Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RTT: Virology, The Beatles And The End Of An Era

Sunday night Supreme Leader was watching a National Geographic special on viruses and N1H1. There was a lot of cool animation showing how a virus spreads and how your body reacts to it. Cool until I was on the bus the next morning imagining the invisible swirling vortexes of doom created by the ventilation system, the cracked open window and the passage of disease ridden commuters. Then I sat around staring at my fellow commuters and wondering who was patient zero and trying not to breath. National Geographic sucks.


Why was I on the bus in the morning? Because sixty-three days after beginning my search for a new job I finally got a call back. Tough job market? A little. It's not even part time, it's seasonal for the Christmas rush with the possibility of being kept on afterwards if I make a good impression. I'm not going to go into details on what it is yet or who it's with, I'll get a lay of the land first and decide what's safe and what's not. Whatever, it's a job. Like I told my interviewer who was concerned I was overqualified for the position, my mortgage doesn't care.

A few weeks ago I won a book over on Carolyn...Online but hadn't got around to mentioning it because, well, shit happens. Anyway, the book is called To: A True Story In Letters which is a compilation of blogs and emails between Carolyn and Darcy Mayers of MsPicket To You. I haven't actually read the entire book yet due to the monstrous back log of other books I have to go through, so I pawned it off on my assistants.

I just got off the phone with Supreme Leader who is coming home from work now. Apparently the mac & cheese I ate for dinner should have been thrown out already. That would explain why my stomach feels this way.

Go to this site. I'm not going to go into a spiel about why you should accept to say that it's waaaay cool and you will be too if you go look at it. Unless you're at work and don't have sound on your computer in which case forget about it because it won't make any sense. Make sure you come back after work though. Seriously. You'll be one of the cool kids.

Now, get ye gone to the land of Keelydom, see all that is wondrous and good.

Hey Jude via Love All This


  1. ugh ... I just pawned my computer for a little extra scratch before payday ... or I totally would be going to that site, but I can't now, because I'm at work ... with no sound ... and I hate hate hate not knowing what's going on!!!

    What a conundrum!

    Hope all is well!

  2. I got rickrolled by Backpacking Dad last night.... there is NO way I am going to click that link to be one of the "cool kids." I will not get pwned again!!!!

  3. I hope that mac and cheese didn't change course on you.

    Well, congratulations on the job prospect. Always better to make the connection, get that camel nose inside the tent. As you said, the mortgage don't care :)

    BTW, loved the incredibox site! I may not get anything done for a while...

  4. "A real page turner"--too cute!

    Hope your seasonal job is unseasonably cool!

  5. "I haven't actually read the entire book yet..." Um, you're fired as my pimp. I'm going to have to get a man who exploits me properly.

    The boys are super cute though and as the Spidy twins they seem to like it so please tell them they're hired. I will pay them in Oreos.

  6. Yep, also loved your assistant's comments, especially the "It's a real page turner" one!

    Hooray that you got a callback; who cares if it's seasonal, parttime, full time... it's a job!

    Off to sample your cool sites.

  7. Wait, are you gonna be Santa??

    Now that would be a cool job. Oh Jimmy hit you huh? (glancing at next kid in line) Then NO toys for Jimmy!

    It'd be like being the soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

    Good luck though. A job's a job. Just remember not to breathe on the bus.

  8. Hope the job proves worthwhile.
    And I am loving me that Hey Jude flowchart. I want to spend all my time making lyric flowcharts now.
    Until I die in poverty.

  9. I wish my assistants were as book smart as yours! I can't wait to show them the cool music website though!

  10. Your kids crack me up!!!

    I couldn't get incredibox to work.

    Good luck on the job front!

  11. I think food is better when it is inches from being rotten. It's like an extreme game of "chicken" -- you against the mac 'n' sleeze...


  12. LMAO on the National Geographic thing.

    Good luck with the job. I hope it works out for you.

    Sorry to hear about the Mac & Cheese. My kids have learned to ask if it's good before they eat anything in my fridge.

    Have a great RTT,


  13. What a perfect waste of time. I love it. I will spread it through my company like H1N1. Congrats on the gig. Does it involved a pole?

  14. Exactly why I don't watch the Natl Geo channel... or anything else science/health related!
    LOVE they hey Jude flow chart! If only we studied THAT in high school!

