Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Wednesday

First off, before I say anything else... CLEAVLAND ROCKS! I'd have pictures but it was too dark by the time I got home and my camera takes horrid flash shots. And that's pictures with a flash, not pictures of flashers. Never mind, you still don't know what I'm talking about. 


Day Three of my random tribute to Keely... I had more on that but our TV is currently on Dancing With the Stars because Supreme Leader is watching it even though she's not in the room. Or even on the same floor. Could they not use the original versions of the songs they dance to? These cover versions make me want to stab my ears.

Kinetic typography. This is from Conan's fair well, but what they've done with it is really cool.

Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

My wife crochet me a little Yoda, Boba Fett and Storm Trooper. Because she is that awesome.

We're currently in our second week of Spring Break. This is partly because our school boards couldn't manage a 7/11 let alone a school district and partly because it turns out that hosting the Olympics is really really expensive. Good thing Supreme Leader is still on mat leave. On Monday she took Connor and Liam to the Aquarium where they were treated to seeing a Beluga whale poo. It was the highlight of the trip.

Portrait of a Whale Pooing by Connor.

Portrait of a Whale Pooing by Liam.

My Mac has become the old family dog that should be put down but nobody has the heart to do it. Hold on, Buddy, for the family.

Balloon bass and a box, nowhere to go from there.


  1. I adore you on so many levels. I think you should random every day. SL is that awesome if she can crochet Yoda, BF and a ST.
    What is it with boys and poop? Indy thinks poop is the funniest thing ever. Sigh.

  2. Cracking right up at the whale poo. They must have been thrilled!!

  3. loved the balloon base and box. just goes to show what men unencumbered by wives and children can accomplish. (they are so clearly bachelors.)

    and I LOVE the crocheted (is that right?!) star wars characters. Boba Fett is a particular favorite of mine and my husband's.

  4. Also, now I kind of want to see a whale poo.

  5. Boys and disgusting anything is a match made in heaven. SL is amazing! I can't crochet to save my life.

  6. dude the baloon bass and box are killer...i need to learn..the boba fet crochet is fricken awesome...they all ae but boba rules our on the whales...dont want to be lagging behind when that happens...

  7. Whale poo made quite the impression.

  8. Huh, you know, I can honestly say, whale's pooing never entered my mind. Being the largest thing on earth, I'd imagine they leave one hell of a pile behind, but I guess I just never considered it.

    I once blogged about an ant infestation, and mused about the idea that they were in my keyboard eating the crumbs of my bagel, and probably pooing in there too... but I never looked at the other end of the spectrum.

    Probably cause I've never shaken a dead whale out of my keyboard... THAT would have been a bad day.

    Thanks for putting my life back into perspective. :D

  9. well dang when I first read your teaser, I thought it said, "I love cleavage!"
    I need more coffee.
    Love the base and boombox. Those dudes are surely from somewhere that you have to make your own fun.
    Not to mention insanely creative and talented.

  10. Great randomness! And it looks like you keep your crocheted creatures at work- is that to keep them out of little paws? Or just to awe your coworkers?

  11. Random day 3 (reaaaaaaalllly beginning to love this, where's it been all my life?):

    If you're from the left side of Canada, what brought you to Cleveland? (signed, the one from Ohio)

    "Poo" love isn't just for boys anymore - my girls say poop more than I say "STOP THAT." Which is a lot.

    Ok, my random fact: one day when my Oldest (many years ago) was on a phase of saying words over and over, I decided to count the number of times she said, "blah," rather than shushing her b/c I am an adult and I would win this. When I got to 259, I lost. But I also won b/c I then sent her to her room to finish saying it. I will never know how far she could have gone and I have to live with that.

  12. Finally! Art suitable for flushing. :-)

  13. I love Yoda et al, they are fantastic!

    2 weeks of spring break would kill me.

    Love the whale poo. LOL

  14. Heh, how lucky am I to be the only one who understands the first bit? I take it the box arrived and was greeted with enthusiasm?

    Damn, now I want to see whale poo, too.

    Boba Fett, huh? I'm not sure that's on the request list. It is now. Nicely done, SL.

  15. Love the everyday Randomness. It's badass!!

    That Conan farewell always makes me tear up. The typography was perfection.

    SL is a crochet Jedi Master! So cool!! Up next Luke and Darth in a light saber duel....awesome!

    Whale Poo is hugemongous. I guess I should have known.

    Balloon Bass and Box need to take that on the road!

    Happy RTW.

  16. Boys, and men for that matter, are OBSESSED with poop, especially their own. Working with, living with and spending five years in school with almost exclusively males means I have been privy to WAY too many conversations on consistency, size, length, weight, colour, what food led to, and what it was going to feel like later to engage in a, POOP.

    Um, if I wasn't likely to stab myself in the eye with a crochet hook (seriously, I am the only person who is destined to do such a thing) I would crochet myself a set of those Star Wars figures. Especially Yoda. I *heart* Yoda. And R2D2.

    And that first bit made no sense unless you live inside your head.

  17. Oh lawsy, I am horrified by the drawings of the whale pooing. I can't imagine seeing the real thing.

  18. Love the crocheted Star Wars dolls. Your wife is talented!

  19. I remember that calander post...

    "Full of Poo"

    But I'm still not sure that's what scrabble slam was designed for.

    And yes. Supreme Leader IS that awesome, hence the name.

  20. omg-your wife is WAY talented!!! I want to make these!!! She would be way more wonderful than she already is if she would email me the patterns she used....wouldn't she? Yes, she would.

    I love the whale pics. So very realistic looking? Maybe....if two of them drew the same type of thing, it must be real.

  21. I wish I could pooh, and now Jim is mad at me because I never crocheted him a Yoda.

  22. All kick-ass stuff! Even Cleveland Rocks (Ian Hunter's cover). The balloon bass and box was too much (had to watch it twice). SL is a genius with crochet...sort of like the needle was her light sabre.

  23. Whale poo is green? Or were they limited on crayon selection? And those damn Dancing with the Stars covers are the only reason I cannot tolerate the show. If I stick my fingers in my ears, I kinda like it. Omigosh, I just admitted that.

  24. Balloon bass. That's is all.

  25. Oh man, oh MAN, Supreme Leader ROCKS! Those are fantastic! And lemme tell ya, I would find a whale pooing to be a commemorative event, too.

  26. Crocheted Star Wars figures...That's beyond awesome. Make sure you remember that when mothers day/her birthday comes around. That kind of talent needs to be rewarded.

  27. hehe, that brought back old video game memories!! I love the star wars guys too, way awesome!


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