.

    And the Santa your boys posed with...he was totally crazed looking.

    And what the heck, a place in Canada that doesn't get snow?! No WAY!


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