  15. Random comments? Yes?
    The kids cracked me up. Cracked. Up.
    The coolest thing ever was SO cool. I like that musical stuff. I'm gonna let the kids play around with it after school.
    I'm still thinking about bacon-apple strudels. But only because apple strudel is huge here.
    Hey Jude is awesome. I was singing it on the way to class in lieu of a bike bell. "HEY JUDE!" Very effective. I didn't side swipe a single old person.

  16. The way to make it in this highly competitive job market is to find who has the job you want, shoot them, and then (smoking gun still in hand) inform HR that they have an opening you can fill.

  17. That Hey Jude diagram? SO true, and SO awesome.

  18. I hope you get the job! I haven't even received ONE call back from the 100 resumes I sent out.
    Nobody cares I spent years managing this house & 3 kids, they think I am washed up.

    Perhaps I am.

  19. Great! now I've got Hey Jude stuck in my stupid head!

    Ditto on the NatGeo tv. I watched one on the FIRST bird flu thing and was sure we were all going to die by thrus.

    We didn't.

    NatGeo is a bunch of effin liars!

  20. PS although Khartoum now has like 12 confirmed cases of swine flu here, so.......Let's just say I'm using the hand sanitizer and refusing to go to anyone's house! NatGeo might have put out the fire in their pants. You never can tell.

  21. Love the Hey Jude flowchart!
    Congrats and good luck with the job!

  22. Dear Captain Dumbass.

    After reading your blog I hereby promote you to Colonel Dumbass. It seems more appropriate to your skills.

  23. No way, a job? WooT woot! Does this mean you're not going to be my Manny? Shit.

    I think we're all swined up too. Gross.

  24. I am almost to the point of wearing those Masks that they wore in Close Encounters! Every time I go on a road trip, I come back sick!! I have the flu right now!

  25. I didn't realize mac and cheese had the ability to go bad.

  26. I agree: the flowchart is sweet!

    Christmas Elf? If you meet one who wants to be a dentist, knock his teeth out, he may be patient zero.

  27. I'm wary to click the link because I too have been recently rickrolled by Backpacking Dad and I know how you guys like to stick together for things like this. But because I'm a naturally nosy person, I'll probably do it anyway.

    Never. Ride. The. Bus.

  28. Congrats on the j.o.b.! Can't wait to hear more about it...

    much love

  29. Just so you know. . .

    There is no such thing as "bad" mac and cheese.

  30. Good luck with the the job interview. I just noticed the you have a shushing boy in the header. I know all about shushing.

  31. I'm envisioning success for you in the callback department. It was around this time last year I got seasonal employment and ended up being kept on. I hope the same for you! A year later, I was working at the doc's office. It's amazing how one thing leads to another . . .

  32. My sister has been looking for a job for the past year. She's had numerous interviews, but it's the same thing..."You're over qualified." Great comeback..."the mortgage doesn't care."

    BTW, your boys crack me up.

  33. yea and I work in a dental lab pouring models of the impressions that the dentists' offices send us straight from the mouth! Germs come screaming and dancing off these things...I wear armor!

    your assistants did an adorable review of the book, can I skip reading it and just let them tell me how it ends? LOL

  34. You are SUCH a show off, that header and all....sheesh....

  35. I SO believe those kids read that

    on the job, wash your hands,
    wash your hands, then wash
    your hands

  36. I haven't even SEEN that National Geographic thing and I keep imagining the swirling vortex (vortices?) of h1n1 doom. Sigh.

  37. I love "my mortgage doesn't care". Because it doesn't. Bastard. The mortgage I mean, not you.

  38. I so remember feeling like that when I was unemployed and interviewing for jobs. Employers would be concerned that the position wouldn't be "challenging" enough for me. Because - you know, it would be a big let down after the Mt. Kilimanjaro of trying to pay bills with no money...

  39. That site was way cool. My sons will love it.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    PS: Thought of you the other day when my 4YO stuck a Star Wars gun up his nose. I almost had to take him to the doctor to remove it. I got it though!

  40. Firt - congrats on the work thing!


  41. I hope your job doesn't involve noting the difference between "accept" and "except" cause you will not last long there, my friend. :)

    I LOVE this book review! It makes me want to run out and buy it immediately!

    I am totally stealing the Hey Jude flowchart. It's the best thing ever.

  42. "It's a real page-turner." Nice.

    Have I ever mentioned how much I adore you?

  43. Hi ho hi ho its off to work you go. You can sing that on the bus and scare off all the people in a 10 foot radius and avoid some of their germs. Just breath really shallowly and dont touch anything.

    Who am I kidding. You are doomed. Words of encouragement like this must be so meaningful...

  44. I meant breathe I think. I can't spell either.


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