Saturday, December 20, 2008

From The Weather Network With Love

SNOWFALL WARNING: Greater Vancouver

Arctic outflow is continuing to wreak havoc in Southern BC. Heavy snow and strong winds are forecast for Saturday night and all day Sunday.
Snow is expected to start falling early Saturday evening on West Vancouver Island. The lower mainland will see snow later in the evening. The snow should taper off by Sunday evening.
The winds will be strong enough to cause blowing snow and whiteout conditions. Drivers should exercise caution.

Good day to stay inside and make others come to your house for an early Christmas dinner. Suckers.

Xmas iPod playlist (or a small selection anyway):

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Sarah McLachlan & Barenaked Ladies
All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey
Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio (the entire Charlie Brown Xmas album)
I Pray On Christmas - Harry Connick Jr.
Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
O Holy Night - Nat King Cole
You're a Mean One Mr Grinch - Boris Karloff
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Ella Fitzgerlad (entire Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas album)
Ave Maria - Harry Connick Jr.
Winter Wonderland - Ray Charles


  1. Geez Dumbass..and I say this with all due affection...Why do you live THERE? LOL! Lisa

  2. Does that mean you look out your window and see pretty purple? And did you steal my iPod? We have surprisingly similar lists.

  3. The 20+ does that mean 20 inches?? Holy Crap. I dislike Winter the older I get. Hope you have a safe and happy holidays!

  4. cw2smom-it doesn't happen that often

    maw-purple snow, it's our little secret up here. And I don't know anything about your iPod.

  5. Sarah-this is Canada, we use metric, like the rest of the world. OOH!

  6. We'll probably hit 25-30 before Sunday is over. Surprisingly similar weather conditions on both sides of the country...
    Oh, and I love the Charlie Brown and Jazz selections

  7. Harry's Christmas CD is my FAVORITE!!!
    As to the snow..... what the heck do you expect, you live north of the fold!!! Yeh, that's passive aggressive for "I wish I was there and NOT in Florida".
    Trade ya?

  8. Dude, I am in the top ten. That is good by my standards!

  9. Oh, I'm soooo hoping for 20 cm tonight.

  10. Holy snowballs, Batman! Good luck with that precip. We have a trip to visit some cousins tomorrow, and we may be getting some. Snow, that is.

    My iPod list? Um, I'm a little short on Xmas tunes. See?

    Dead Or Alive – Oingo Boingo
    Cuts You Up – Peter Murphy
    Blank Expression – The Specials
    Trunk – Kings of Leon
    Stay Away – Nirvana
    The Runner – Kings of Leon
    Freddy – Jeff Lang
    Pony Blues – Alvin Youngblood Hart
    Time Is Tight – The Clash
    And Your Bird Can Sing – The Beatles
    Abilene (The Eisenhower Waltz) – Peter Mulvey
    Islands – Oingo Boingo
    Back Beat – Robbie Schaefer
    Have It All – Foo Fighters
    Drawing Flies - Soundgarden

    I'm weird, aren't I? Sigh...

  11. let's just say that God wanted a little extra salt on his corn today here in Iowa.. and that wind? she was blowin' like a $2 hooker...


  12. Holy Crap! And here I am bitching about my 10 inches...

  13. I complain about living in the swamp climate here in Louisiana, but not in winter, and never when you see snowfall like that! Bundle up and light a fire.

  14. Ertha Kitt's "Santa Baby" is my fave!

    (I won't brag about the 78+ degree afternoon here. Wait, yes I will!) Smooches from the blinding sunshine!

  15. I'm not sure I want to come up there and be your neighbor. That's some snow, baby.

  16. Whatever stop your bitching!! It's -25 here, -33 with the wind chill and freaking snow everywhere....well I guess you'll see in a few days

  17. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. You're going to turn into a Dumbassicle.

  18. After I googled how many inches that would really be, crap that is still a lot of snow. My mom and stepdad just left Western Washington yesterday to come down here. Sounds like just in time.

    Bundle up, light a fire in the fireplace, and spike your cocoa with Baileys

  19. Pleeeeaaaase....a post about the weather? Sheesh...

    Have I mentioned the Himalayas?

  20. Whatever, Braja. This is Canada. We invented winter. My little corner just chose to sit it out.

  21. Yes, fine. But where you live, this will pass in short order. Soon, it will melt away, and the rains will set in. Up here, we have a good eight months of winter! (And it's been known to snow in August. Ick!)

    Hope it passes soon. :)

  22. Dude did you get the email from Mixwit? They are going out of business! How am I going to resume my Saturday Morning Mixes? Damnit!

  23. Dumbass,

    We're getting it down where I am too. I am surprised (and relieved) we still have power this morning. Usually, everything goes black with the first stiff-breeze. Outside it's about 12 degrees(F) and snowing like a sonofabitch. So, that means the last of the Xmess shopping will have to wait. It'll be me, a hot-toddy or 2 and the NFL.


  24. oooo... I forgot about the Ella christmas album! may have to use some of them for my christmas song of the day! Enjoy the snow!!

  25. I read your tweets....Caramel Baileys? Yummmmmmm.

    So how are you feeling today?

  26. Yeah, we're supposed to get more snow today too - 'severe weather alert for Seattle' still in effect. And then rain. Ugh.

    We're holed up in the house. Cabin fever is setting in. Almost time to bust out my Captain Dumbass Limited Edition Underpants® (thanks Supreme Leader!) and start making some snow angels. :D

  27. No Mele Kelikimaka? What is WRONG with you people?

  28. I love Harry's rendition of Ave Maria. It's so beautiful.

    Of couse, I just LOVE Harry...period.

  29. BRRRRRRR!!!
    Love your little playlist!!!

  30. Hope you did not freeze and have to roast your chest nuts on an open fire. That is reserved for Christmas Day.

  31. I LOVE Harry. He might be boyfriend number 2. Michael Buble is currently number 1. :)

    Here is to hoping my snow melts faster than Goodfathers! I did shovel my driveway today!


Come on, sailor. I love you long time.